Subject:      Just Saw Marathon 2 Demo
From: (Brian Devine)
Date:         1995/07/20
Message-ID:   <>
Organization: The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas
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I work at Power Computing, the awesome Mac compatible makers who are going
to hand out Marathon 2 demo on CDs and I just have to say that Marathon 2
looks awesome!

There are new aliens, new humans that can fight back, the graphics are
even better, and you don't have to deal with that damn window in 100%

The demo is also very big. 4 levels.

Very cool.

                                              Brian Devine
                                              University of Texas

Subject:      Marathon II Beta preview
From: (Aaron Braunstein)
Date:         1995/07/20
Message-ID:   <>
Organization: Aimnet Information Services

Just got hold of a pre-release demo of Marathon 2, and I've only got one
thing to say:

    WW      WW     OOOOO     WW      WW   !!
    WW      WW   OO     OO   WW      WW   !!
    WW  WW  WW   OO     OO   WW  WW  WW   !!
      WW  WW       OOOOO       WW  WW     !!

   Everything Matt's post promised is true!  The lighting effects are way
cool (though you kinda have to be paying attention).  The new guns (well,
the ones I used were actually old guns with new looks and sounds) are
great.  I especially liked what the assault rifle does when shot off-angle
at a wall.  The environment represented in the demo was quite complex, but
rendered very well.  The Bobs have been improved also.  Sounds are great. 
The preferences screen is much cooler.  The overall look and feel of the
non-game portions of the program have alse been way re-worked. 
   BTW: Take your time with this one... it's obvious you want to nail it
the first time, and things are looking great so far.  (But don't take TOO
long! ;-> )

Aaron Braunstein
Director of Special Projects
Pacific Data Management, Inc.

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