The Alien Teleporter on Charon

"Station 29-s has been ordered to evacuate
to Garrison Command"

On "Charon Doesn't Make Change" if you jump out of the window in the room where you start and quickly head left along the outer passage way you'll see a novel sight. Greg Kirkpatrick, the creator of this level, had this to say about his map some months ago.

This map really only ever grew into 50% of what it should have been. If you notice carefully, you'll see that right at the beginning of the level the pfhor make a run for a nearby teleporter pad. Unfortunately, if you shoot anything or if they see you (and they have eyes in the back of their heads) they turn around and come after you. In the end, it's rather difficult for them to ever get away. Otherwise, I had a lot of fun making this map, and if I'd known, I would have made it at least another 300 polygons, and you really would have felt like you were in an ancient S'pht clan's homestead.

The picture below shows the Pfhor fighters heading for the alien teleporter and beaming out.

This 'magic' is achieved by setting the teleport polygon to Goal. As soon as the game starts the Pfhor fighters activate and make they way to the Goal and teleport out. Unless, as Greg says above, you happen to disturb them.

So why did Greg do this?

Well when you make your way down to the basement and into the Pfhor science laboratory you will read a Pfhor terminal which says:

Directive from Garrison Command//Hlford
To: Leader, Station 29-s

Warning: Damage to dam on the Minor River
has caused severe damage to the water
system in zone 6, and flooding of this same
river could cause catastrophic damage
(?sarcasm) to station 29-s within two

Station 29-s has been ordered to evacuate
to Garrison Command

You are in Station 29-s and thanks to Durandal's orbital bombardment on Waterloo Waterpark it is about to flood. Actions have consequences.

In fact by entering the Pfhor science laboratory you have actually triggered the water level to rise so you should be standing in a couple of inches of rising water as you read the evacuation order.

This is all carefully scripted through map design. However, it is not perfect. As Greg commented above you may not see the Pfhor teleporting out at the start. In addition, Greg put a Pfhor intralevel teleport terminal close to the lab entrance. If you use this before entering the lab then you won't trigger the flooding nor read the Pfhor terminal inside with the flood warning and evacuation order.

Indeed it is possible to complete this level without ever visiting the basement lab. Thus it is understandable if some people find this level 'confusing' and 'pointless' when in fact it has a nicely scripted story that ties into the events of a previous level.

In the Win95 version of Marathon 2 the alien teleporter was removed (see image below) so PC Marathoners will miss this unique sight.

The Pfhor still teleport out on the Win95 version but this happens on the newly introduced roof section. The roof now has a Goal polygon and the Pfhor will make their way to this and teleport out. It is still possible to see but you have to go out of your way to do so.

See the Win 95 Marathon 2: The Undiscovered Secrets section for more details about the changes that were made in the Win95 version of Marathon 2.

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