Subject:      Re: Marathon 2 for win95 lets modem play!
From: (Tuncer Deniz)
Date:         1996/08/04
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Organization: Bungie Software
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In article <>, (Michael Eilers) wrote:

> In article <>, John Hopper
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> >> My feelings exactly.  Why couldn't they include modem support in the Mac
> >> version?  
> >
> >I bet that's why the M2 update is taking so long.

Well, here's the deal on the modem play with Marathon 2 Win95. Because we
used Direct X with M2 Win95 we got modem-to-modem play for free. Our
programmer did very little specific to modems to make it work. On the
other hand, one of our programmers spent weeks trying to get
modem-to-modem to work under the Marathon networking code. The bottom line
is that it doesn't work. But that doesn't mean we have given up on
modem-to-modem for Marathon Mac. We're working with Apple to add this
feature to Sprockets.

If it happens, it happens. Believe me, we're trying....


Tuncer Deniz                                
Production Manager
Bungie Software