From: (Michael K. Neylon)
Subject: The Marathon Spoiler Guide (MSG) v0.9.9
Date: 30 Jan 1995 13:10:28 GMT
Organization: University of Michigan Engineering, Ann Arbor

At this point, I am looking at a final polishing-up date as 
this Saturday (Feb. 4). The MSG will always take additions, but 
I would like to get something to sumex-aim and to work on the 
html version ASAP. 


                      (text version)

                     January 30, 1995

                        compiled by
                     Michael K. Neylon


=What is it?

The MARATHON SPOILER GUIDE (MSG) is a compilation of the
collected knowledge of the game 'Marathon' produced by
Bungie.  Most of the information in this document has been
contributed by other people, and when appropriate, credit
has been given.

Most of the information in this guide is meant to reveal
secrets or hints on completing the game and finding
hidden areas.  Thus, if you continue to read this, you
are now forewarned:


You *WILL* be spoiled if you read any further.  I take no
responsiblity for the disappointment you will feel if you
inadvertantly read this information.

=How to use the MSG

The MSG is divided into sections, one for each level
in the game, as well as some general information sections.
Each section is preceeded by a title line with the section name
following an equals sign ('=').  Thus, to find information on
a specific level, just search for the level name following an
equals sign (for example, the search string '=Arrival' will
locate the section devoted to the level 'Arrival').

In case you don't know how to determine the name of the level,
just switch over to map mode (default key: 'm'), and look at
the top of the map.  The name of the level will be there.

=Table of Contents

What is it?
How to use the MSG
Table of Contents
General tips
Solo Levels
        Bigger Guns Nearby
        Never Burn Money
        Defend THIS!
        Couch Fishing
        The Rose
        Cold Fusion
        G4 Sunbathing
        Smells Like Napalm, Tastes Like Chicken!
        Blaspheme Quarantine
        Shake Before Using...
        Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire!
        Colony Ship For Sale, Cheap
        Habe Quiddam
        Neither High Nor Low
        Pfhor Your Eyes Only
        No Artificial Colors...
        Two Times Two Equals...
        Beware of Low-Flying Defense Drones
        Ain't Got Time Pfhor This...
        Welcome to the Revolution...
        Try Again
        Ingue Ferroque
Network Levels
        Mars Needs Women
        You Don't Need to See My I.D.
        Showered With Grenades
        What Goes Up Must Come Down


=General Tips

Assign the Caps Lock key as your run key.  Always keep it down
except when doing some fine manuvering.

Learn to Grenade Hop (also called Jumping). This is very useful when 
trying to access a place that is too high off the ground to reach 
normally, as well as for crossing lava. The easiest way to do it is to 

face where you want to go, give yourself some running room, look down, 
then run at the point where you want to go, firing a grenade at your feet 

just before you reach a wall (or whatever). You will take some damage, 
but you should find yourself at the upper level. Make sure you don't 

fire right on top of the wall, because you will most likely die. Instead, 
you want to time it to be just before you reach the wall in order to 
take minimal damage. You can practice this on the second level, 'Bigger 
Guns Nearby'. 

Grenade Walking is also important.  In this case, you usually just need
to get up to a high step. Back up to the step, aim
down, and fire.

You can also you SPNKR missiles instead of grenades...they'll take you
much higher and farther than grenades, but are also much more deadly if

Grenade Climbing is a difficult trick, and requires either full shields 
or invincibility, and a full load of grenades. You also need a place 
that is too high for a single grenade, and a good amount of straight 

wall that leads to that place. (A good example is the Deprivation 
Chamber on 'Never Burn Money'). Get back as far as possible from 
the goal along the wall (the wall needs to be perfectly straight). 
Then turn into the wall slightly (just a tap on the turn key).  

Aim down, and begin to run forwards. Launch a grenade. It 
should it the wall and you will take some damage, but you'll 

be flying. As soon as your descent starts, fire another grenade 
down at the wall. Continue until you reach your goal. A 

very difficult maneuver to accomplish. 

Exploding Bobs: cunning. daring. *deadly*. Poor innocent colonists 

that have been converted by the Phfor into exploring bombs. These 

can be tricky the first time you run into them, but there are some 

easy tricks that you can use to distinguish between a normal Bob 

and the exploding Bob. First, normal Bobs will always same 'They're 

everywhere!' (well, assuming you haven't played with the sound file), 
while the exploding Bob will shout 'Thank God, it's you!'. Secondly, 

exploding Bobs are always green. Finally, if shot with the pistol, 
exploding Bobs will spill yellow blood, while normal Bob's will bleed 
red. Thus, if a Bob is in question, fire one shot at it and look at 
the color of blood that spurts out.

On the lower skill levels, there is a limit to how much ammo you 
can carry (these are for Normal gameplay):
        50      .44 Magnum clips
        25      Fusion batteries
        15      MA-75 clips
        8       MA-75 grenade packs (6 grenades a piece) 
        4       SPNKR Missiless
        3       Napalm Canisters
Remember that you can also have a full load in any weapon, so 
theorhetically, you have one more than whats listed above. 

From Jason Martin Levitt ( comes a simple methodology
for approaching any level:

     1. Search for switches and room entrances by using
        map mode.
     2. Flip all switches.
         -If a switch stays on after you've flipped it, don't
          bother it again.
         -If a switch turns itself off soon after you
          flip it, that means either the change
          was permanent, temporary, or  reversable.
          a. permanent change -- the switch is permenantly
             off -- you can't turn it on again.
          b. temporary change -- An event occured that
             you need to deal with immediately. Generally,
             this means you need to run to some nearby
             place to take advantage of the change immediately
             after hitting the switch.
          c. reversable change -- For example, hitting the
             switch causes a pedestal to lower itself and
             stop. Hitting the switch again makes the
             pedestal go up and stop. Sometimes, you have
             full control in these situations i.e. you
             can stop the pedestal at any point.
     3. Look for switches in unreachable places on the walls.
             Use grenades or rocket launchers on those.
             [Ed: The Zeus Fusion Pistol will also activate some
                  buttons, but only on overload (hold down alternate
                  weapon button (default 'option') and wait a second).
     4. Look for entrances in unreachable places on the walls.
             Ways to get to unreachable entrances:
             a. Jump to them by using the "run" modifier key.
                Often, switching to map mode before making a
                jump makes it easier to see where you're headed.
             b. Use pedestals if they're available by jumping
                across them. Usually, you must be running to
                accomplish this.
             c. Use a grenade or rocket to boost yourself
                up by aiming it at the ground and firing.
                You do this by backing yourself up to the ledge,
                aiming at the ground, and firing.

From Dan Bradley ( on friendlies:

        On levels where there are friendly aliens present, such as
        the S'pht on 'Welcome to the Revolution,' or the Defense
        Drones (particularly in 'Beware of Low Flying Defense
        Drones...') a good way to find secret doors is to follow
        the aliens around. They know where everything is and will
        lead you straight to the goodies.

If you are looking for an alien weapon from one of the enforcers
on the later levels, then put away that flame thrower!  That'll 
toast both the alien AND the weapon.  And, according to
Richard Johnson (, a SPNKR missle
will also do the same.


There is a secret room in the bottom rightmost room on the map... 

Make sure you approach the room from the right side (you need to open 
a door to enter the room). Then, with the door open, take a step 
or three back to get a running start, then immediately as you get 
into the room, break into a 180 degree turn to the left and land 

on the small ledge in the middle of the room. One tap of the 

action key later will get you a clip of each type of ammo.

=Bigger Guns Nearby

There are two corridors that can only be reached by grenade hopping.
The first is near the switch that activated the stairs, as show below:

 |           | V|      \
 + Switch    |  |       \
 |           |  |        \
 +-----------+--+        |
             |           |
     Stairs  |           |
 +---|----+  |           |
 |  |V| | |  |           |
 |  |_|_| |__|           |
 |  |                    |
 |  |                    |
 |  |                    |
 |  |                    |
 |  |                    |
 |  +---+---+------------+
 |  |   |   |
 |  |   | <--High Corridor
 |  |   |   |

To reach the corridor, back up as much as possible from it, then
follow the directions given above for grenade hopping.  Be careful!
There are two shadowed compilers up there, ready to give you a
beating.  There is also a good supply of ammo. (Joshua D.
Koppelman -

The other corridor is between the two Biovents, and contains
some infrared goggles.

=Never Burn Money

Two of the circuit boards that you need are located on the lower
floor in the upper portion of the map.  There are several panels
that have a picture of a hand on them: use your action key to
open them, and stand as close as possible to pick up whatever is
inside.  There should be 6 of these to check.  The third piece
is located in the other section of the level, after you've gone up
the elevator and passed through that long dark hallway.  You
need to have the central platform moving, so from there,
try to land on each of the 4 niches.  You'll know when you hit
the right one, because an elevator will take you to another floor,
where you need to hit a button and return back to the platform:
one of the niches will now be opened, and all you have to do is
get to the board and teleport out.

There is a secret room located along the dark corridor connecting
the two parts of the level.  WARNING: getting out of this room
is not trivial.  Be sure to only use a saved game before entering
it.  Anyway, the door is located just left of the pylon
on the right wall where the passage begins to narrow.  Enter
the passage, but don't go too far - you want to stay on the
ledge you are on.  You are now viewing the Deprivation Chamber.
Look down and kill any aliens you see on the platform below and
in front of you.  Run and land on this platform, and quickly
turn around and destroy any aliens that are coming towards you
or any on the other two platforms.  Charge your shields up to 3x
strength (!).  Jump down, and gather the ammo WITHOUT getting
the invicibility yet.  Make sure your MA75 is full of grenades
(i.e. waste a few to reload a new pack). Now, the tricky part, so
read all directions before continuing:  pick up the invicibility,
and head towards where you came in.  Line yourself up facing
the niche with the teleporter, the long wall on your left.
Turn slightly into the wall, and aim all the way down.  Run forward,
and immediately launch a grenade (keep your aim down!).  As you
start to fall from this hop, launch another grenade.  Repeat
a few more times, until you are on the niche with the teleporter.
If you miss, and you weren't slow, you can probably try again
without running out of invincibility, or your full 3x shields
should be sufficient for another try.  Anyway, once you've hit
the teleporter, you'll be rewarded with ammo and a VERY strange
story from a computer terminal.

=Defend This!

From Kaz Ota (
        If you can't get past the large trash-compactor-like room in
        the very beginning of the level, be sure to observe Leela's
        briefing map VERY carefully. You will see where the hidden
        door out of the compactor is.

        Still can't find it?

        It's a little to the right of the topleft corner of the
        compactor area. Tab there to open the hidden door, and wait
        a while until the compactor comes up enough so you can step out.

From Rich Garrett (
        In the passage with the two soldiers on the ledges above you,
        [Ed: immediately after the large room mentioned above] there are
        two stairways at the end of the hall. The one going straight
        leads to a room with a pattern buffer, shield generator and
        MA-75s and ammo. Go up the one to the right. When you open
        the door at the top you will be in a room which is white with
        an orange band running around the middle.  You can see another
        room like it ahead of you. There is actually a third room which
        is directly opposite the radiation door. Inside are two MA-75
        rounds and a terminal that gives you a message from poor,
        beleaguered Tycho.

From Robert James (
        There is a stash of ammo in a corridor in the room that
        looks like a bridge.  To reach the ammo requires some
        grenades.  I was only able to get up there by using
        MarathonCheater and getting invincible:

        1) Kill the aliens on the bridge and the three in the
           corridor openings in the walls.
        2) Grenade hop over the left (as you enter the room)
           wall of the bridge.
        3) Grenade hop into one of the two corridor openings
           high above you in the wall (use the map to
           line up if you need to).
        4) When you get the ammo, run out one of the openings
           and land on the bridge.  Continue on.

        The room:

                          |       ammo                      |
                          |   ------------   ------------   |
                          |   |          |   |           |  |
                   -----------------------------------   |  |
                   |                                  |  |  |
                   |        pit                       |  |  |
                 ----------------------------------------|  |
                                                         |  |
                 in              bridge            out   |  |
                 ---------------------XXXXX------YY------|  |
                   |        pit                       |  |  |
                   |                                  |--|  |
                   |                                  Z     |
                   |                                  |-----|

In the room with the 4 switches and the blue and white striped door,
the best way I found for getting past the door is this: while facing
away from the door, hit the rightmost switch, which temporarily
opens the leftmost panel of the door (if facing the door).  Get
yourself 'wedged' in that space, and turn back to the switches,
and without moving, launch a grenade at the second one from the right.
Turn around, and just hit the keys for running forward.  After a second,
the panel to the right will drop, and you should make it through the
door.  Alternatively, Anthony R. Stevens (STEVENSA@AUSVM1.VNET.IBM.COM)
offers the following solution:

        Ignore the leftmost switch (when facing the switches). Flip the
        2nd from the left. Go over and flip the rightmost. Now flip the
        2nd from the right turnaround quickly and head for the opening
        before it closes.  You will need to fire a grenade at
        this same switch to get back out.

In another part of the level where there are 4 switches and a window
that overlooks lots of platforms, all you need to do is pull the 2nd
switch on the left facing the switches.  This will make crossing
the platforms easy.  (Also from Anthony R. Stevens

=Couch Fishing

In the large rooms with the ledges that you have to walk around, don't
forget to drop down into the open areas to pick up some ammo.
Elevators back to the walkway level are located near the point
where you entered the room.

=The Rose

The only way to 'successfully' complete the level requires that you
immediately head left from the entry point to where the window overlooks
the recreation area, and to kill the Hulks and the Fighters while
at that vantage point.

From Kaz Ota (
        There are 3 secret sections. These are all shown in Leela's
        briefing map. Look closely!

        Still can't find them?

        One is the second spiral staircase that you can access from
        the notch next to the shield generator, pretty close to the
        transport terminal. On these stairs, there is some ammo and
        a second .44 magnum. You can activate the second pistol by
        using the second weapon key.

        The second is along the left wall of this secret spiral
        staircase, and contains a terminal where you see some
        computer (actually Durandal) cracking up.

        The third is along the stem, right under the left leaf, and
        also contains a terminal that displays text that supports
        the storyline, along with some ammo.

=Cold Fusion 

To get to the pattern buffer and shield generator that are located
on a platform far away, you need to first activate the first
platform in 'The Wave,' and then run and jump off onto the ledge
before you get squished.

=G4 Sunbathing

The only 'vacuum' level in the game (unfortunately), this one can
pose several problems to the novice.  The best way to think of this level
is as having an outer ring, an inner ring, and the airlock system
in the center.  Within the inner ring is a shield regen, an oxygen
tank, and a pattern buffer, so one can always return here to
get back to full power.

To complete the level, you need to work clockwise from the entry
point on the level to the antenna.  Furthermore, you can divide the
level into 4 sublevels, each centered around the 4 large areas.

As the first task, you should circle around the upper right quadrant
of the level, looking for a red button while dodging the aliens
from the large open area.  When you hit the button, look across
the large open area, and you will see waayyy on the other side, in
the alcove opposite you, lights coming on and a door opening.  This
can be accessed by returning to the inner ring.  Within this
newly accessible alcove, there will be a switch that will fully
open the necessary doors to get to the next section, namely the
lower right quadrant.

Repeat this proceedure, looking for a button and then hitting the switch
in the newly opened area, for the two lower quadrants.  When you
complete the 3rd section, the 4th section should be fully open
to you now.  The rest of the level is very simple.

If you do happen to fall into the large open areas, you need to
pass through the airlock system to return to the inner ring.
There is some ammo down there, so a trip to this level will
not hurt.

=Smells Like Napalm, Tastes Like Chicken

There is a secret room in the level that contains the flame thrower,
however, you need to be VERY quick to get both in to and out of
the room, so using a saved game to attempt this is recommended.
Go into the tunnel system on the right-hand side of the map, and head
for the bottom left-most point on the map.  This should be very
close to the initial entry point on the map.  Enter this corridor.
You should hear an elevator start up. RUN back to the entry room,
and on the left side, there will be a section of
platform missing.  RUN to this, drop down, RUN and collect
the napalm unit, and RUN back to the elevator.  Did I mention that
you need to run to get this? :-)  It may help to grenade jump
into the elevator passage, instead of weaving your way up
onto the ledge.

The final puzzle on this level is a bit tricky.  Both elevators
are initially at their lowest position, and each button activates
one elevator.  The easiest way to do this is to start at the button
that is on the east side, hit it, run to the west button, hit it,
then return to the elevators and move into the alcove as fast
as possible.  If done correctly, the first elevator will rise and
stop at the same level as the other elevator, which you must
transfer to in order to get to the final room.

=Blaspheme Quarantine

You've cleared out the large square hallway, including the aliens on
that ledge, but now you don't see anywhere to go?  Find the
elevator that will take you up a level (activated by the switch
near the light switch on one side of the level).  Then, while
running, jump across to the ledge, and head to the left.  If
done correctly, a door should have opened leading you into the next
part of the level, with a supply of ammo just inside to the left.

Now you've cleared out the other square area, and are stuck
down in a pit?  Then go to the center of the west wall and
look for a door.  This will reveal a long corridor that will take
you back to the first part of the level, and the door to the final
room will be open.

As an added bonus, you can get to read the lyrics to the Durandel
song!  After you return to the first part of the level, redo the
level (no monsters this time, of course), and when you get to the
room with all the elevating platforms, go to the computer terminal
and read what Durandel has to say.  Note: make sure your shields
are charged before reading, because Durandel will jump you from
here to the next level.


The biggest difficulty in this level is the initial moments, when
you are dropped in a mass of Bobs and aliens.  The best strategy that
I have found is to head straight out into the hallway, turn right
and back up until you are nearly even with a hallway to your left.
Then, with the help of grenades and sidestepping, you should be
able to defend yourself well.  As far as I know, killing a Bob
will not affect anything, so shoot anything that moves.

=Shake Before Using

In the one room with the really loooooong bridge that you need
to cross, there are hallways in the middle of the room at the
ground floor level.  Within the hallways (which are connected)
is a terminal and a jump pad which will take you to a secret
area near the front of the level, and will lead to a supply of ammo.

=Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire!

From Joshua D. Koppelman (joshua@MIT.EDU):
        The most straightforward (but not the best) way to solve the
        level is to ignore the need to raise the H-shaped platform
        over the lava by the pattern buffer.  You can simply drop
        down into the lava, then grenade hop onto the opposite side.
        The disadvantage to this is that you have to start the next
        level with less than full shields.

        To solve the level without grenade hopping, it is necessary
        to run thru the lava in the room with a single column.
        This is difficult, because it's tough to aim at the wasps in
        the next room from within the lava.

        In fact, there is no need to trek through *any* lava to
        complete this level.  In the room with the single column,
        grenade hop from the entry platform into the little alcove
        on the wall to the right.  The alcove extends all the way
        into the next room.  It's easy to kill the wasps one by one
        from within the passageway.

=Colony Ship For Sale...Cheap!

A secret computer terminal can be located on this level.  After
you have passed through the door that is activated by the
switch wayyy up high, and gotten the 2x shields, you'll
proceed to a T-intersection.  At the top of the 'T', hit
your action key, and a terminal should be revealed.  Hmm,
that '79 Camaro looks in good shape as well...

The octagonal rooms that can squish you contain only contain
some extra ammo and some aliens to kill, thus, it's not necessary
to 'run the guantlet', and risk your life for that.  HOWEVER,
if you happen to have the napalm unit, then with the run key down,
fire that baby up, and quickly pass through the three rooms without

The U-shaped room that contains the SPNKR Rocket Launcher, the
Napalm unit, and the M75 are NOT accessible.  This room is only
a teaser, and similar rooms appear in the higher levels of the

The most difficult puzzle in the entire game (IMHO), as it requires
good observation skills, is the seven-platform room.  Joshua D. Koppelma
( offers the following:

        > I may be lame (and I may have missed the solution to
        > this) but can someone give me a clue as to how to set
        > the columns in the big chamber?

        >      =====   exit   ======
        >                   = 7 =
        >                       = 6 =
        >                           = 5 =
        >                               = 4 =
        >                           = 3 =
        >                       = 2 =
        >                   = 1 =
        > == enter ===== switch ===========

        To solve the annoying riser room, you must make sure they are
        set in increasing height.  1, 2, and 3 should increase in
        height from the ground, while 7, 6, and 5 should be decreasing
        from the raised exit.  Run up to the fourth riser, and launch
        a grenade at the button on the wall opposite the exit, which
        will cause the fourth riser to rise.  At its apex, run up
        the remaining risers.  There is no need to grenade hop and
        the timing isn't difficult if the risers are aligned right.
        Be prepared to run back and forth between the control rooms
        a few times.

As a followup, Jek Kian Jin ( replies:
        I've found that you can time the switching to achieve this.
        There are audible 'thunks' when the elevator starts and
        when it reaches the top. For elevators 1, 2 and 3, start the
        switch and stop it after 1, 2 and 3 seconds respectively when
        you hear the 'thunk.' For elevators 5 to 7, you hit the
        switch after the 'thunk' at the top, after 3, 2 and 1 seconds
        respectively.  Oh yeah, you don't need a stopwatch, just saying
        'one thousand and one etc.' works fine.

Once you are past the 7 platform room, the exit terminal is quite high
up.  To finish the level, first clear out all the monsters in both the
room with the 4 platforms and the final room.  Then return to the room
with the 4 platforms, and go over to the switches.  Now, while always
running, hit the right switch, hit the left switch, run to the bottom
platform, 'climb' the stairs, then race into the last room and wait
in front of the column.  If done properly, in a couple seconds you will
be lifted to the jump terminal.

=Habe Quiddam

The first pattern buffer on this level may be had by going
into the right-hand hallway in the first large room, and
sticking to the left-hand wall.  This also leads to a shield

You say you've looked *everywhere* on this level and can't find a
way out?  Then return to the room with 2 columns and the shield
gen.  On the back side of the left column is an elevator that will
take you to the 'upper' portion of the lever.  Anthony R. Stevens
(STEVENSA@AUSVM1.VNET.IBM.COM) offers the following advice:

        To get to the elevator with full 3X shields without
        losing ANY health, first kill all monsters in the
        room. Then position yourself in front of the 3X
        shield gen. Turn left and face the wall.  Switch
        to map mode and zoom in. Turn on run mode.
        OK here we go:
        All you do is run backwards and then hold the
        turn right key down as well ONCE you reach the
        CENTER of the side of the column along the wall.
        THATS IT. You'll swing around right into the elevator
        with no damage to you!! Try it, you'll like it.

To get the alien energy converter (that 'thing' in the lava), you
first need to go up to the top level as described above.  When
you get to the room that has the one pillar in the lava and a save
terminal, look around on the upper level and you'll find a button.
Pressing the button will cause the pillar to drop and will allow
you to grab the device.  However, to get out of the lava you either
need to grenade jump or wait for the pillar to start to rise again.
Watch that you don't get squished by the pillar!  Here's some more
advice by Anthony R. Stevens (STEVENSA@AUSVM1.VNET.IBM.COM):

        At the top level on the ledge with the switch that
        lowers the pillar into the lava, hit the switch then
        IMMEDIATELY walk off the ledge to the save terminal and
        save your game.  What does this do for you?  You can
        now, at your leisure, time your fishing expedition in the
        lava so that you can jump in, get the converter, and jump
        out as the pillar is rising.  WAY COOL. No stress.

Nicolas Godbout ( also offers the following

        There's a way to save your shield when you fetch the alien
        energy converter in the lava pool.  Go towards the shield
        recharger nearest to your arrival point, continue in the long
        corridor.  There you can see the alien thingy in the lava.
        Shoot at the switch directly in front of you.  This opens
        another passage through the lava.  When you're in the room with
        the mobile corner in the lava, shoot the switch way up there
        (it can be reached with the fusion gun) or activate the switch
        if you're at its level.  Instead of jumping through that new
        opening, take the corridor to the south that leads to the
        first switch you activated.  When you jump in the lava from
        there, you only have a ONE-way trip to make.  This cuts your
        simmering time in half.  I believe this is the way Bungie
        wanted you to complete the level.

Another tip by Frank McIntyre (
        I have a different way to activate the moving pillar in
        the lava.  Before I had found the elevator in the shield
        generator room, I discovered that I could hit the switch
        to activate the column by standing in the hall directly
        opposite.  If you stand back just far enough that you
        can't see the switch, you can hit it with a grenade or
        high energy pistol bolt.  You have to carefully align
        your gun with the switch before you lose sight of it.
        It takes a few practice shots, but when you have hit
        it, you will hear the faint *click* that the switches
        make from a distance.  The main advantage of doing it
        this way is that it is easier to time your run into the
        lava, thus reducing the chance of getting fried.

To get past the door in the 3-column room with the biohazard sign,
you need to find a switch.  In that same room, there is a passage
that you can jump to from the middle column.  This will lead you
to a small battle, but to another area to explore.  Within this
area, either look for a secret door, or look for a gap that you
can jump that is very small.  Within this other area, you'll find
the right switch.

There is a flame thrower in one of the last rooms, in the room with
the L-shaped platform in the lava.  There are two 'rivers' of lava
leaving the room.  Run through either side, pick up the napalm unit
on your way through, and grenade jump back onto the platform.

=Neither High Nor Low

No secrets yet

=Pfhor Your Eyes Only

No secrets yet

=No Artifical Colors

Although it seems like you can't, you can reach that 3x shield generator
that's behind the half-closed door.  Just get as close as possible to
activate it.


No secrets yet

=Two Times Two Equals...

To leave the level, as with all other levels that take place aboard
the Pfhor ship, return to a window that you can see the Marathon
through.  In this case, this is in the large room in the bottom right
of the map.

=Beware of Low-Flying Defense Drones...

From Anthony R. Stevens (STEVENSA@AUSVM1.VNET.IBM.COM):
        If you get tired of dying, try making your way directly
        to the save terminal. How? Near the beginning of the level
        there's a window with a ledge and some meanies coming your
        way.  Kill the meanies.  Now, instead of taking the elevator
        down to the 1st ammo room (and more meanies) just jump off
        the ledge into the pit.  The exit down in the pit increases
        your chances of making it to a save terminal tremendously,
        believe me.

From Ben S. Wang (
        There is a secret door in the room with the 3x shield
        recharger.  As you enter the room, go to the left wall,
        stand in the middle of that wall and use your action key
        (tab) to open the door.  This will take you to the center
        part of the three-part room.  As an added bonus, there is
        an invincibility in an alcove in the secret passage:
        turn left as you approach the exit door - you'll see it on
        your map!


No secrets yet


No, there is no saved game terminal on this level.  Bummer.  However,
there is no reason not to be at 3x shields from the previous level.

Unless you were foolish enough to jump down into the huge room with
all the enforcers and Pfhor, you probably see no reason why that
ugly thing is sitting in the green slime.  Actually, that was the
cyborg that you had to kill, and surprisingly, it only takes
2 or 3 shots from your handgun (!) to do so (on Normal level).

=Ain't Got Time Pfhor This...

If you still cannot jump out although you've killed everything on
the level (including all the bugs in the large room), then make
sure that you have hit both switches in the large room.  *Both*
switches, you say?  Yep, pop a grenade at the one visible one,
and on the opposite wall a new switch should be revealed.  Hit
that one as well, and the column in the center of the room should
stop moving, and the lights should dim down.  Then, if you cross the
room to the teleporter across from the entrance, it will take
you very near the jump out site.

=Welcome To The Revolution

From Rich Garrett (
        There is a room with a computer terminal that is a little
        tricky to get to. Go out the southern door of the room in
        which you start, and go through the room with the snaking
        path over the lava. Watch out for the Pfhor and Hunters.
        When you enter the room just after the lava pit, you will
        see up on the right a doorway. To reach this, you must
        activate the platform beneath the lava. The platform is
        activated by a button high on the wall of the next room.
        It is tricky to hit, and standing in the lava to do it
        doesn't make things easier. [Ed: It's impossible to hit with
        a grenade.  Use a rocket or the overloaded fusion pistol.]
        As soon as you tag the sucker, run up the stairs on the
        right. If you aren't quick about it you won't catch the
        platform as it rises. When you get in the room you will
        need to grenade hop up to the terminal and hit action. The
        message isn't much, just an interplay between the restored
        Tycho and Durandal, but it does give some background info.
        [Ed.  A backward missile jump, with a 180 at the apex, will
        also get you to the terminal. [Ed: there are also several
        napalm canisters and missiles there as well, so it's not
        that much of a wasted trip.]

From Anthony R. Stevens (STEVENSA@AUSVM1.VNET.IBM.COM), a forwarded
message from
        The elevators in the room move in a predictable pattern.
        Start from the left side (facing the platforms). When the
        platform hits the ground, get on top of it and turn to
        face back outward.  Wait for it to rise to its full
        height then WALK forward and swivel around to your left
        in midair to land on the next platform.  You do that for
        all 5. The last jump to the computer screen is easy.
        If you have trouble, here's an easy way to get it right:
        switch to fusion pistol (it helps you align yourself perfectly)
        Now when you're in the 1st elevator, back up as much as
        possible and turn slightly to your left. Align yourself so
        that the left edge of the fusion pistol is at the edge of
        the left side of the doorway.  WALK forward when the
        elevator rises and pauses and IMMEDIATELY turn left. EASY.

=Try Again

Anthony R. Stevens (STEVENSA@AUSVM1.VNET.IBM.COM) suggests that as
soon as you enter this level, that you turn and move left to save
your game, then turn right (from facing the panel), and open the
secret door (blue and white striped) to get to a good stash of

In the area where one of the huge aliens were located and the lava
flows waay off to the left, there is a small passage several feet
back into the lava and to the right.  There are two things you
can do with this:  The left and right walls of this passage
actually have corridors that you can drop into, one containing
a good refill of SPNKR missiles.  Furthermore, if you continue
into lava passage, one of the left walls has a secret door, behind
which an invincibility powerup lies...this can get you to a 2x
shield generator that is in the lava and then to another of the
large monsters (and near the exit as well).

Also, if you are at full 3x shields, and have killed off all the
larger Pfhor, then follow the lava around the bend, and about midway
to the next opening, you'll seen an alcove up to the left with a
Hunter in it.  Kill the hunter, then launch yourself up to the
alcove with a rocket.  There's a secret door that will lead you
to a invisiblity powerup and Bungie's tip panel. (Suggested by
Deacon (

An alternative way of getting to the tip panel is supplied by
        In the alcove where you transported into the level, turn
        around and face the wall. Open the door that was at your back.
        In that room there's a 3x recharge and a teleporter on a
        raised platform that you have to grenade jump to get on top of.
        [Ed: This is that column-like thing in the center of the room]
        The teleporter takes you to [the above room].

The exit to the level may be gotten to from the one large room that
contained the mammoth Pfhor, with the walkway separating the room
down the middle (and there's no lava around).  *After* the Pfhor is
destroyed and you are back at full power, leave by the exit in the
corner of the room.  You will ride two pressure-activated platforms,
then follow the passageway, turning right at the end of this
passageway.  You should go past lots of teleporters, but ignore these
and proceed to the terminal at the end of the hallway for the jump-
out point.

=Ingue Ferroque

From Joshua D. Koppelman (joshua@MIT.EDU):
        It's possible to finish the level without ever leaving the
        first room.

        Make sure the rocket launcher has two missiles, and that you
        have full triple health.  Position yourself to the left of
        the shield regenerator (as you face it).  Face away from the
        wall, and point the launcher at the floor.  Fire two missiles
        in succession (I don't believe that one is sufficient).  If
        you move backward when you reach your apex, you will be in
        the niche opposite the final terminal.  Just walk across, and
        you're done.

From Brian Jones (
        Once you kill the baddies in each ring, you need to press
        two buttons to raise the stairs.  In the first two rings,
        you can do this while actually standing on the stairs.
        Use the fusion pistol, and take a couple of aiming shots.
        Then fire a megablast, and it will trip the switch.  This is
        especially helpful on the second ring you get to; otherwise,
        you have to grenade hop, and you need all the health you can get.

From David Barabe (
        There are three rings to get through on this level.  Entry
        to the third ring is provided by a set of 3 teleporters.
        Instead of teleporting, try opening a teleporter like a door;
        the back will open (on any one of the three teleporters) and
        you can go through without transporting to the third ring.
        There's a little maze behind there, where you can pick up some
        ammo by finding another secret door on the east side of the
        little maze.  Then, you can transport to a room with
        lots-o-monsters and a terminal with special notes from the
        Bungie staff.  Another teleporter takes you back to the
        previous set of three transporters.

From Anthony R. Stevens (STEVENSA@AUSVM1.VNET.IBM.COM):
        there is a switch on the wall in the secret maze that
        changes the computer terminal in the first room to a

**      Network Levels      **

=Mars Needs Women

Justin Sherrill ( noticed that there is
a ledge in the lower right corner of the map that can be reached by
dropping down between the two levels.  However, you need to run at
the drop obliquely to land on it...

    |\ start       |
    | \ here    <---- upper hallway
    |  \           |
    |    \    / <---- ledge
           --      |
                <---- lower hallway


From Mike Elness (
        There is a secret door in one of the small pentagonal rooms
        (specifically, the southwest room in the Map view) that opens
        into a narrow winding passage that ends at another secret door,
        past which is a small ledge overlooking the arena.  (The ledge
        is visible in the Map view, just south of the west arena entrance).
        [Ed: It is also almost impossible to see into that ledge from
        a good distance in the main arena area re: ambush!]

=You Don't Need To See My I.D.

From Nicolas Godbout (
        There's a secret door at the top of the inverted B on the left 
        side of the map. There's an invicibility shield there. 

=Showered With Grenades

From Nicolas Godbout (
        There's a secret door at the bottom of the inverted J at the
        bottom of the  map.  Again, an invicibility shield.

        In the right-most room on the map, there's a transporter
        behind a secret door, in the left-most alcove of the north wall.
        The transporter gets you on the ledge behind the door on the
        west side.  But then, of course, you knew THAT!

=What Goes Up Must Come Down

From Nicolas Godbout (
        You can get on the ledge in the corner of the square room  
        with the transporter by running up the stairs to the east
        and turning left. It's a nice dark space. (Hint: ever heard 
        the word ambush?) 


I'd like to thank the following people for their submissions to the

David Barabe          
Dan Bradley           
Mike Elness           
Rich Garrett          
Nicolas Godbout       
Robert James          
Jek Kian Jin          
Brian Jones           
Richard Johnson       
Julian Yip-Khoon Koh  
Joshua D. Koppelman             joshua@MIT.EDU
Frank McIntyre        
Kaz Ota               
Justin Sherrill       
Anthony R. Stevens              STEVENSA@AUSVM1.VNET.IBM.COM
Ben S Wang            

And of coure, I must thank Bungie for making one of the best games
for the Macintosh in a long time, as well as their support for
the Macintosh.


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