Is this success on the Internet?

Brent Halliburton (
Tue, 20 Dec 1994 19:57:11 -0800

Thought I would let some people know what I have been working on lately.
It seems worth seeing both because I think it is neat looking and because
it is one model for advertising on the Internet.

Marathon is a video game for Macintosh's that is similar to Doom, only
better. Bungie software, the company that produces Marathon has relesaed a
demo that is more colorful, bloodier, more violent, and more action-packed
than Doom ever was, and it is expected to be a powerful success. A must
have for every Macintosh user. We erected a web site approximately one
week ago as a preparation for the rollout of the Marathon product scheduled
for tomorrow. We performed the work pro bono for Bungie, with the
understanding that we could find sponsors for pages (and hype ourselves as
we are moving into rollout mode).

This hopefully will prompt some discussion on the Web sponsor model. The
sponsor model is used in a somewhat common manner here, as has been
previously seen in places like the new MecklerWeb. How does this compare
and/or relate to content based advertising? Any thoughts?

(Another question this site prompts: Netscape extensions: Good, bad,
horribly mutilating and disfiguring? This site needed all the dazzle we
could muster.)

Here is a little more to think about. We posted information to only 3
newsgroups and have conducted no additional advertising. With that
awareness, we have generated more than 16,000 visits in a week. Wow. That
made us very happy. It made our two sponsors happy, and it made us happy.
We have received more than 100 comments, with one negative comment about
supporting netscape extensions.

I guess that is an Internet success story, something always in demand here.
Check it out (with Netscape it is far and away more interesting), it's
happening at

It'll make you cool. And for those of you like Glenn and I sitting at
Macs, download the demo, because Marathon is quite frankly an awesome game.

Brent Halliburton

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