From: (Greg)
Subject: Re: Starship Troopers
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 10:22:53 -0500
Organization: Double Aught
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On the topic of starship trooper:


i got it from a reliable source that aaron spelling was in charge of the
casting for the movie, and that the bugs were the best actors in the film.

yet another vacuous (albeit reasonably "fun") science fiction movie with
the word "science" used liberally.  More like Carnage Fiction or Bug

Yet, i'm mistaken.  Science is good at understanding explosions.

How about Explosion Fiction
Expansion Fiction
Exothermic Reaction Fiction
Nuclear Decomposition Fiction
Super-Cool-Gun Fiction
Death Fiction
Zap Fiction
Let-the-masses-spend-their-money-on-crap fiction

If you remove all these kinds of science fiction from movies, i think we
have a few good standouts: 

The Day the Earth Stood Still (is this the correct title?)
Blade Runner
Brazil (sorta)
Alien (horror-space fiction)
Star Wars (Epic-Western-AkiraKurosawaRipoff-Airplane-guns Fiction)
Warriors of the 21st Century
Yor Hunter From the Future
Zardoz (i am aurthur Frain.. iam the puppet master..)
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (old version)

Here are my list of "bad" sci-fi movies:

Alien2,3,4 (it's going to be bad, see previous post)
(brain dead.. not remembering.. seems like something from a dream)
<insert any unoriginal or sciencefictionally vacant science fiction film>
<please note that these movies can still be "fun">