Magical Mystery Tour: Stop 7
Posted By: Godot <>
Date: 8/8/11 7:37 a.m.

"Awesome, best stop of the tour so far."

"You know, I've read a lot about the Bungie Webmaster on various websites but after today
I'm thinking they're mostly bullshit."

"What a nice man, he even offered us tea."

"I was genuinely surprised, I thought he was an ugly, short little man. Totally devoted to
his own ego. A real bastard. But how wrong could I be..."

Ok everybody back on the bus please... we need to get to our seventh and final stop.

71 W Van Buren St
Chicago, IL 60605

Google Maps will drop you right at the front door.

Now this futuristic looking building in the heart of Chicago may look like it inspired a
certain Marathon 2 level but it also plays host to a very special individual.

The Man Who Leaked The Marathon Beta

Doug Zartman had this to say about Bungie's Most Wanted back in Oct 14, 1994:

Just to let you know, the original pirate who uploaded that beta has been
caught and now regrets doing it. Anyone who distributes that beta is
commiting a crime. If you have it, get rid of it; the demo is coming and
it is way better than that beta.


So let this be a lesson to you all.

"Cross The Man and his revenge will be seven fold."

Have a nice day.