From: Jeff Greenhut <>
Subject: Bad Bad Bad Bungie.
Date: 22 Dec 1994 18:38:46 GMT
Organization: Peachtree Software
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I ordered Marathon about 6 months ago at Macworld, and was told I would
have it 
in two weeks.  I have waited patiently, often defending Bungie from flame.

Now Marathon is shipping.  I called Bungie today(12/22) and was told,"they
started shipping yesterday".


I calmly said to the rep, "I have waited 6 months for this software, and
guys couldn't even ship it economy air - you have now risked not making it
by Christmas."

The rep said NOTHING!  Not even a weak shallow apology! Not a grunt.

The "Boston Show Special" turned out to be more expensive than waiting to
order it mail order.  And I would have had it sooner via mail order.  So
I was overcharged - and Bungie got all of this money - no middleman.
And with about twice the margin on my sale, the penny pinchers couldn't
spend the extra few dollars to ship via air!

Bungie, if you are listening, you should be embarassed.

Jeff Greenhut