Subject:      CyberMaxx won't work.
From: (Andrew Sinclair-Day)
Date:         1995/06/23
Message-ID:   <>
Organization: North American Internet Company

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  I called VictorMaxx, the makers of the CyberMaxx VR headset to ask about
using it with a Mac. I was told that the CyberMaxx has been discontinued,
and that is why Damark has them for $399 at close out prices. The
CyberMaxx will NOT work with the Macintosh, they never came out with the
adapter for it, but said that they  hope to have an adapter out by
July/August. I remember playing with the headset and marathon at MacWorld
Boston '94, and was told that the adapter would be out by X-mas '94. I
wouldn't hold my breath for Mac compatibility from this company, it seems
to be a very LOW priority. Too bad, I was really looking forward to FA-18
and Marathon using this headset <sigh>

  The guy at VictorMaxx did mention that they have a new vastly improved
headset coming out this summer that should work with the Mac, but it's
like $850, which is $450 more than I'm willing to spend.

  So, are there any VR sets out for the Mac, that are actually shipping?


Andrew Sinclair-Day


Subject:      CyberMaxx VR headset FS
From:         Alex Shifrin <>
Date:         1996/10/21
Message-ID:   <54g21s$>
Organization: Akula Communications Corp.

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Amazing price for  Virtual Reality headsets (CyberMaxx)!!!

I  have  800 VR CyberMaxx headsets available for sale, going at $129/each.
Compare it with suggested $895/retail, and $449/wholesale.

CyberMaxx works with your PC or Mac, VCR, TV and video game platforms.
It features high resolution display, high fidelity, dynamic range stereo
speakers as well as adjustable interocular distance and individual eye focus
adjustment. It is powered by 110VAC to 9VDC wall mount transformer
(consumption 4 Watts).

CyberMaxx is produced by Victor Maxx Technologies inc.

If you have any interest in buying the product or would like to get more
information about CyberMaxx, please contact me at



From:         "Phillip R. Cline" <>
Date:         1997/06/17
Message-ID:   <>
References:   <5nnti5$g0d$>
Organization: IQuest Internet, Inc.
Newsgroups:   misc.industry.electronics.marketplace,,

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> CyberMaxx Virtual Reality Head-Mounted Display
> PC and MAC compatible
> Works with VCR and Video Games platforms
> High resolution display
> Dynamic range stereo speakers
> Adjustable interocluar distance and eye focus
> Made in the USA by Victor Maxx Technologies INC.
> Comes complete with everything you need to start your
> Virtual Reality Gaming.
> Price $195.00 with shipping in US
> (Act NOW and receive a FREE Boom Microphone
> a $12.95 Value)
> Check,Moneyorder,Visa or Mastercard accepted
> Send orders to:
> 11192 W. 1100 N.
> Monticello,IN. 47960
> Fax(219)965-4460

    These are available for $69.95 out of Nuts and Volts Magazine.
 and Halted Specialties.