Hey you, looking through my resource fork:

Because of time constraints, many of the interesting parts 
of Marathon (i.e., the texts, the chapter screens, etc.) were 
not encrypted like I've done in the past with Minotaur or 
Pathways. This also makes globalization easier.

So when you read all the computer terminals from ResEdit 
or find out what the final screen looks like, don't post 
on comp.sys.mac.games or AOL or whereever you call home 
on the information toll-road and ruin things for everyone 
else. Go find it in the game, and tell people how to get 
there themselves.

I'd also like to say that Greg and I have only slept for 15 
hours in the last seven days. >grin<

I hope you guys are already working on level editors and 
figuring out the format of the "Physics Model" file! 
Competent programmers serious about doing any sort 
of add-ons to Marathon should e-mail me on the internet 
at jon3@quads.uchicago.edu for help and (maybe) header 

Jason (Dec. 18, 1994 1:57am.)

PS. In case you were wondering, you can't ever find the 
pirated copy of Copland in Marathon. That item used to be 
a weapon that we took out late in development (the copy of 
Windows NT was it's ammunition) but that will find it's 
way into the Network Upgrade for Marathon.