Level 20: God Will Sort the Dead
BOB poses a problem - is he friend or foe? Just to be sure, shoot him anyway.

As you arrive there are four BOBs - three of which are real... so who is the odd one out?

There's a secret switch in one of the corridors - I wonder what it does?

One of the hardest rooms to survive. But the invaders have to be exterminated so charge on in and do your best. One tip, none of the BOBs in here are real...

As a final hint, the map! When you arrive you are in a four way crossing. To your left is your first goal: a small room with a terminal as well as a place to save your game. The other three passages all lead to rooms where you'll have to partake in heavy combat. I don't mean to belittle this combat, but getting a recharge is often a higher priority. Sometimes, he who fights and runs away is the one who makes it to the end of the game.