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Subject: Re: The Great Atractor
Date: Fri, 05 Sep 1997 23:45:54 -0400
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In article <>, (Chrispy Nacho) wrote:

> Do you have long hair? the reason I ask is because you know when your
> vision is blurred from the alcohol you have a hard time making out
> details? Well, maybe Jonas had had a few beers and was really just trying
> to say that that you were "greatly attractive" and got a Marathon easter
> egg mixed up in there somewhere. That would explain how he wasn't sure
> what you were talking about later on.
> Or maybe it was a Jjarro mind trick, there seem to be alot of those about
> you know.

AHHH!  That must be it!!!  I DO have long hair.  HMMM actually, my picture
is on the stampede page.  I'm the one w/ the goatee and shades.  I got
first place in the running.
Well, you can e-mail jonas himself, now can't you?  Why don't you go along
and do that?  Then, when he responds, you can say all u want and I'll
apologize.  Now, go off and do your thing.

I can't hear ya' but I know you're out there!!!

Stay loose brother.