Subject:      UnOfficial Marathon II WebPage
From: (James Scheinblum)
Date:         1995/07/21
Message-ID:   <>
Organization: DC

Hi MacGamers,

I'd like too announce the unofficial Marathon II webpage.  So far it has
all the known information about Marathon II. Later today it will have an
annonymous submission form for anyone who wants to contibute Marathon

the url is:

Have fun!


BTW, you can email me with submissions, artwork, or articles for the web
page. If you have something Marathon II related, send it to me, and I'll
update the page


James Scheinblum
Double Click Online Services

Subject:      The Marathon II Page
From: (Bryan Mendoza)
Date:         1995/07/21
Message-ID:   <>
Organization: na


I would like to announce my Marathon II page,  I have had mine up longer
than that other page, I just hadn't posted about it.

The url is:

It is down right now, as I am making some major changes. *major*

It should be back up and running at about 6 or so mst.


You can email any artwork, screen shots, or anything of the like to and I will put it up as soon as I get it.