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the Gamecenter awards for 1996the Gamecenter awards for 1996
best Macintosh game

Mac users have had something of a rough year, having to defend against the false notion that the Mac was finally dead. For your information, the Mac is alive and well, thank you very much! In fact, the games available for the Mac keep getting better and better every year. With the PowerPC processors starting to really rev up in clock speed and more companies writing entertainment titles for the Mac, gamers dedicated to this system can look forward to increasingly more good times. Financial worries be damned!

 and the nominees are...

Descent II
Publisher: Interplay
Developer: Parallax Studios

Descent picked up where Doom left off. Instead of running down corridors blasting alien baddies, in Descent we flew through mine shafts, gunning down rebel robots all the while. The original Descent took the 3D-shooter market by storm, putting a new spin on the genre with twisting mine shafts and furious combat in tight quarters. With Descent II, Interplay built an even better game than the original. A friendly guidebot helped us navigate through the labyrinthine mines while we sought power-ups, enemy robots, and the ever-crucial exit. Claustrophobes the world over shivered once and left the game.

 screen shot Higher-resolution graphics put a smile on the Mac gamer's face, and swarms of new enemy robots and supertough bosses made even veteran gamers sweat. Descent II's robots sported the same adaptive intelligence that made them so tough to overcome in the original, but new capabilities like stealing weapons and draining power made these bad guys the toughest kids on the block.

With eight-player capability over a network and the Internet, Descent II turned into a winning deep space fragfest.

Download now for the Mac!

IndyCar II
Publisher: Sierra On-Line
Designer: Dave Kraemmer

Turning your Mac into a speed-demon racing machine this year required a PowerPC processor and a copy of Sierra's IndyCar II. For fast, open-wheeled racing in 1996, this game was king of the hill.

 screen shot Fifteen tracks and an official IndyCar license made IndyCar II a well-rounded game. You could hit the garage and make functional changes in your car's performance. Everything was there, from suspension to tire pressure--even gearbox ratios.

During actual racing, our frequent car crashes were spectacularly rendered with smoke and pieces of cars tumbling through the air. In an extra nod to Mac gamers, Sierra let us use the Mac microphone and PlainTalk speech recognition to command the pit crew--a feature not found on the PC. Sierra's IndyCar II brought the sounds and visuals of IndyCar racing to the Mac in a big, bad way.

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