Devin O'Reilly <> writes:

Concerning the new 7 seconds in

The new seconds clearly show the Halo orbiting the star [?] like some kind of demented Space Cheerio...I've upped 2 pictures of it on's Hotline server []. (see below)

The Halo seems to be on an orbit seperate from the planet, which we also see going around the star, albiet at a slightly farther distance. The Halo is also noticably smaller than the planet, which would make the planet [maybe we should give it a working title. I submit "Jonesworld".] quite large...[assuming the 10K diameter figure for the Halo is right].

Halo orbit (screenshot taken by Devin O'Reilly <>)

Halo controls (screenshot taken by Devin O'Reilly <>)