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Marathon 2
You asked for it

CHICAGO, IL, July 19, 1995 -- Most sequels to top-selling software titles take the player down the same well-worn path as the original. Whip up a couple of new monsters and levels, plant a II on the name, rush it out the door and cha-ching! It is rare to find a sequel that breaks significant new ground in style or technology. At Bungie, however, rare is well done.

Thus we take great pride in announcing the upcoming release of Marathon 2: Durandal. Marathon 2 incorporates so many new features that it offers a playing environment fundamentally more varied and intense than that of the original Marathon. These features include:

Outdoor landscapes: Tread the ancient ruins of a vanished civilization, in the shadow of alien mountains, on the surface of a distant moon.

Underwater scenarios: Explore and fight while wading in the shallows or submerged in the depths of waterways and lava pools.

Leaner, meaner B.O.B.: Marathon's once-hapless civilian has worked up the nerve to return fire, and developed some witty repartee. This time Bob won't let you, or the aliens, walk all over him.

Ambient sounds: From the silent corridors of the starship Marathon, you are taken to a world of roaring rivers and howling winds. 16-bit sounds employ real-time stereo tracking to give you audio cues to your environment and position.

Enhanced graphics: The graphics window now fills the maximum width of the monitor, providing striking 16-bit graphics that are even more in-your-face.

Dynamic lighting effects: Lights project from all surfaces, form complex patterns and add significance to your surroundings.

Combine this with new artwork and sounds, maps that are more carefully constructed and designed for both combative and cooperative network play, and a storyline infused with mystery and menace, and you've got a sequel deserving of the name Marathon.

Marathon 2 is native to the Power Macintosh, utilizes the graphics acceleration of 630 and 6200 machines, is 8, 16 and 24-bit color capable, and can be played with joysticks and game pads. The game requires a 68040 or higher Macintosh, 8-bit color monitor (13 recommended), and System 7 or later. Marathon 2 has a retail price of $79.99 and will be available at local retail stores, through mail order catalogs, or can be ordered directly from Bungie Software (800 295 0060).