You survived the assault of thousands of Pfhor warriors on the colony ship Marathon.

You ran rings around the best the Pfhor navy had to offer at Lh'owon.

But now you face the toughest challenge.

The Marathon's Story page
Bungie Software Products Corporation
proudly present

- The Seventh HoTBob Competition -


Since February '96 the Marathon's Story page has posed a Question of the Week. These intellectually challenging Marathon trivia questions have proved extremely popular with Marathoners from around the world. In recognition of this popularity Bungie Software Products Corporation have very kindly agreed to sponsor a prize for the first person to get a Seventh HoTBob.

The Prize?

A copy of Marathon Infinity.

Matthew Soell <> writes:

"Bungie will provide a free copy of Marathon Infinity to the first person with seven HoTBobs. If someone gets seven before Infinity is actually released, we will send it to him/her when it ships."

The Rules?

Answer a Question of the Week right and you get a HoTBob. Get seven questions right and you WIN.
Questions will be uploaded on Mondays at 1800 GMT i.e. high noon in Chicago, server permitting.
Responsibility for the questions and answers is mine and mine alone. Please contact me and not Bungie concerning the Seventh HoTBob Competition.


Everybody - except myself and Bungie employees.

The Catch?

You have to get that Seventh HoTBob.

Have you got what it takes to get that Seventh HoTBob?

BobWave: Inspired by The Wave in Cool Fusion!
Creative waving from the talented wrist of Matthew 'Magic' Smith
Zartblasterisation concept from the warped mind of Hamish Sinclair
Note: if the Bobs get out of sync give them a kick with the reload button.