You again?

Two and a half years after the wild coding Blitzkrieg that 
created Marathon, I'm back here removing the serial 
number protection for the trilogy release. Without source.

I had this really dumb idea back then that I'd have the 
game wait until April 1st 1995 before enabling a second 
layer of serial number verification.

Ha. After hacking out three dialogs from each of the 68k 
and PowerPC versions, with only MacsBug to light the way, 
I'm sort of glad I never got time to do that.

Now Myth is the order of the day, and we're aiming for a 
early fall release. The coming summer won't turn into 
the unairconditioned blur of boiling late nights ordering 
pizza and drinking powdered Gatorate to stay hydrated 
that 1995 was, but I imagine we'll keep busy somehow.

I have this feeling it's going to be snowing again when I 
have free time again.

So. No serial numbers. It's always bothered me that 
Marathon's public lifetime would be over when the last 
registration card or serial number list got lost. Hopefully 
this is the version that I'll be playing in fifty years 
under emulation on some fuckfast portable the thickness 
of a sheet of paper that walks my dog, dresses me every 
morning and grinds up my food because I don't have any 
teeth left. And hopefully it won't be running Windows.

Jason (March 17, 1997 4:39pm)