Level 26: Fatum Iustum Stultorum

The layout of this map is fairly basic. There are four doors that need to be opened. In the beginning one is open, and inside there will be a switch to open the next door... and so on.

When underwater - remember to look up frequently - or you may miss something vital.

Don't worry about all these doors... only one of them actually works.

The second stage switch is somewhat difficult to find - so here's a picture of it... just in case.

The final stage has a series of two rooms of which one if filled with water. To clear the second room you have to go back and grenade one of these switches. This will drain the water from one room into the other and allow you to swim across.

The final rooms are fiercely contested by friend and by foe. Just keep out of the way and you should be fine. Not enough Latin classes to figure out the level's name? It means "the just fate of the stupid."