Level 14: If I Had a Rocket Launcer, I'd Make Somebody Pay

As you arrive there's a terminal to read. Don't read it yet as it will teleport you to the next section of the level. First off, pick up a second shotgun if you haven't yet. Furthermore, there are re-chargers here - use them!

As you are teleported you'll see a large yellow door and lot's of ammunition. Activate the door by using the appropriate switch. The door is very slow and will take a while to lower. Meanwhile, a host of Aliens and assimilated BOBs will give you lots to think about.

Once the door is open make your way through. Another similar door will block your way further in - activate that one too. As soon as it is open run onwards until you find a set of stairs. As you follow those stairs up hang a left where you'll find a SPNKR.

Use it or lose it! Fire away at a host of Aliens following in your footsteps. Once you are satisfied, turn around, run back and turn left. A third and final door now blocks your path to the exit terminal - a minor obstruction for any SPNKR toting security officer...