From: jaelee@bigwpi.WPI.EDU (Jae Hyuk Lee)
Subject: New Marathon screenshot in MacWeek
Date: 15 Dec 1994 18:25:06 GMT
Organization: Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Lines: 13
Message-ID: <3cq1m2$ebn@bigboote.WPI.EDU>

For those of you who are dying to see more screenshots from Marathon,
check out the December 5th issue of MacWeek.  There is a screenshot from
Marathon showing a new species of aliens.  Three of them are standing
on a ledge (with what looks like magma -volcanic eruption, melting rock-
on either side) with you.  They are wearing a green Flintstones-like suit
and have an egg-shaped head with a green gem-like eye in the center.
One of them is being thrown back/killed with an assault rifle (?), the
weapon selection right after the pistol.

I'm sorry, but that's the best description I can give.  Perhaps someone
else can do better.  I'd scan/upload the screenshot, but I don't know how 
and I don't want any trouble with copyright.