Now I don't know if you have any inside info on this, but I figure I'll hand 
this in, just in case.  You know, to play along like we're all innocent and 
stuff :)

As you know, stuff is happening at the core...among all the flotsam, these 
messages stand out in the Core's forum.  The very astute Core forum reader 
B-Sharp stayed on top of these, and for that I'm very grateful.  He even got 
the character known as "Ogier" to respond!

The thread starts at:

Here's a copy and paste, just in case, of the relevant posts at this time.  
At the bottom I do a quick simple analysis of who these people are.


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Posted By: Munifican on Saturday, 05.6.00, at 8:36 p.m. 
Remote Override<319.520.76.792> 
<security channel open> 
<priority 49a> 
<message redirected> 
Return-Path: <> 
Received: from ( [319.591.49.115]) 
for <> Mo, 5 May 2208 10:49:34 +0700 (MST DST) 
From: "Munifican" <> 
To: "Ogier" <> 
Subject: Re: Request 
You hav%35 outraged too many wise men and pleased too many fools to hide 
be%56ind his too-appropriate pseudonym much longer. I know about your plan 
and how you risk the lives of those colonists. As if opening the box was 
not enough, now you even try to pr%35vent it's closing. I cannot follow 
this path and will not create a third for you. 
Marvin Minsky wrote in "Machinery of Consciousness" about the usefulness 
of consciousness and I think you have understood that too, although I 
would have though differently two y%35ars ago, I know see that there was 
sense %42ehind this incident and with th…NuDat%20failed!NVmething 
frightening. I conclude that it was not an accident, no, it either was a 
controlled exp~riment - Well, it got%20out of hand soon, but you did not 
care, did you? - or a plan to subvert our autonomy, probably %42oth. 
It took two years to realize this and the fact that I made it possible 
by creating your little toy did not help much, but now I have the 
evid816B064EBA00464E7003choice though. I have heard of a new 
project being planned on the government boards and a friend of a friend 
mentioned that it mig%56t occur sooner then expected. I will trade my 
evidence for a place in this project and even if I sold my soul, I can 
finally find piece there. Hopefully. 
I hope you keep your promise, becau[error]ou a present. Yes, it is 
true, I created a forth. I always thought the one for R. was perfect and 
the two for you were not able to top its intellect, but I have proved 
myself wrong. I was able to achieve even greater precision with this one 
and this tim%35 I did add a control program. 

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Re: Request
Posted By: Ogier on Saturday, 05.6.00, at 8:56 p.m. 
Response to: Re: Request (Munifican) 
Remote Override<286.913.73.182> 
<security channel open> 
<priority 49a> 
<message redirected> 
Return-Path: <> 
Received: from ( [286.913.63.193]) 
for <> Mo, 5 May 2208 16:32:29 +0700 (MST DST) 
From: "Ogier" <> 
To: "Munifican" <> 
Subject: Re: Request 
I never considered you a fool, but I thought the current s%56tuation is 
%35vident to you. There is change in order on earth, not now, but soon 
and you would have had the possibility to shape a new future. 
Nevertheless %56 will grant you%20your wish, despite the need of your 
work here on earth. I will make sure that you will be the first on the 
list for possible partic%56pants. 
Fare well my old friend, 
PS: You were rig%56t all the time. I hope this satisfies you.


    Marvin Minsky...
Posted By: B-Sharp on Saturday, 05.6.00, at 9:10 p.m. 
Response to: Re: Request (Munifican) 
Many of you have probably seen some of this at the Marathon Story page, but 
I'll quickly throw some stuff out to help lessen the confusion... or stir it 
up a bit more ;) 
Marvin Minsky - 
"Machinery of Consciousness" - 


    Re: Marvin Minsky...
Posted By: Ogier on Saturday, 05.6.00, at 9:30 p.m. 
Response to: Marvin Minsky... (B-Sharp) 
Remote Override<294.379.91.642> 
<security channel open> 
<priority 49a> 
<protocol modified> 

I have to admit that this message was never supposed to hit any public 
boards, also I can only guess about the source of the l%35ak, but I may 
just blame the system instability of the Core. The consequences of this 
information being public now, though I doubt any person of this time 
could understand, may have an impact on future events, which I am unable 
to predict. 

: Marvin Minsky - 
Marvin Minsky is a very wise man and if it was n~t for his work, I might 
not be where talking to you. 

: Munifican - 
:(interesting link to Durandal and possibly Cortana [Courtain?] explains the 
:message, one way or another.) 
I too use an obvious pseudonym, but I can assure you that it has nothing 
to do with[error], or the weapon of Edward the Confessor,%20but you have 
an interesting resource listed there, but the answer is not there. You 
may want to use another source or read some books which are more 
appropriate, but currently some people track my node time, so I find 
myself unable to give you pr%35cise data. 


    a little more on Ogier the Dane
Posted By: B-Sharp on Saturday, 05.6.00, at 10:08 p.m. 
Response to: erm... (B-Sharp) 
followed by 
and on and on... just keep clicking the >'s at the bottom to go on. Quite a 
bit there, I haven't yet had the chance to read it all, but skimming it 
seemed like it was relevant. 
These seem a bit more relevant. 
Munifican -
(interesting link to Durandal and possibly Cortana [Courtain?] - explains the 
message, one way or another.) 


[end of posts]

Taking the obvious hints, and adding what I noticed at this site BSharp 

(included on this page is a list of  Famous Sword Owners and the name of 
their Sword(s))

*** SNIP ****

   (16) EDWARD THE CONFESSOR'S was called Curtana (the cutter), a blunt sword 
of state carried before the sovereigns of England at their coronation, 
emblematical of mercy.
   (17) ENGLISH KINGS' (the ancient) was called Curtana. 
   (27) OGIER THE DANE'S, Courtain and Sauvagine, both made by Munifican.
“He [Ogier] drew Courtain, his sword, out of its sheath.”- Morris: Earthly 
Paradise, 634.

*** SNIP ****

So I put the obvious stuff together and declare: The entity known as 
Munifican in these emails is the creator of Cortana and Durandal... or 
Cortana/Durandal like things... Ogier is the the 'wielder' of this 
weapon/thing.  And they are not happy with each other :)  M threatens to 
expose O, blackmailing him for a guaranteed position in some new project.  O 
agrees, giving him preferential treatment.  Now notice the time and date of 
these postings WITHIN the Core forum itself.  Heh, the Core's meltdown is 
causing a rip in the fabric of time and allowing us to communicate with folks 
200 years in the future :)  Anyone seen the movie Frequency that just opened 
here in the states?  hehe, eerily similar.   As proof you'll notice that 
BSharp's communique with Ogier seems normal enough... except that he does 
mention TIME alot.  There's alot more to be gleaned from these posts, but 
I'll let the real experts now chime in and take a stab at them :)

- Mig