Alan Greene <> writes:
I'm starting to see some similarities between some of the textures in Halo and the Jjaro set from Infinity. These observations may be relevant, or they may be stretching it just a bit. You decide. :)

Use of lines is interesting. From images of the Covenant hangout

you can see a few familiar themes. There seems to be a repetition of oval shapes (top two highlights in


much like the Jjaro light texture.

This shape also shows up in the Sewage texture set for Infinity. Some may argue that oval shapes are definitely widespread in games (if not completely overused), but Bungie's use of them is particularly refined and subtle. No, I'm not biased at all. Who is?

Also, the way that one particular angle fits (bottom highlight in

is reminiscent of the top of another Jjaro texture motif

Several textures in the set use that angle tucking under another panel.

The octagons are what initially struck me. In one image

the 45 degree angles nicely compliment the architecture. I took the original image

dropped in a Jjaro texture

behind the marine

and compared the proportions

Not the most earth-shattering discovery, but it could be a relationship. A more recent screenshot

also demonstrates continued use of 45 degree angles and octagons in both textures and structures

This shape is a motif throughout the Jjaro set, and also comes in blue

Speaking of which, the overall blue-greenish-ness of some of the interiors is very much like the Jjaro maps in Infinity. Kudos to Bungie for appreciating a limited color palette (oops, except for those Pfhor textures).

It seems like there are also some greenish-tan colors being used for interiors, as we saw in some of the first screenshots

The angles and colors might also relate to other Jjaro textures

but I don't see as many similarities there. Too early to tell. In any case, if Bungie has decided to carry these themes over to Halo, I wouldn't be surprised, they are great textures with a good amount of personality. If not, well, whatever, I'm wrong.