The following is an IRC log of the chat between Chad_ (Chad Poland) and
ydnar (Randy Reddig). About half way through some moron called Godot drops
in. You can safely ignore his parts. Hats Off To Chad Poland. :-)

#duality: Chad_ @ydnar 
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     ydnar: bueno.
     Chad_: no prob
     Chad_: greg kept pinging out
     ydnar: ::nod::
     Chad_: oh yeah I was meaning to ask
     Chad_: I don't think this will compromise oo security
     ydnar: keeps macirc open most of the day, but runs stuff that kills the connetion
     Chad_: what does nine eighteen mean?
     Chad_: the secret level...
     ydnar: h.s. doesn't know already?
     Chad_: I don't know, I was curious myself. I didn't ask
     ydnar: :)
     ydnar: that's all i'm going to say.
     Chad_: c'mon that's no security compromise, throw me a bone... :)
     Chad_: oh well, I understand
     Chad_: so are you in NY now?
     ydnar: i did.
     ydnar: a big fat clue.
            Chad_ deep in thought
     ydnar: hehe
     ydnar: not yet.
     ydnar: ok..
     ydnar: who would i be tipping my hat to with such a fiendish easter egg?
     Chad_: Bungie?
     ydnar: pshaw
     Chad_: where's hamish when I need him!
     ydnar: you're thinking too hard. :)
     Chad_: could it be a date? sept 18?
     ydnar: hamish knows, i think. he has to.
     ydnar: he just hasn't let on yet.
     Chad_: I don't think he does
     Chad_: he trusts me, and is pretty straight up
     Chad_: he trusted me with your picture...
     ydnar: heh
     ydnar: well, why would i go out the trouble to spell the numbers?
     Chad_: anagram?
     ydnar: what are the numbers?
     Chad_: 918
     ydnar: not in that order, but yeah.
     ydnar: 8 and 19.
     ydnar: i could have spelled out "hats off to 819"
     Chad_: yeah but you didn't
     ydnar: but i didn't.
     Chad_: what am I missing...
     Chad_: it's easy cuz you know it  ;)
     ydnar: that could be interpreted any number of ways... 8-19, 81-9, 8-1-9, 18..
     Chad_: does this have something you've previously told the player in Infinity?
     ydnar: the title has nothing to do with the plot.
     Chad_: so it's totally independant of Marathon?
     Chad_: haven't you used 819 before..
     ydnar: eight and nineteen each stand for something.
     ydnar: not independent of marathon, no. just of the plot.
     ydnar: nope.
     Chad_: eight for double aught ,,, sideways..
     ydnar: don't think so hard.
     Chad_: but you spelled it out
     ydnar: it's not that complicated.
     ydnar: right,
     Chad_: I'm making this harder than it is, huh
     ydnar: yup.
     ydnar: i'm really surprised no one's gotten it yet.
     Chad_: I've heard other people talking about it.
     Chad_: I don't think anyone knows
     ydnar: well, i'm checking the "what's in a name" page.
     Chad_: do upper and lower case have anything to do with it?
     ydnar: nope.
     ydnar: tho 8.19. should be uppercase.
     Chad_: all uppercase?
     ydnar: yeah.
     ydnar: but you can't make numbers uppercase.
     Chad_: type it out how you had it in the level
     ydnar: brb...grabbing some b-fast
     ydnar: Hats Off to Eight Nineteen
     Chad_: Is it something everyone should know
     Chad_: or an obscure reference?
     ydnar: the former.
     Chad_: HOEN
     ydnar: you're pretty close.
     Chad_: no T, right?
     ydnar: no OEN.
     Chad_: just an H
     ydnar: but that H does not come from Hat.
     Chad_: am I hot or cold?
     ydnar: you're warm.
     Chad_: there's only one other H, in eight
     ydnar: correct.
     Chad_: is that relevent
     ydnar: it's very relavent.
     ydnar: how else can you get H out of Eight?
     ydnar: i'll bbias. gotta get some breakfast.
     Chad_: ok, i'll be pondering...
     Chad_: this is going to be one of those things I kick myself for
     Chad_: brb - smoke break
#duality: Chad_ @ydnar 
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     Chad_: you back?
     ydnar: yah
     ydnar: had a smoke break too.
     Chad_: yeah well I got no hair left
     Chad_: pulled the shit out
     Chad_: there's little pieces of paper
     Chad_: all around my office with eight nineteen on it
     ydnar: heh
     ydnar: no letters?
     Chad_: not yet...
     Chad_: I've gone through everything I can think of
     Chad_: The only thing I can think of is I don't
     Chad_: know the original reference
     Chad_: you mentioned letters
     Chad_: I assume you're talking about specific ones
     Chad_: in a certain order, right?
***  Godot ( has joined channel #duality
     Chad_: welcome
     Godot: what is this place?
     Chad_: yep
     ydnar: hamish..
     Godot: strangely this is familar to me...
     Chad_: called in reinforcements..  ;)
     ydnar: the place that will be on everyone's lips.
     Godot: as if in an old dream...
     Chad_: Hey, I only told Hamish
     Godot: greeting randy and chad
     ydnar: i'm shocked, honestly.
     Godot: I have arrived
     Chad_: good shock or bad shock?
     ydnar: hey hs
     Godot: and it will never be the same again ;-)
     ydnar: ambievalent.
     ydnar: hats off to eight nineteen.
     ydnar: hmm.
     Godot: 8.19 mmh
     Chad_: we were talking about letters
     Chad_: certain letters, especially H
     Chad_: what's so special about H
     Godot: h is for hamish
     ydnar: ::chuckle::
     Chad_: that's it, you named it after Hamish
     Godot: i doubt it
            Chad_ looking confused
     ydnar: hehe
     ydnar: unless i totally screwed up...
     ydnar: what's nineteen?
     Godot: now that's a thought
     Chad_: elaborate ydnar
     Godot: nineteen the average age of vietnam US troops
     ydnar: heh
     Chad_: but it's got something to do with marathon
     ydnar: well, someone in this room is 19, but that has nothing to do with it.
     Godot: you know what you wouldn't get much work done with IRC around
     Chad_: 1+9=10
     ydnar: never seen you on irc before, hamish.
     ydnar: what's this i hear about you giving out pictures?
     ydnar: :)
     Godot: never been on before...
     ydnar: ::nod::
     Godot: pictures? what pictures... never seen any... don't know nuthin...
     Godot: you should check your server at odsnet though... cobwebs
     Chad_: I found it at
     ydnar: how many letters are there in the english alphabet?
     ydnar: hehe
     Chad_: 26
     ydnar: lots of cobwebs.
     Godot: the US or the UK?
     ydnar: ::shrug::
     Chad_: HS
     Chad_: they're letters
     Chad_: HS, is that right?
     ydnar: :)
     Chad_: did you really name it after hamish? or coincidence?
     Godot: silence as he nibbly works in head
     ydnar: do you have any idea how much trouble it was to even make that easter egg? coincidence had nothing to do with it.
     ydnar: <g>
     Chad_: yeah, but the letters HS
     Chad_: stand for something
     Chad_: Hats off to Hamish Sinclair?