Subject:      Re: Marathon 2 for win95 lets modem play!
From: (Tuncer Deniz)
Date:         1996/08/07
Message-ID:   <>
References:   <> <AE2D426C-40F768@>
Organization: Bungie Software
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In article <AE2D426C-40F768@>, "Bob Van Burkleo"
<> wrote:

> >with Marathon Infinity almost out the door, you think they are going to
> >update M2??!?  After 8 months of nothing??!?
> >
> >wow... that's faith.
> >
> If they don't they will lose a lot of Mac customers.  I have a note from
> Bungie plainly stating they are going to update Marathon 2, and I'm holding
> them to it. I personally don't plan on buying any further Bungie products
> until they update Marathon 2 for the Mac.  There are just too many other
> game software manufacturers that I need to be loyal to a company that
> blatently lies to me.

There will be an update to Marathon 2.


Tuncer Deniz                                
Production Manager
Bungie Software