pfhactory .9b1
by rf reddig

a cacophony of dark and light, overlapping passageways and twisted tricks characterize this map. it is definitely not a map for less than 4 players. to be precise, it was designed specifically for team play. organize your teams wisely. <g>

things to know: this map is best played to the chariots of fire soundtrack…once you play, you'll know why—it's immense. try every fan you see…most are doors. crates are not just for show…they usually disguise some surprise. …and don't be underneath the hangar when the juggernaut goes off.

this is the last map i'll release for a while, as i'm off to school. i'll still check my mail and (hopefully) still get in a game or two of death every once in a while. enjoy…this one took a while!

ydnar :)

version history
.9b1 - august 27, 1995 - 3 days before i go to school.