Action Sack For Those That Lack.

MACWORLD EXPO, NEW YORK CITY--July 21, 1999--With the signal success of the new generation of Macintosh computers, an enormous number of people are playing games on the Mac for the first time. Tragically, many of these new users may be unaware of the games that for many years virtually defined Mac gaming. To solve this problem, Bungie Software presents the Mac Action Sack, an eminently affordable collection of six classic games. The Mac Action Sack makes its debut today at the Macworld Expo in New York City.

The Sack contains the full versions of "Minotaur: The Labyrinths of Crete", "Pathways Into Darkness", "Abuse", and the seminal Marathon series: "Marathon", "Marathon 2: Durandal" and "Marathon Infinity". Though varied in style and genre, each of these action games provides countless hours of single-player and multiplayer excitement. For aspiring game designers, two of the titles come complete with level editors that allow gamers to build the levels of their dreams.

Distinctively packaged in a Sack of the finest-grade cotton, the Mac Action Sack is an essential part of any new Mac gamer's collection. With an MSRP of $20, the Sack can also be purchased at Bungie's Online Store,, and will be available on retail shelves later this month. Digital music fans can get a preview of the music of Marathon, as well as the upcoming game Oni, at

The Sack is perfect for users of the new iMac and other G3 computers, though it will run on earlier systems as well. The games of the Mac Action Sack require a 68040 or faster Macintosh, 8-bit color monitor, System 7.0 or later, 4 megabytes of free RAM and a CD-ROM drive.

Based in Chicago, Bungie Software is a rarity in the electronic entertainment industry, a private corporation dedicated to both developing and publishing outstanding, immersive electronic games that surpass conventional technology and provide compelling and repeatable play. Bungie is currently developing the highly anticipated anime action game "Oni". For more information, surf to