Déjà Vu

"Oddly , this is familiar to you, as if it were from an old dream, but you can't exactly remember... "

Déjà Vu...that strange feeling you sometimes get that you've lived through something before; that what has just happened has already happened sometime before...

...but you can't exactly remember...

There are many scenes of déjà vu in Marathon Infinity. Not least the three Electric Sheep levels. Get caught in the loop and you start out over again.

Ty Klein <mrenigma@earthlink.net> writes:

In one episode of Star Trek TNG the Enterprise is stuck in a time warp and they keep looping back through the same events over and over, with seemingly no way out. But each time they looped back, someone would remember a small insignificant detail. Eventually they would figure out what was happening, but it was always too late to do anything about it. So they managed to get a warning back through time to the Enterprise as soon it entered the time loop.

Ty asks could this be happening in the Marathon Story?

The ST-TNG espisode in question was called "Cause and Effect". The Enterprise was caught in a time loop for 17.4 days. The signal used to warn the Enterprise was a certain number. It was the number three.

Details abot this Star Trek: The Next Generation episode can be found on Wikipedia here.

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