From: (Group Cortex)
Subject: The OFFICIAL Marathon World Wide Web Site!
Date: 13 Dec 1994 01:53:15 -0500
Organization: Bungie Software and Group Cortex
Lines: 21
Message-ID: <3cjgcr$>
Keywords: Marathon, WWW

        Bungie Software and Group Cortex have created the Official 
Marathon WWW site.

        Please take a look at the pages and send in comments, ideas, etc.  
This is the first version of the site based on the demo.  Bungie will provide
sneak previews and further information at the site :-)
        We advise using Netscape for the page (available at
The pages use a lot of Netscappe extension to improve speed and formatting.

Thanks and take a look!

        Also, I would truely appreciate it if some kind soul would post
this on and  Our server cannot
see these groups yet.  Please let me know if you do so I can make sure 
this info has reached those people.