This year's Boston MacWorld Expo was the site of Bungie's latest experiment in controlled chaos: the MacWorld Stampede. The premise was simple: the first ten people to arrive at our booth with Myth: The Fallen Lords stickers displayed prominently on their person won a copy of the Marathon Trilogy Box Set. The result: a crush of crazed Marathon fanatics demolishing anything in their path as they rushed towards our booth.

Good thing we took some pictures.

The maddened crowd awaits the opening of the show floor. We would like to express our sincerest get-well wishes to the two security guards shown in this picture.

The doors open and the stampede begins! Bonus: Can you spot the regulars?

Dave Joost struggles to stay atop the human tsunami which threatens to overwhelm him.

Later that evening, as the show is closing up, Dave pauses to reflect on the Stampede, and how he in his own small way has brought the Universe closer to absolute Entropy. Alex manages to keep things in perspective.