Subj:  Bungie Announces Marathon 2           95-07-19 13:10:46 EDT
From:  BUNGIE1

We at Bungie Software are pleased to announce that development of Marathon
2: Durandal is well underway.  More than just a collection of new levels,
Marathon II will sport a variety of technological enhancements:

-  a new wide-screen graphics format

-  ambient noises that will surprise you with their realism even as they
lull you into a false sense of security

-  remarkably detailed 16-bit graphics and sound

-  complex new lighting effects that make a Pink Floyd concert look like a
flashlight running on cheap batteries

-  exploration and combat under water (and stranger liquids)

-  outdoor planetary vistas - alien landscapes in every sense of the term

-  Bobs who realize that if you're going to run around screaming, you
might as well be packing heavy artillery

Marathon 2 will also further develop the storyline that has enthralled so
many, explaining some of the first game's unanswered questions and
throwing some bizarre new elements into the mix.  We'll be posting the
official press release elsewhere in this forum which will go into a little
more detail.

Marathon 2 presently has no set release date.  No, I don't even have an
approximate one.  No, I won't hazard a guess.  No, I won't e-mail all the
details to anyone "off the record."  There isn't a release date yet.  I
will post as soon as I know what the release date will be.

As a result of the redirected efforts of our programmers, we've halted
development of the Marathon 20/10 Pack.  We decided, after much
soul-searching, that our customers would be happier with a brand new game
than an extension of an old one.  I understand that some of you have been
eagerly awaiting the 20/10 Pack for a while now, and this news might come
as somewhat of a disappointment.  All I can say is that Marathon 2 will
more than make up for it.  This is way cooler than just new levels;
Marathon 2 will bring the state of Mac games to a whole new level.

Bungie Tech Support