From: (Claude Errera)
Subject: HANW Changing of the Guard: PLEASE READ
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 1996 01:48:29 -0700
Organization: Oregon Graduate Institute
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The time has come.

After almost two years, I'm stepping down as maintainer of the
Marathon HyperArchive NorthWest. The HyperArchive will move to
Marathon Central, and acquire a new caretaker, and hopefully continue
to supply your Marathon needs for as long as the Marathon series
remains alive. I, however, will be somewhere else, enjoying exotic
foods, watching exotic birds, and contracting exotic diseases.

My family and I are embarking on an 18-month, around-the-world trip,
beginning in December, 1996. (We are hoping to return in time for the
1998 school year.) Details of the trip can be found at


for anyone interested... but I won't force you to read it if all you
want to know is "How does this affect *me*?"

The OGI version of the HyperArchive will remain open for downloads
until the second week in December (probably). The Marathon Central
version is functional now, although the mirror script is run manually
at the moment, so it's not quite up to date (pretty close, though...)
and some of the links are a little weird. It can be found at

Uploads are a different story. Submissions will be accepted until
November 30, 1996, either by email:


or ftp:


After the 30th, the incoming folder at OGI will be removed, and email
submissions will be declined. An unknown period of time after that
date, submissions will be accepted at Marathon Central, in a manner
that will be publicly announced. (The interim, probably a week or two,
will be used to finish the transition.)

This archive has grown from a lowly mirror of the original
HyperArchive at AMUG (created by Steve Wood back in early 1995) to the
independent, dynamic, and (hopefully) easy-to-use project it is today,
thanks in great part to all the people involved in the creation of
Marathon paraphenalia all over the world. I'm honored to have been
able to play a role in the distribution of these files, and I'm
gratified for all the mail I've received in the last couple of years
(the vast majority being positive). Thank you, Bungie, for creating a
series that captured my attention for two years, and thank you,
Marathon Freaks everywhere, for producing the addons that have kept it
fresh. Carnage forever!

The list of individuals I'd like to thank (and their contributions
above and beyond what was called for) is far too long for this
document, and if I tried to create it, inevitably I'd forget someone
(or a bunch of someones), and I'd feel bad forever. So I'm not going
to do it. You folks know who you are, anyway.

Once again, thanks to all of you for feeding my addiction, and
allowing me to build what might be useful to some of you.


                     "Own what you do."