Transcript of Miguel Chavez's "The Jason Jones Macworld Expo NY Interview movie".

Interviewer & cameraman: Miguel Chavez
Transcriber: Chris Butcher
Editor: Miguel Chavez
Thanks to Eylon Caspi for identifying Sandro Fouché in the interview.

Jason Jones at Macworld Expo NY


Miguel Chavez: All right, here we go with the illustrious
Steve Jobs, uh, fellow compatriot Jason Jones, with the two
cerebral cortexes ... heh heh, so... <JJ does impression of
Steve Jobs>

Sandro Fouché: The question is... and I give have to give
you guys credit, you guys didn't ship Myth II late, after
all the flak that we've watched you take, for uh, I don't
remember what actually, bugs, no, there weren't any bugs.

mc: Bugs? What bugs?

sf: For Halo. Are you going to have any bugs for Halo? And
Oni. I'm here to buy Oni. I've got my money.

Jason Jones: Oh really? Sweet! I'll take your money...

mc: Heh. Pre-ordered through Jason Jones.

sf: It's going to be on tape, you better be careful. I'd be
paying on tape.

jj: It doesn't matter what *I* say!  heh   <laughter>

mc: I keep saying, they should release Halo at version 1.2.
Just skip, go all the way to version 1.2.

jj: ::points finger at Freewill:: <"good idea!">

mc: So, uh, how did it feel? How did it feel being up there?

jj: It's funny...  after I got out of that, that..
distortion field that Steve has around him, my mind
un-numbed. I feel pretty good.

mc: That's great!

jj: Steve's really cool, it's hard to be around him for very
long without getting...

mc: Did he find out about Halo, or did somebody else find
out and kinda...

jj: Yeah. We got it setup... Peter Tamte to call people at
Apple, got things going. We went out and demoed to Steve
about a week and a half ago.

mc: Oh, really?

jj: Yeah. This all happened... OpenGL didn't work twelve
days ago when we went and demoed it to Steve, so everything
happened since then. We demoed the PC version.

mc: Oh, okay. And he didn't...

sf: uh oh!

mc: though, he didn't mind?

jj: Yeah, no, well, maybe he cared, but he didn't say
anything. Then we got this set up just recently, it's pretty

mc: Was there changes made, with what you showed today, with
what was shown over at E3?

jj: Um, yeah, absolutely. We got back from E3, and tore
everything apart... put it all back together...

mc: See, this is a real interview, you don't think I'm just
bullshitting here...  <laughs>

jj: It turned out really well. I mean, OpenGL didn't work at
E3, almost nothing we had did, really.

mc: And did I hear you say something about Body Count, and
its inclusion or lack of inclusion?

jj: Riiiight... actually, you asked the question in a way
that I could answer with 'fuck that'... basically, the
question was 'Is Body Count going to be in Halo?' and the
answer was 'fuck that'.

mc: Okay. I'll quote you on that.  <laughter>

jj: Heh, okay.

mc: Did you think, two years ago when you started this
thing, were you just assuming the technology was going to...
because there was no OpenGL for mac back then...

jj: We've been planning this keynote for two years... no,
this stuff just happened. Literally about twelve days ago.

mc: Right. But the game itself, and the fact that machines
are coming up...

jj: Yeah.

mc: So that means, when this thing is done, and you put it
to bed, and somebody else gets handed Halo II, you're gonna
be working on something else, right?

jj: Perhaaaaps... <grins>

sf: retire, ferrari, retire, repeat!...

jj:  but then again, I worked on Marathon 2, so you never

mc: Oh, okay, cool. So, will this be something which will be
competing, with like, uh, well, I don't want to say
competing because Bungie games are always so separate from
everything else, but <grins> like, uh, Half-Life, Team
Fortress Classic...

jj: Well, yeah like Quake 3, Quake Arena... they're not
doing team stuff, they're uh... well...

sf: How about Tribes?

jj:  Tribes... yeah we play Tribes uh, every now and then.
<laughter> But we're gonna do something different then all
those games. You will be...

mc: Oh no, we're definitely salivating for it. You mentioned
at the beginning <at the keynote> about community... are you
even in this shot? [He was] You were mentioning about
community... are you stressing maybe more than Myth II, the
sense of community, maybe?

jj: I think that it's the cooperative nature of the game,
like the teamplay's gonna be encouraged, in a way that it
wasn't in Myth. Like, it's really cool in Myth when you get
a good team together, it's really fun. It's hard to do that,
the game doesn't really... the game actually makes it
difficult to set it up. Like to set up a good team, and to
know what you're supposed to do, and to play well. And we're
going to try to do everything we can to make it easy to put
together a team.

mc: well, you're going to address that, okay. Anything you
guys wanna say? <turns to other people in attendance [CHIA
being one of them]>

sf: Well, actually, I would. Six years ago, you and I stood
in another Macworld in a different town, and uh,

mc: <to jj> Don't you remember him?! Remember?<laughter>

sf: No, uh, back in that day Minotaur was the big
multi-player game, and it was, uh, kill your enemies, kill
your friends' enemies, kill your friends. And you've come a
long way, now it isn't kill your friends, now team together
with your friends to kill other people... are you guys at
all worried about the violence in video games?

jj: It's something we think about a lot, and we're
definitely going to have a lockout feature even better than

mc: Consoles?

jj: Perhaaaaps...  <laughter>

sf: Is there anything you can tell us that you haven't
already said?

jj: No.

mc: Perhaaaaps... heh. How about a console, as in like in
Quake, as in being able to get into the engine...

jj: Oh, yeah.

mc: Are you thinking about that, too?

jj: Our tools are set up in a much better way than they were
in Myth. They already run on most platforms, so... it should
be better. Yeah, there'll be something like the console.

mc: Because I think that a lot of game geeks out there, love
the tweaking, the ini files and all that, you know.

jj: Yeah, people dig that. We're set up to do that.
Especially with the multiplayer, and the team play, that's
going to be really cool, people are going to be able to
create their own scenarios, their own situations...

mc: Right. So are you involved in hiring a network guy, to
take care of the Bungie servers? Can you put a little push
there...  <laughter>

jj: If I didn't already have a hundred things to do...

mc: Oh, you're right. Okay, I take it back.

jj: No, don't take it back, I totally agree. And yes, we
are. And we get some candidates, but we ::points at camera::

mc: We need you know.

jj: And we haven't found him yet.

mc: And once he comes on board, the Myth II servers will all
be... the will be...

jj: They'll work that same day. Flawlessly. There'll be a
hundred thousand people online.  <laughter>

mc: Makefile, that's it.

sf: Can I just ask, what operating system are you running
on? I am actually a network programmer. So in the realm of
actual business, you're not going to get any of that.

jj: The stuff is running on Linux.

sf: It is running on Linux? Okay.

mc: Oh, wow. Very cool.

sf: You've actually got forty-three thousand users, you're
going to hit the user limit very soon?

jj: ::laughs:: No. The big limit is the number of current
users. And so, I think we're still pretty safe with that.
Obviously so many things we could do to make it better. I
mean, it's really frustrating to me, because we haven't had
the time, we don't have the person to do it, and there's so
many new things that we have to do. We plan on doing it a
lot differently for Halo.

sf: Right, and so, are you going to take this outside?

jj: We're not taking out. Is that what you're

sf: No, no, some of the dependence on the centralised server

jj: There's going to be a total rewrite for Halo. Yes, it's
going to be much more spread out.

Arikay: <unknown>

jj: I won't answer that question directly, but I think that
the cool thing about compared to, like, Half-life
or Tribes is that if you want, you can get involved in a
community. And there actually are people there talking about
the game, and I don't know, I think that's pretty cool. So
we're going to do something like that. But it's not going to
be like one server clustering everything all the time. And
crashing every now and then.

mc: Good going!

sf: The whole thing's on one server?

jj: Right now?

sf: Yeah.

jj: Uh, no, there's a hundred servers distributed throughout
the country. Yeah, it's pretty bad.

sf: Okay, I'm surprised it works as well as it does.

jj: Yeah, it's running at Bungie and our power went out.
Actually, the whole block of downtown Chicago, the power
went out. And our server was up, because it's on a UPS, but
its connection to the Net went off. Yeah, that kinda sucks,
to sit there and go...

mc: ::points camera at self:: That's why I'm a dagger.
Because the power went down! Not my fault, I'm damn good!

sf: Well, how about you open it up to let those who do do it
professionally help you on a volunteer basis. I can't quit
my job, they've got really great handcuffs where I work,
but, I mean, I have a card. <pulls out business card> No,
seriously, I mean, I have a friend in Chicago who keeps me
in housing, so I don't mind visiting her once in a while...

mc: Ah!  Bungie, the company that gets people together. 

sf: No, I didn't meet her through Bungie, but if I had it
would be really hard. If she played Myth, it'd probably be
harder for both of us. But, uh I'd certainly go in and help
you out, ah, for free, I'd be happy to come out and help,
but uh you know...

jj: We definitely need a guy, like Konrad who did the 2 stuff, he's working on Halo now, and we need to
find that "guy" who knows networking really well and has
hopefully a ton of experience, but enough, and who's really
interested in You really got to get somebody who
loves this, like care for it, visit it every two hours...

sf: Who was it?  It was Yahoo, I think it was Yahoo, Yahoo
was running on four hundred Linux servers, and the chief
sysadmin for Yahoo lived in his cube, and I mean clothing
hanging from the walls. And he didn't go anywhere for about
two years. And, uh, they got professional, and they brought
in some other people, but actually I've been doing it for
about eight years. And, uh my problem's not... I'm a
sysadmin guy, I do some networking, but I mean you should
get a team of like six guys to come in for free, and 

jj: You just come in and clean up!

sf: All I want is to beta!  <laughter>

mc: Collective laugh!

sf: I just want to stop by, and pull you guys up a little.

jj: Oh, I don't know about that... I'm going to go over
there and play Marathon.

Arikay: We need more power on Myth I. <adminning>

<before jj can answer, Doug Zartman makes his entrance>

mc: Oh my God! It's the Man! How are you man?

Doug Zartman: Happy doodle!  Don't put me on the web! Don't put me on
the web!  <laughter>

mc: You're already on the web. Man, you are like the
punching bag of Bungie man!

dz: I am?

mc: They have the worst video clip of you, man!

dz: Oh, you mean, uh...

mc: Yeah! It's like... ::does off-camera impression of Doug
in E3 Oni movie::

mc: Firings all around! <notices jj getting bored> All
right, we'll leave you alone..