From: (Greg Kirkpatrick)
Subject: Re: Inspiration behind the game?
Date: 1 Jun 1996 22:17:12 GMT
Organization: Double Aught
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Coufal) wrote:

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> (Steve Rogers) wrote:
> > Hello!  Could you point me towards any Web or ftp texts on the subject
of "the
> > Bungie gang's favourite books & movies"?  Marathon has a tantalising
> > familiarity in several aspects, and I wondered if any of the programmers has
> > said he was influenced by, or referring to, any particular works?
> > -- 
> > Steve Rogers
> >
> Well, you could look at Bungie's site <>. There's
> a bit of info there (they really really like Harlan Ellison).
> There's also Marathon's Story <>.
> Hamish Sinclair has collected a lot of info about the game and references
> to other cultural works within Marathon.
Inspirational note:

We were just sitting around talking about things, and i blabbin on and on
about Larry Niven : "ringworld", Man-Kzin wars, etc.  I read all those
many years ago, but i still remember them...  Take any well known sci-fi
writer and there's a good chance that someone who's worked on Marathon has
read (read:all) his works.

The good stuff helps for a little inspiration now and then, The Tempest,
The Iliad, War and Peace. (Just to name a few recent ones...) Currently,
i'm reading anna Karenina, but i don't have that much time...  :(..

For movies, you can imagine: Hong Kong action movies, The world's best
trilogy, which I don't think i have to name. (although the second one is
the best. I can't stand ewoks - :)

Comics: Ronin, The one about the smiley faced super-hero button and all
his friends, which i can't remember the name of... Ramble ramble ramble...
V For Vendetta....

Greg Kirkpatrick