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the Marathon 2: Durandal Strategy Guide.

Every once in a while we hear from a Marathon 2 player who says, "yeah, great game, but I got stuck somewhere on level 13 and stopped playing", or "I can't play net games because my score is too embarrassing." If these words have ever crossed your mind, you've come to the right place.

This guide is intended to help you get more out of Marathon in several ways. While it will not walk you through each level step by detailed step, it will provide you with crucial information and hints that should get you past the trickiest spots. It also will reveal secret areas, liberally sprinkled throughout the game, that you may have missed, and give you general pointers that will help you take on both the aliens and networked opponents.

The Index on the next page is divided into three main sections. First, a picture-based walkthrough of the levels shows the key points in the level where specific actions have to be taken. Next, there is a complete picture of the map as seen by the player. Finally, if there are secrets on the level these will be discussed. However, not all secrets will be disclosed in this guide - we don't want to take ALL the fun out of it.

Below you'll find an animated Bob and a set of buttons. The SURVIVAL button leads to a discussion of basic survival tips (sidestepping, aiming, weapons...) The NETWORK button leads to a brief discussion of network play and general strategies for each level. The INDEX button brings up the MAIN INDEX of single player levels. Lastly, the ABOUT button does nothing of any real interest but is good for morale around here.

After all this, if you are still truly stuck you have several options:

1) Use Forge to open the Map file and examine the level. This is the recommended approach. Forge is powerful and its important to learn how to use it. Look at MAP PARAMETERS to see what type of level it is (Extermination, Chip Insertion etc...). Examine the level in VISUAL MODE and even try out some switches.

2) Log on to AOL and use keyword: Bungie, this will take you to our forum where help is generally available. Most questions about the game have been answered there. Or log on to alt.games.marathon...

3) There are several excellent WWW pages available, just do a search on Marathon and Bungie using any of the reputable search engines out there. Or check out the WHAT ROCKS section of Bungie's homepage for instant links.

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