Upcoming Events

  • MacWorld Expo
    July 21-23, New York, NY
    We'll be stompin' around the show floor screaming obscenities and yelling "Blam! Blam! Blam!" so be sure not to miss it. Plus you can get your hands on our Sack for the first time—we're selling the Mac Action Sack directly from our booth. Six of our best selling action titles, including the entire Marathon trilogy, for under $20 bucks! Of course we'll also be showing off Oni, hosting thrilling deathmatches over our network. Come to the show... fight vicous 3rd-person battles... worship Historical Monument No. 7... cower in awe of our sack!

Check this page for trade show dates, info on tournaments across the nation and around the world, and even the occasional product release date.

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Last updated Thursday, July 15, 1999