Level 01: Waterloo Waterpark

There are really only two secrets on the first level. However, a third secret exists but it does not lead to weapons, ammunition or glory - thus, finding it is a personal prerogative.

The primary secret is the location of the shotgun. A secret door is hidden in what has come to be called the SHADOW ROOM. As finding the shotgun is such a vital step it has been included in the main guide.

The next secret is a lot more difficult to find. Sidestepping is necessary and only the most accomplished players will be able to find it. After turning right from the first terminal there's a room to drop down into. This room is bounded by four raised pools. Stand on the ledge and look at the pool at the top left - it has a platform hidden within. On the far wall opposite there's a secret door. The catch is to get up into the pool and onto the platform. Once on the platform the secret door can be opened and a passage way into the SHADOW ROOM can be explored.