Subject:      Someone ate Bungie's homework
From: (Michael Sattler, San Francisco)
Date:         1995/08/21
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>>The latest I heard about the release of the demo(NO, I'm not talking 
>>about the preview) was aug 15th.  Well, today is the 15th and I don't see 
>>the demo anywhere...
>If you took the time to look at the web page for Bungie you would
>see that it says the web page is taking a little longer to set up 
>then they thought it would.

[chortle] [grunt] [cackle]

You've GOT to be kidding!  I can whip a minimalist web page in seconds -
this is as stupid as their "box problems" excuse of last year.  They
really have to come up with someone as their Manager of Poor Excuses.

Bungie, if the only thing keeping Marathon II Demo from the world is a web
page, use this one:

<TITLE>Marathon II Demo</TITLE>

<H1>Marathon II Demo</H1>
<!-- ----------------------------------------------------------- --><HR>

We've been having trouble getting our kick-ass web page up and running;
we know that our fantastic software is all you really care about.<P>

Enjoy the <A HREF="ftp://...">Marathon II Demo</A>.<P>

<!-- ----------------------------------------------------------- --><HR>

Michael Sattler <> |
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Subject:      Re: Someone ate Bungie's homework
From: (BUNGIE1)
Date:         1995/08/22
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>>If YOU took the time to CAREFULLY read what Bungie's web provider
>>(A&S) said:
>>  We sincerely apologize that this site is not open to the public yet. 
>>  We plan to open when we have a complete Web site for 
>>  you to explore. To do this well will take some time yet. 

If you had read all the way to the bottom of the page, you would have seen
the bit about the Marathon 2 demo being behind schedule.

To clarify:

Our Web Page is one project.

The Marathon 2 demo is another.

Neither are done yet.

When the demo is done, it'll go up on the Web page.

Keep in mind that it is a demo of a computer game we're talking about, not
milk for starving children.  Do we really have NOTHING better to do than
start flame wars over this kind of thing?


Bungie Tech Support

Subject:      Re: Someone ate Bungie's homework
From:         Art & Science <>
Date:         1995/08/22
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I echo Matt's sentiments..

Chill out folks.. The folks at Bungie are working very hard
to provide you with a kick-ass game. You rush 'em, give 'em
ulcers, and you'll get a lesser game than you would have if
you exercised a little self-restraint. They're human beings
too and I'm sure that they don't appreciate all the jabs..

We're building their Web site, and we're doing our best to
make it cool. As we said in the teaser page at: it's a lengthy process to do a good

The _minute_ we have the demo from Bungie, we'll put it up
for all of you. The two projects are quite independent, and
_will_ be finished at different times. If the Web site is
done before the demo, we will wait until the demo is ready
to open it. If the demo is ready before the Web site, we'll
put up an FTP page so that you can have it..

We're on your side. We love the game too.

Stefan Fielding-Isaacs

Art & Science Web Site Architects
"Creating Tomorrow's Technology Today"
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