This week we lived our dreams...

The Ming Choy

On a balmy Chicago spring evening an intrepid crew of Bungieites dared to confront The Ming Choy. The Ming Choy, you must understand, holds a mystical and cherished place in all our hearts. During the initial year of our occupancy of Floor 7 - Ontario St., The Ming Choy has been the bringer of fine Chinese food goodness. In a magical way, The Ming Choy would almost anticipate our hunger and arrive with steaming Kung Pao Tofu mere seconds after our hanging up the phone. It has been theorized that The Ming Choy possess the gift of TCK (teleculinarykinetics). There have even been theories that The Ming Choy occupy the space above our elevator, constantly brewing their special sauces for our late night needs. Co-workers have witnessed and experienced entire days of living on nothing but the goodness of The Ming Choy - breakfast-lunch-dinner-repeat.

After a full year of taking in the funkiness of The Ming Choy we could not contain our curiosity. We had to make the pilgrimage. No matter how dangerous the journey, nor how catastrophic our first hand exposure to health code violations may be - we made the trip. Happily, our contact with The Ming Choy was as illuminating as we hoped. Our knowledge has expanded beyond our temporal plane into the ethereal existence of The Ming Choy and we invite you to share our enlightenment through the documentation of our journey...


I think the boy scouts coined the phrase "be prepared" and we certainly aspire to be good scouts, so first thing we did was fortify our wallets with the local currency.
Being unfamiliar with the local territory surrounding the lair of The Ming Choy, we felt it best not to risk traveling on foot.
Our sprawling metropolis of wonder awaits us... Driving conditions were hazardous, but Max held his ground.
Right next to our parking spot we saw our first sign of hope - this lone flower. It seemed to beckon us to the promised land.
Ya know - that "Paul is dead" rumor started right after the Beatles made a trip to Ming Choy.
Agape. We were all taken by surpise at the cavernous expanse of Ming Choy's interior.
Mr. Ming Choy himself. Don't try sneaking in the kitchen past this guy.
Joe takes a brief respite from ordering to slide a Mom joke in. Cuz, what would Ming Choy be without a Mom joke or two?

Ever have a cup of milk straight from the teat? Well, that was the kind of joy this trip brought us.

Don't try this at home kids. We've been building an immunity to this stuff for twelve months.
You too can be this happy. Order now.