The Credit Terminal in Marathon 2

"Nuts to this, screamed Robert"

The opening screen on Bungie's (secret) credit terminal on "All Roads Lead To Sol..." has puzzled a number of people.

The questions that are frequently asked are as follows:

Is this part of the Marathon Story?
Is this Robert Blake?
Is the guy portrayed in the text a cyborg?

To refresh your memory here is the text.

"Nuts to this", screamed Robert - his
normally Hyper Good Samaratain (HGS)
surface personality disolving into a pool
of dull-red hatred surmounted by white-hot
ball of rage.  "My faith in you has finally
killed me!"  And it was true, at that very
moment his heart stopped beating and his
brain, throbbing with anger and disgust,
took over.  He vomited all of the
wholesomeness he could fit through his
mouth in one fiften (15) second cataclysmic
eruption leaving naught but revulsion and
despair behind.  Though possessing a
powerful build (being constructed mainly of
horseflesh and pigiron), his bones seemed
weak in comparison to his newfound desire
to kill.  And kill he would, scores of dead
would pile up beneath his feet.  And he
would say, "...It was a case of post-mortem
<All Roads Lead To Sol... (Terminal 2)>

Matt Soell <> writes concerning this opening screen.

To answer the questions as presented:

No, it's not part of the Marathon Story.
No, it's not Robert Blake.
No, it's not a cyborg, although the guy in question may not be fully human.

To be a little more specific: The text was written by Rob McLees, our Art
Director. His self-chosen internal code name is "Misanthrope," and when
asked to contribute something to the secret Bungie terminal, he responded
with the psychotic text in question.

In Rob's own words:

"It's just something I wrote while sitting in front of the office one day."

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