Marathon Trilogy Box Set
Hi! Care to win a free copy of Bungie Software's Marathon Trilogy Box Set? Well, you came to the right place. Below you will find ten trivia questions relating to Marathon, Bungie's 3D, first person, in-your-face, action-adventure games. Answer them correctly and you are eligible to win one of twenty (20) copies of the Marathon Trilogy Box Set, a compendium of all three Marathon titles plus a retrospective on the phenomenon and the full spectrum of third-party add-ons.

Marathon Boxes

This Marathon Trilogy Box Set Trivia Contest is sponsored by Bungie Software, MacCentral Communications, and Inside Mac Games Magazine. Contest closes Sunday, May 25th -- winners will be announced on Monday, May 26, 1997. Be sure to read the contest details at the bottom of this page. Now, to the questions...

1.) What was the name of the man you were searching for in the "No Artificial Colors" level of the original Marathon game?

A: Bernard Strauss
B: Bernard Goetz
C: Sandra Bernhard
D: Sandra Bullock

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2.) What technical improvements over its predecessor did Marathon 2: Durandal feature?

A: The ability to render chocolate-frosted donuts in true 3D using Apple's DonutSprocket
B: Dozens of cheat codes to make the game easier
C: A new wide-screen format and ambient sound.
D: Bungie's patented TruMotion system to induce nausea and seizures in 85% of all players.

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3.) One of the ongoing mysteries of the Marathon Trilogy is the question of whether the player is actually:

A: A cigar aficionado
B: A lesbian
C: A cyborg
D: All of the above

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4.) The "Blood Tides of Lh'owon" single-player scenario in Marathon Infinity was developed by:

A: Doublemint Twin Software
B: Double Aught Software
C: Alex Trebek and Daily Double Software, Inc.
D: Vanilla Ice

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5.) In Marathon 2 and Marathon Infinity, the player meets an alien known as the Fl'ickta. What is the more colloquial name for this monster?

A: That Damn Thing With A Huge Mouth On Its Chest
B: Chewbacca
C: Yeti
D: David Lee Roth

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6.) Marathon's lasting appeal is largely due to its networking options, which include games like:

A: King Of The Hill
B: Where's The Salami?
C: Let's Hunt And Kill Michael Bolton
D: Hounded By Chimps

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7.) The title music for Marathon 2 and Marathon Infinity was provided by:

A: Alex Seropian
B: Power of Seven
C: Herb Alpert and the Tower of Power Horns
D: Some guy with a Casio keyboard, a bunch of distortion pedals, a tape recorder and entirely too much time on his hands.

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8.) The final Marathon game was named "Marathon Infinity" because:

A: "Marathon: Capitalist Alien Running Dogs Will Be The First Against The Wall When The Revolution Comes" did not fit on the box.
B: The included editors allow players to modify the game for endless enjoyment.
C: Bungie anticipated an EXTREMELY large print run.
D: The single-player scenario was originally conceived as open-ended, with hundreds of new levels added every month and no conclusion in sight.

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9.) On some Marathon 2 levels, players were startled to hear the call of the:

A: six-toed alabaster chipmunk
B: Nile hippopotamus
C: insane homeless man living beneath a viaduct
D: common loon

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10.) The Marathon games have inspired a fanatical following dedicated to unraveling:

A: The world's largest ball of string
B: The secrets of the Marathon story
C: The hidden backwards messages in Ozzy Osbourne records.
D: The mysterious blend of herbs and spices that Col. Sanders has hidden all these years

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