Date: 2/17/95
Start Time: 6:52:42 PM

Number of participants: 74
Participants: AC4UF, Ace 000, AFA Alice, AFC Chip, AFC Tuncer, AFC ydnar, AFL Rod, 
Andy Stein, APBURKH, ArenEmigh, ASCIIRDR, B Empty, BeavisMike, BOB8959, BryMen, 
BUNGIE1, Cdeth, Chilidog95, DBushfam, Dnofal, Drnd, Drumnbass, Dushawn, Ejwize, 
ErnieLeim, FCL Wolf, GameEvang, Glenn42, GTO GIRL, HALLIWELLB, Hashish2, High Green, 
Hlovett, JAMonkman, Jdieu, John715, JoshuaDR, KernelPup, LEPRACHAUN, LithiumA, Mac Hackx2, 
MacH60, MilesShane, MKelly Mac, Mr Cooger, MRockwood, MWGarrison, OBeeCrow, OnlineHost, 
Oreo head, Oscar28610, OTateno, PaulN24, PCC Wade, Psycho2057, Quarlie, RailSlide1, 
RayDunakin, RodneyJ3, RyGuy12, Silvercow, Skied Vail, Snowdog7, SteveG3728, Sweetym16, 
TATTMAN, TEECH, TerryMHart, The AoD, TKrocket, VINCE8793, VRAPTOR01, XYZZYnews, ZiMa MaN 5

PCC Wade   : I do networking of all types, thus I work in the PC networking forum...but I'm Mac all the way through
AFC Tuncer : BTW, Alex's nickname is Munch
AFC Tuncer : Cause he tends to get munched alot during net play ;-)
AFL Rod    : greets
PCC Wade   : Jdieu..I'm making the level editor with much sweat, Diet Pepsi and very late nights
Jdieu      : What program?
PCC Wade   : But if you're asking what I'm writing it in, the answer is C++
Mac Hackx2 : What is TOS?
LEPRACHAUN : terms of service
BUNGIE1    : Hey Tuncer!
AFC Tuncer : Hey Munch
ASCIIRDR   : someone just reminded me of this conference
ASCIIRDR   : im glad i made it
AFC Tuncer : I should have logged on with my F Vulcan account :-0
BeavisMike : hey all
TATTMAN    : Boo!
LEPRACHAUN : what's the topic tonite?
Mac Hackx2 : Hey BEAVIS!
Skied Vail : Hi!
BeavisMike : i just got my latest score on apeiron!!!
AFC Tuncer : Bungie Software is the guest tonite!
AFL Rod    : topic is marathon
Skied Vail : DOOM RULES!  Second only to MARATHON!
BUNGIE1    : Hi
BeavisMike : 1,022,743 wave 164!!!
AFC Tuncer : Marathon rules!
BeavisMike : hi bungie1
AFC Tuncer : :)
Cdeth      : Hey Bungie!  You guys just plain rule.
BUNGIE1    : Hey Beavis
MacH60     : Bungie's on tonight, right?
PCC Wade   : Ut oh..nobody told me about the rules. :)
VRAPTOR01  : That ruled hu hu
BeavisMike : who is bungie1 tonight?
Skied Vail : Marathon is more than a game.  English doesn't have words for it!
Jdieu      : So Bungie, when's the 20/10 scenario going to be out?
TATTMAN    : Get out of town with that score  Beavis
AFC Tuncer : huh...huh...wood
ASCIIRDR   : Marathon is a lifestyle.........
BeavisMike : thats a legit score on my register version!
Skied Vail : Marathon is best in net  (duhhhh)
TATTMAN    : Nala!
ASCIIRDR   : TATTMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jdieu      : I got a problem when I try to network, could someone help me?
BeavisMike : marathon is cool in net especially when you chase someone with a flamethrower!
ASCIIRDR   : Hows the new baby?
Skied Vail : Net,   Play just with fists!
TATTMAN    : Just fine. his name is Maxx and he's a month and a half old
Mac Hackx2 : HUH...HUH...My name is beavis...HUH...HUH... I suck...HUH...HUH Beavis and Butthaed suck!
BeavisMike : huh huh my name is mac hackx2 and i'm a lamer cause i think its cool to make fun of others
Skied Vail : I'm going to hack Marathon so that you can kill Bevis and Butthead!
BUNGIE1    : Send us a copy
Skied Vail : Will do!  Just have to do there sides and backs.  Fronts and deaths are done!
PCC Wade   : LOL!
AFL Rod    : We will start the "formal" chat in about 5 minutes. Protocol will be in effect then
Quarlie    : Hi y'all.
BUNGIE1    : mulder just got a retro-virus (bummer)
KernelPup  : eeuuuu....
TATTMAN    : Actually I have a deal with my gal re: diapers, but I did catch some turbo vomit this morniong
Chilidog95 : Fine
Quarlie    : Is it Marathon tonight, Rod?
AFL Rod    : yep
BeavisMike : that show is great next week is a new one also
AFL Rod    : bungie is here   :)
MWGarrison : whats meant by protocal?
Cdeth      : I had to leave X-files to log on to AOL!
BeavisMike : i hate when my blood thickens
PCC Wade   : Alex...I don't know if you saw my comment...thanks again for working with the level editor developers!
Skied Vail : Marathon is cool on a Quadra.  Marathon rules on a Powermac!
ASCIIRDR   : "there everywhere!"
BeavisMike : i had to stop my apeiron game to watch x-files
AFL Rod    : click on the Question mark on the left side of yoru screen for an explanation of protocol
Jdieu      : Marathon's slow on a Performa!
AFC Tuncer : PowerMacs rul
BUNGIE1    : you mean "they're everywhere"
BeavisMike : anyone want to buy me a powermac
B Empty    : I GOT ONE
TATTMAN    : Go Tuncer! ! !
ASCIIRDR   : i run Marathon on a eprforma..its quick
Skied Vail : Tuncer-Just clipped my 6100 to 80m mhz
ASCIIRDR   : and i even run it on V mem......
PCC Wade   : It's slow but playable on a IIci
ZiMa MaN 5 : hello
AFC Tuncer : Cool! Running at 80 Mhz here too
TATTMAN    : Marathon rocks on my Mac Plus
Skied Vail : YES!
BUNGIE1    : I like to play Marathon on a timex sinclair, it's cool
Chilidog95 : I know codes for sim tower!!!
TATTMAN    : Go Alex!
MacH60     : Is it possible to make a patch to update certain parts of the Shapes file?
BUNGIE1    : I've seen it done
Skied Vail : Marathon will be very cool on 604s!
TATTMAN    : Why I remember....
ZiMa MaN 5 : will you tell me them chilidog?
Dushawn    : Bungie any relation to the real Marathon creator's?
PCC Wade   : When's the TI99/4A port coming out?
AFL Rod    : it is pretty cool on a 601 Skied
Chilidog95 : Shure
ZiMa MaN 5 : thanks
Ejwize     : I had a Timex Sinclair.  Great system. :)
BUNGIE1    : what do you mean, dushawn
Skied Vail : I know-  (I got a 6100/  !80!0
BUNGIE1    : Is it 9:00 yet?
TATTMAN    : <---7100
Cdeth      : Can't wait for NewtonMarathon!
ASCIIRDR   : anyone get the patch to play marathon on the ENIAC yet?
Dushawn    : What about that new engine you are working on for the PMac games only.  When will we see the first?
ASCIIRDR   : hehehe
PCC Wade   : LOL ASCII. :)
Dushawn    : 10
AFL Rod    : we will start in one minute
Skied Vail : M A R ATHON
Chilidog95 : In the start of the game scroll to the fursest point build on the b9 level.
OTateno    : hi 
Dushawn    : How do you get into the hangar in the first level?
ZiMa MaN 5 : is that it?
PCC Wade   : ASCII most here are probably too young to catch that. :)
Skied Vail : can't  ;(
Chilidog95 : Shure is!!!!
Dushawn    : Has anyone beat the game, sans cheating, on the hardest level?
ZiMa MaN 5 : thanks
Quarlie    : Spph!
XYZZYnews  : Hello, folks!
Skied Vail : Marathon-I have
Jdieu      : How do you get throught the first door behind you on the first level?!
Chilidog95 : Your welcome.
AFL Rod    : ************CHAT IS ON*******************   Please observe protocol
BUNGIE1    : I think Jason has beat it on total carnage, but I'm not sure
AFL Rod    : Type ? to ask a question, Type ! to add a comment
Jdieu      : ?
MacH60     : ?
BUNGIE1    : ?
PCC Wade   : ?
AFL Rod    : ga ahead Tuncer
AFC Tuncer : Welcome to the Mac Games conference!  Our special guest tonite is Alexander Seropian from Bungie Software. We'll be discussing Marathon, of course!    We will be using protocol tonite, which means if you'd like to ask a question, please type a ?. Your host will then maintain a QUEUE and will tell you when to ask your question.   Please wait until Alex types GA (for go ahead) to send your question.
Mac Hackx2 : ?
AFC Tuncer :    At the end of the conference we'll be giving away 2 Marathon T-Shirts so stick around!   OK, here we go!  Welcome to the Mac Games conference!  Our special guest tonite is Alexander Seropian from Bungie Software. We'll be discussing Marathon, of course! 
Dushawn    : ?
Skied Vail : ?
MWGarrison : ?
Mac Hackx2 : ?
AFC Tuncer : Welcome Alexander!
Mac Hackx2 : ?
B Empty    : On the marathon demo i downloaded the controls are bad . are they like that on the real game
AFL Rod    : queue =  Jdieu, mach60, pcc wade, mac hack
Dushawn    : ?
Mac Hackx2 : Helo?
Dushawn    : ?
Skied Vail : ?
AFC Tuncer : Alex, tell us a little bit about yourself.
MRockwood  : hi
B Empty    : ?
Drnd       : ?
BUNGIE1    : Well, gee, like, uh... uh.. I'm like the CEO or something
AFC Chip   : ?
Skied Vail : ?
BUNGIE1    : I like to play tennis and run marathons
Dushawn    : ?
Mac Hackx2 : I have to ask a question! Can I ask a question!?
AFC Tuncer : queue =  Jdieu, mach60, pcc wade, mac hack, Dushawn, Skied Vail, ASCIIRDR
Jdieu      : I am having trouble networking, and here are the situations: Performa 600 with a Powerbook 520....
B Empty    : well the controls would't change after i tried to change them in the preferences. 
Mac Hackx2 : ?????
BUNGIE1    : so what's the problem Jdieu?
AFC Tuncer : queue =  Jdieu, mach60, pcc wade, mac hack, Dushawn, Skied Vail, ASCIIRDR, B Empty
Mac Hackx2 : !
AFC Tuncer : GA Jdieu with your question
Jdieu      : I am having trouble networking, and here are the situations
Quarlie    : ?
B Empty    : By the way how many levels in the real version
Jdieu      : Performa 600 with 520 direct LocalTalk
RyGuy12    : ?
MWGarrison : ?
Jdieu      : and Powerbook 520 with 540c direct LocalTalk and/or Ethernet
TATTMAN    : ?
BUNGIE1    : Can you see the other player in your gather dialog
Jdieu      : the only thing, is when I try these combinations, the other player never shows up on my 520 screen
RyGuy12    : ?
Jdieu      : but I show up on theirs! GA
RyGuy12    : ?
AFC Tuncer : queue =  mach60, pcc wade, mac hack, Dushawn, Skied Vail, ASCIIRDR, B Empty, Drnd, AFC Chip
MacH60     : Bungie, are there any plans for a modem to modem protocol for this version of Marathon in the future?
RyGuy12    : ?
B Empty    : What kinds of guns are there in the full version
BUNGIE1    : The game starts up, but you can't see the other player during the game?
AFC Tuncer : Call Tech Support ;-)
RyGuy12    : ?
Jdieu      : No,  but he can see me!  What should I do?!
RyGuy12    : ?
BUNGIE1    : sounds like a synch problem, I'd try giving the app more memory, GA
Hlovett    : DC I am here !!!! :)
RyGuy12    : ?
AFC Tuncer : GA mach60
MacH60     : Bungie, are there any plans for a modem to modem protocol for this version of Marathon in the future?
RyGuy12    : ?
MacH60     : If you can't make one, why not someone out side Bungie?
BUNGIE1    : We would like to implement modem to modem in future products, yes, but it won't happen with marathon 1
ArenEmigh  : ?
AFC Tuncer : queue =  pcc wade, mac hack, Dushawn, Skied Vail, ASCIIRDR, B Empty, Drnd, AFC Chip, Mac Hackx2   GA pcc wade
PCC Wade   : Jason has indicated that there might not be much more work on Marathon...i.e. no Marathon 2.0...
RayDunakin : Greetings! What's the topic tonight?
PCC Wade   : but..I'd think Bungie is missing a big continuing revenue opportunity...what are your thoughts on... this? GA
RyGuy12    : ?
BUNGIE1    : We will always be working on new projects, andone of the biggest lessons we learned while... ... doing Marathon was not to tell anybody what they were :) GA
AFC Tuncer : queue =  mac hack, Dushawn, Skied Vail, ASCIIRDR, B Empty, Drnd, AFC Chip, MacHackx2, Quarlie
ArenEmigh  : ?
MWGarrison : ?
AFL Rod    : Please have your question typed so that you are ready when Tuncer calls on you
Dushawn    : I have a problem playing with a TrackBall
AFC Tuncer : queue =  Dushawn, Skied Vail, ASCIIRDR, Drnd, AFC Chip, MacHackx2, RyGuy12, MWGarrison, TATTMAN
Dushawn    : If I try to look down it won't unless I look all the way up first!
High Green : hullo
AFC Tuncer : Don't play with one :-)
BUNGIE1    : Yeah, that was a bug in 1.0, the 1.1 patch we will release soon fixes that GA
AFC Tuncer : queue =  Skied Vail, ASCIIRDR, Drnd, AFC Chip, MacHackx2, RyGuy12, MWGarrison, TATTMAN GA Skied
Skied Vail : When will the ARA patch be ready? 20/10 pack?
Hlovett    : What program are you talk about?
BUNGIE1    : The patch is coming out in a couple of days, we are making sure the 630 acceleration works... ... I don't know when the 20/10 pack will be out GA
AFC Tuncer : queue =  ASCIIRDR, Drnd, AFC Chip, MacHackx2, RyGuy12, MWGarrison, TATTMAN
Cdeth      : ?
AFC Tuncer : queue =  Drnd, AFC Chip, MacHackx2, RyGuy12, MWGarrison, TATTMAN, Cdeth Go ahead Drnd
Drnd       : Is the inability of the PowerMac to play smoothly at full screen high res a limitation of Marathon... or the PowerMac.,
ArenEmigh  : ?
Drnd       : GA
BUNGIE1    : the power mac... ... however, marathon plays smoothly full screen high res, 16-bit on an 8100 GA
AFC Tuncer : queue =  AFC Chip, MacHackx2, RyGuy12, MWGarrison, TATTMAN, Cdeth
AFC Chip   : Can you tell us what items >are< planned for Marathon updates besides ARA?  Things like VCR controls for the movies, and being able to "hide" Marathon in the background?  GA
BUNGIE1    : Well the only update "planned" is the 1.1 patch which only fixs bugs, no new features GA
LithiumA   : Whats the topic? doh
BUNGIE1    : ga
AFC Tuncer : queue =  MacHackx2, RyGuy12, MWGarrison, TATTMAN, Cdeth, ArenEmigh GA MacHackx2
Oscar28610 : Does anyone Know were I can join a Marathon Net game?
AFL Rod    : he is gone Mac Hack
PCC Wade   : He's is RyGuy
AFC Tuncer : queue = MWGarrison, TATTMAN, Cdeth, ArenEmigh
MWGarrison : Were there any tournament films you have that you forgot to release (like more of the semis rounds)?
RailSlide1 : You guys should come out with a marathon film screensaver that plays saved films at random!
PCC Wade   : ?
AFC Tuncer : ***** If you have a question please type a ? and wait to be called on. *****
BUNGIE1    : I don't think so, we kind of messed up and forgot to save some of the tournament rounds GA
AFC Tuncer : queue = TATTMAN, Cdeth, ArenEmigh GA Tattmandu
TATTMAN    : Just how slow will the ARA play be and why can't it be made any faster?
ErnieLeim  : ?
AFC Chip   : ?
BUNGIE1    : Hey Eric
GameEvang  : Hello from Cupertino...
BUNGIE1    : ARA will be really slow, like two players on powermacs with 14.4 modems is a minimum...
RailSlide1 : ?
AFC Tuncer : Hi Eric!
BUNGIE1    : .. we will examine all possibilities for making it faster, but I would hold your breath GA
AFC Tuncer : queue = Cdeth, ArenEmigh, PCC Wade, ErnieLeim, AFC Chip GA Cdeth
Cdeth      : Why did Bungie opt to nuke the WWW site?  Were economic reasons a factor? ga
The AoD    : Games man... Yea...
BUNGIE1    : Good question.  Well Group Cortex (the company that put it up for us) came to us a few months ago... ... and asked if they could make a free WEB site for us, because it would attract people to their... .. other WEB pages.  So we thought it was cool.  But, after a while the Marathon pages got... ... really popular and started slowing down their system, so they asked us for $1000 a month ... ... to keep it up.  We said no, so they took it down, it is that simple.  We think the WEB is cool... ... and will support it in the future.  GA
ArenEmigh  : About how many copies of Marathon have been sold? Any projects in the works you can comment on?
AFC Tuncer : queue = ArenEmigh, PCC Wade, ErnieLeim, AFC Chip, RailSlide1
BUNGIE1    : We have sold ... ... a bunch
AFL Rod    : LOL
AFC Tuncer : hehe
BUNGIE1    : ... I can't really say what we are working on, but I think everyone will be surprised when .. they see it GA
TATTMAN    : ?
AFC Tuncer : Huh, said bunch queue = PCC Wade, ErnieLeim, AFC Chip, RailSlide1 GA PC dude
PCC Wade   : How did Marathon and the problems associated change your business practices? GA (PC dude...NOT!)
AFC Tuncer : just kidding ;-)
PCC Wade   : Them's fightin' words Tuncer! ;)
BUNGIE1    : Another good question (was he a plant?)  We have hired a few new people and invested money .. .. in customer service (this includes order processing and tech support) ... ... we have a new fullfillment center coming online so that we can handle our customers more .efficiently.  I think we know how to make good games, we are learning as fast as we can on ... ... how to give excellent support to our customers  GA
AFC ydnar  : 'lo everyone
ErnieLeim  : What is bungie's attitude towards all the hacking going on and will bungie license the engine? GA
AFC Tuncer : GA ErnieLeim
OBeeCrow   : Hello everyone!
BUNGIE1    : We think hacking is great.  The physics model editor rules!  I can't wait to see the map editor.. ... we might license the engine if anyone expresses an interest (ha!)
AFC Tuncer : queue = AFC Chip, RailSlide1, Tattman, AFC F Vulcan, Dnofal, ASCIIRDR
AFC Tuncer : GA Chipper
AFC Chip   : Any way to find out what the purposes of certain itmes in the game are, or their relevance?...
AFC Chip   : for instance, on one of the Phfor ship levels, there's a moving platform w/an egg... What's up with that?!?  :)   GA
BUNGIE1    : I never figured out  the EGG.  It really spooked me out the first time I saw it though...
AFC Tuncer : Get the Marathon Official Strategy Guide to find out ;-)
BUNGIE1    : ... There's a hint book coming out soon, I suggest everyone buy it (right Tuncer?)  GA
AFC Tuncer : Yup! queue = RailSlide1, Tattman, AFC F Vulcan, Dnofal, ASCIIRDR GA RailSlide
AFC Chip   : (I finished the game -- don't need a hint book!)  :)
RailSlide1 : Any comments about the Marathon extra levels kit that was advertised with the game? dying for uncharted territory!
BUNGIE1    : The 20/10 pack?  It is supposed to come out in March, but to be honest we are considering ..
RailSlide1 : yes
BUNGIE1    : ... rolling it into another product which won't come out til later GA
AFC Tuncer : queue = Tattman, AFC F Vulcan, Dnofal, ASCIIRDR
MacH60     : !
AFC Tuncer : GA Tattman
TATTMAN    : In regards to what your working on, when will we "see it"?
RailSlide1 : ?
BUNGIE1    : I think we won't announce anything until we are in Beta.  So at this point I got no clue! GA
AFC Tuncer : queue = AFC F Vulcan, Dnofal, ASCIIRDR, RailSlide1
AFC ydnar  : ?
TATTMAN    : I see you have learned:)
AFC Tuncer : In your opinion, what is Marathon's coolest feature?
MilesShane : ?
TATTMAN    : When will the beta be available:) GA
MacH60     : ?
AFC Tuncer : queue = Dnofal, ASCIIRDR, RailSlide1, AFC ydnar, MilesShane
AFL Rod    : GA Dnofal
KernelPup  : ?
Dnofal     : My only complain about Marathon is the keyboard controls. Do you suggest any other form of input?
AFC Tuncer : The keyboard rules
Dushawn    : !
BUNGIE1    : Well, I always play with the keyboard.  A nice VR helmet with tracking and an electronic M16... ... might be better, but I don't have one GA
Dnofal     : !
AFC Tuncer : queue = ASCIIRDR, RailSlide1, AFC ydnar, MilesShane, MacH60, KernelPup, Skiel Vail
MWGarrison : !
AFC Tuncer : GA Asciiiirdr
Dushawn    : !
ASCIIRDR   : Have any of the guys at bungie played with the Phys editor?.......and if so......any good models?..... And if there are will we see any posted GA
ErnieLeim  : ?
Ace 000    : hello!
BUNGIE1    : We have enjoyed playing witht the models that our customer's have built.  To be honest I don't ... .think any of us have built our own, so we don't have any to post. GA
AFC Tuncer : queue = RailSlide1, AFC ydnar, MilesShane, MacH60, KernelPup, Skiel Vail, Dushawn, ErnieLeim
AFC Tuncer : GA RailSlide
RailSlide1 : I'm gonna come out and say it. WILL THERE BE A MARATHON 2 OR SOMETHING LIKE MARATHON????!?!
Dnofal     : !
BUNGIE1    : I can't really comment on what we are doing next GA
Ace 000    : So is Marthaon a good game?
AFC Tuncer : Bad Boy!!!!! queue = MilesShane, MacH60, KernelPup, Skiel Vail, Dushawn, ErnieLeim
MilesShane : What was the inspiration for Marathon?  Or was it divine inspiration? GA
RailSlide1 : ?
BUNGIE1    : We figured it was the logical next step after Pathways.  Or do you mean the storyline?
AFC Tuncer : God told them to do it ;-)
MilesShane : Yes Storyline GA
BUNGIE1    : Oh, well that was divin inspiration then GA
AFC Tuncer : Go MacH60
RailSlide1 : Has the plot writer of Marathon written other works? 
MacH60     : "rolling it into another product which won't come out til later"      Marathon 2??
AFC Tuncer : Not again....
KernelPup  : Have you considered some embedded systems and dropping Marathon on the unsuspecting mall-rats?
KernelPup  : I mean net-marathon at the mall would be cool @ $1 each.
BUNGIE1    : We know people setting that up.  We'll see if it works GA
AFC Tuncer : queue = Skiel Vail, Dushawn, ErnieLeim, RailSlide1, ASCIIRDR (thats 2 ii's)
ASCIIRDR   : LOL and a side of fries please
AFC Tuncer : GA Skied
BryMen     : Heh
Skied Vail : What is the net VID cheat?  ;) GA
VINCE8793  : Can you run Marathon on a 680LC040 Chip?
BryMen     : nope. :) jusk kidding,
BUNGIE1    : I don't know about a VID cheat.  Although, some players are more "naturally VID gifted" than others GA
Dushawn    : Could you make a game that takes advantage of the fact that the PPC
AFC Tuncer : queue = Dushawn, ErnieLeim, RailSlide1, ASCIIRDR (thats 2 ii's)
Skied Vail : !
BryMen     : ?
Dushawn    : can do 3 instructions per cycle?
BUNGIE1    : yes we can.  we'd call it "Tricycle" GA
AFC Tuncer : queue = ErnieLeim, RailSlide1, ASCIIRDR, BryMen GA Ernie
ErnieLeim  : I get the feeling that marathon was written at 2 AM while wacked out on cold pizza and too much coffee
Dushawn    : Do you intend to and does Marathon do it?
ErnieLeim  : Are you guys getting enough sleep ?
BUNGIE1    : Dushdawn:  I'm not an engineer, so I'm not sure if that will be a design feature GA
AFC Tuncer : Ribs! queue = RailSlide1, ASCIIRDR, BryMen
BUNGIE1    : We definitely don't sleep.  We eat ribs and burritos instead of pizza and drink snapple instead of coffee GA
AFC Tuncer : queue = RailSlide1, ASCIIRDR, BryMen GA RailSlide
RailSlide1 : I enjoyed the plot of Marathon very much. Who wrote it and have they written any other works? GA
AFL Rod    : Give away of the T-shirts after Brymen
BryMen     : Woo hoo! :)
ErnieLeim  : !
BUNGIE1    : The plot was crafted by three people (Greg, Jason, and Colin) Jason did the plot for Pathways GA
Psycho2057 : Has the meeting started yet?
BryMen     : No.
AFC Tuncer : queue = ASCIIRDR, BryMen
BryMen     : :p
BUNGIE1    : So what happens if I press this Parental Control button?
BryMen     : Your parents will come in the room
AFC ydnar  : we kids all go to bed.
Psycho2057 : ?
ASCIIRDR   : Are you going to port MARATHON over to PC or a dedicated game system ( i hope not, we mac gamers could
BUNGIE1    : I better hide the beer...
ASCIIRDR   : get mighty jealous! )
ErnieLeim  : You guys should do a snapple commercial!!
BryMen     : Heh I thought the limit in a room was 23..... Ah well.
BUNGIE1    : We all live in the same world (us Mac and PC users), but we have no plans for a PC version yet GA
Psycho2057 : good..
MacH60     : Why does everyone have to come in right before the T Shirts are givin away!!??
BryMen     : Like wise
Drumnbass  : lol
AFC Tuncer : queue = BryMen
AFC ydnar  : !
ASCIIRDR   : dont mean to be hostile, just tired of DOOM heads telling us how "great" Bugs bunny graphics of DOOM are
Skied Vail : heyyyy...
MacH60     : ROLL!
OnlineHost : TATTMAN rolled 2 6-sided dice:   5  6
AFC Tuncer : Prize TIME!
Hashish2   : Hey does anyone know the version of the new F/A18 Hornet?
AFC ydnar  : i think we need to have trivia for t-shirts. ;)
AFC Tuncer : Take it away Rod
AFL Rod    : Please listen to be eligible for the shirts
AFL Rod    : to roll you type   //roll   on a separate line.
AFL Rod    : you roll only once high roll wins you wait until I say GO any questions   ;) OK
OnlineHost : Skied Vail rolled 2 6-sided dice:   1  3
AFL Rod    : READY
OnlineHost : AFC ydnar rolled 2 6-sided dice:   1  4 Hashish2 rolled 2 6-sided dice:   5  1 ErnieLeim rolled 2 6-sided dice:   6  3 MWGarrison rolled 2 6-sided dice:   1  2 Psycho2057 rolled 3 6-sided dice:   3  3  3
AFL Rod    : GA MW
OnlineHost : BryMen rolled 2 6-sided dice:   5  1 MacH60 rolled 2 6-sided dice:   4  1 RailSlide1 rolled 2 6-sided dice:   1  6 Drumnbass rolled 2 6-sided dice:   1  4 AFC Chip rolled 2 6-sided dice:   2  6
AFL Rod    : STOP
Dushawn    : You said wait til you say GO!
OnlineHost : Dushawn rolled 2 6-sided dice:   6  1
AFL Rod    : MW do you have a question?
AFL Rod    : SET GO
OnlineHost : ASCIIRDR rolled 2 6-sided dice:   5  5 KernelPup rolled 2 6-sided dice:   2  5 Skied Vail rolled 2 6-sided dice:   4  4 TATTMAN rolled 2 6-sided dice:   6  5 MacH60 rolled 2 6-sided dice:   6  1 LithiumA rolled 2 6-sided dice:   1  6 Andy Stein rolled 2 6-sided dice:   2  3
OnlineHost : AFC Chip rolled 2 6-sided dice:   4  4 RailSlide1 rolled 2 6-sided dice:   1  5 JoshuaDR rolled 2 6-sided dice:   2  1 BeavisMike rolled 2 6-sided dice:   1  4 Drumnbass rolled 2 6-sided dice:   4  1 Cdeth rolled 2 6-sided dice:   2  5 MWGarrison rolled 2 6-sided dice:   4  2 Drnd rolled 2 6-sided dice:   5  6 Ejwize rolled 2 6-sided dice:   4  3 ErnieLeim rolled 2 6-sided dice:   2  4 Dushawn rolled 2 6-sided dice:   3  5 Andy Stein rolled 2 6-sided dice:   6  2 BryMen rolled 2 6-sided dice:   2  1 MarkA38 rolled 2 6-sided dice:   1  4 AFC ydnar rolled 2 6-sided dice:   2  6 Psycho2057 rolled 3 9-sided dice:   5  8  4 TempoC rolled 2 6-sided dice:   2  1 Andy Stein rolled 2 6-sided dice:   6  4 
AFL Rod    : looks like 11 is the winningnumber
AFL Rod    : and we have two of them TATTMAN  and Drnd
Andy Stein : Congratulations!
AFL Rod    : Please email BUNGIE1  your name and address
BryMen     : Congrats!
TATTMAN    : Allright! Thanks! ! 
AFL Rod    : for  a Free hour on AOL, the first correct answer to this question
Drnd       : Thank You
AFL Rod    : how many times has marathon demo been downloaded on AOL (in the file description not the listing)
Andy Stein : 1,104
MWGarrison : 678
ErnieLeim  : 23564
Ejwize     : 1526
BryMen     : 5986
BeavisMike : 5986
MacH60     : 5986
Psycho2057 : 5986
Skied Vail : 6512
BeavisMike : doh!!!!
JoshuaDR   : 5986
AFL Rod    : yes
TATTMAN    : 5986
Psycho2057 : alot
AFL Rod    : Skied wins
BeavisMike : too slow in the finding :(
BryMen     : 6512
Skied Vail : YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TATTMAN    : 6512
Ejwize     : 1844
Dushawn    : 6513, now!
JoshuaDR   : 2400 bps puts you at a disadvantage!  ;-)
Andy Stein : 3.14597... Oh, no.  That's Pi.
AFL Rod    : OK, open chat.
BryMen     : Will your next game probably be PowerMac only? 
Skied Vail : 14.4  agggggghhh!
Psycho2057 : Hey BUNGIE, whats the plans for the future?
Hashish2   : did I win I got cut off
Skied Vail : A marathon skiing game ;)!!!
BUNGIE1    : next game will not be PowerMac only
Psycho2057 : I heard something about a fantasy game??? true?
JoshuaDR   : When should the 20/10 scenario pack be out (did I miss it)?
BryMen     : Are there any codes in marathon?
Andy Stein : Is a 33-MHz 68030 fast enough to run Marathon decently?
ASCIIRDR   : i think Bungie should do a 3D texture mapped game about the OJ Simpson trial!
Skied Vail : Ya
Psycho2057 : already been one.. someone threw it together with QT VR..
Skied Vail : BUNGIE-How about a Marathon sking game??
GameEvang  : NBC News does there OJ stuff with QTVR...
JoshuaDR   : You could help write it, Skied.
ASCIIRDR   : hey ya.....BUNGIE will you be incorperating QT VR into any new games?
BUNGIE1    : Thanks everyone, I gotta run :)
Cdeth      : bye!
Skied Vail : My Powermac and Sking in one.  Now THAT would be a rush!
BryMen     : See ya Bungie! Er Alexander!
ASCIIRDR   : later!
ErnieLeim  : Happy bug hunting
BryMen     : :)
Skied Vail : The gods are leaving us!
Andy Stein : When is Dynasty League Baseball going to be released for the Macintosh?
JoshuaDR   : Did anyone keep a log of this chat?
GTO GIRL   : Hello, what are we talking of?
Cdeth      : I sorta did.
BryMen     : you. :) Naa
JoshuaDR   : lol
BryMen     : Marathon.
JoshuaDR   : You just missed Bungie in here, GTO GIRL.
Mr Cooger  : hello everyone. 
BryMen     : Go download the demo.
Cdeth      : GTO GIRL, do you want me to send it to you?
GTO GIRL   : hello, any want to fill me in? Josh, is that good?
BryMen     : Cdeth, email the REAL game?
Mr Cooger  : what are we talking about?
LithiumA   : Does anyone know if there are plans for a color Mess o Trouble or maybe a whole new game?
Cdeth      : yeah... right!
GTO GIRL   : Sure cdeth
Skied Vail : TUNCER-Normal questions, When's the next IMG, Hornet 2.0, A-10, 11th hour?
JoshuaDR   : Is Ray here?
Cdeth      : ok.  Now or later?
AFC ydnar  : the color amot art is  *fantastic*
GTO GIRL   : Now is fine
LithiumA   : is it already out?
AFC Tuncer : Next IMG is at least 2 weeks away, maybe more. Going down to Austin next week to do the DOOM II previe
Andy Stein : When is Dynasty League Baseball going to be released?
AFC Tuncer : Hornet, really close, 2-3 weeks I hope
Mr Cooger  : possibly stupid question : X-Wing ? Doom II ? Tie Fighter? Dark Forces ? 
AFC Tuncer : A-10, they say March now
Hashish2   : What's happening in Austin.
GTO GIRL   : does anyone know about the new starwars gam...."reble asult"?
Skied Vail : March for 2.0 still?
Mr Cooger  : I have that game ...rebel Assault 
AFC Tuncer : 11th hour, I've been waiting for a preview beta since December :-(
GTO GIRL   : is it good?
Andy Stein : Tuncer, any news on Dynasty League Baseball?
Mr Cooger  : Yes. but it won't actually let you really pilot the ships. 
JoshuaDR   : It's a great game if you're into arcade games, but it's not a flight sim.
Drnd       : Will there be (or is there) an FA-18 Hornet PPC version demo?
GTO GIRL   : my brother is in to star wars and was wondering about it
Skied Vail : Try old Star Wars game, The first time it's great after that  it sort of sucks!
Dushawn    : 20th on the 11th hour, right?
GTO GIRL   : why not? Oh, well, gotta go, I HAVE MAIL!
Mr Cooger  : It is like you are flying in a tunnel .
JoshuaDR   : RA is kind of repetitive.  It's still fun, but it's like a movie so you know what's going to happen ne
Mr Cooger  : ok.
JoshuaDR   : xt
Mr Cooger  : yeah .
AFC Tuncer : Andy, sorry, no idea
Hashish2   : I calle dto order the new Hornet, they said it was in in about three weeks
Cdeth      : So... I guess it's pretty much over for MARATHON, eh?
AFC Tuncer : New Hornet looks incredible (PPC version)
Skied Vail : I'm still mad. I save all my money, get a Powermac and then GSC can't ship 2.0!!!!!
Andy Stein : No problem. :) I just don't understand why there are no baseball games for the Macintosh.
GameEvang  : Agreed on Hornet PPC
JoshuaDR   : Someone should make a good texture-mapped flight-sim for the Mac, like U.S. Navy Fighters.
Cdeth      : 'Scuse me, Tuncer...  Are you the one involved with IMG?
AFC Tuncer : Cdeth, yes
Hashish2   : have you seen US Navy Fighters? is it better than Hornet?
Skied Vail : If it's anything like the sceen shots in IMG it will RULE!
Cdeth      : Cool.  Boy, you're everywhere!
Hashish2   : what's IMG?
JoshuaDR   : Inside Mac Games lol
Skied Vail : I've said it before but I'll say it again-IMG RULES!!!!!!!
Hashish2   : Where can I subscribe, I've been looking for a Mac game Magazine for a while.
Skied Vail : Absulute Zero will be texture mapped
LithiumA   : any new shareware games due out. I'mbored
Hashish2   : IS absolute Zero a sim?
AFC Tuncer : Hashish, e-mail imgames for info on subscriptions
RodneyJ3   : Download Apeiron Lith.
Oreo head  : I tried to upload a newsletter to this forum, but it is not here.
Skied Vail : AZ is a sci-fi sim
BryMen     : AZ is also a state.
LithiumA   : I've already got apeiron and I realy stink at it.
JoshuaDR   : Is Apeiron worth the d/l at 2400?
LithiumA   : No skill whatesoever
AFC Tuncer : Well, gotta go. See ya all later!
BryMen     : Hy highest score was around 11500
LithiumA   : its still fun however
BryMen     : Er
AFL Rod    : Nite T. THANKS
BryMen     : My
JoshuaDR   : See you next Friday, Tuncer.
BryMen     : See ya Tuncer.
Oreo head  : Do you have any idea what happend?
BryMen     : Er
RodneyJ3   : Depends.  If you like Centipede games, then yeah.
BryMen     : My score was around 115000 Not 11500
RodneyJ3   : Apeiron is very well done.
Skied Vail : Apeiron SUCKS!, it is the most recycled game I have ever seen!!!!!  DO NOT DOWNLOAD!
LithiumA   : My TOP score is 40,000. :(
RodneyJ3   : I disagree Skied.
BryMen     : Thats nice.
LithiumA   : I get tired of that same interface at the beggining of their games.
JoshuaDR   : From what I saw it has good graphics but . . . IT'S CENTIPEDE!
LithiumA   : Its to repetitive
RodneyJ3   : If you like classic games then it's great.
BryMen     : I have never played centepedes before. so i like it.
Hashish2   : I heard apple realesed a new Game platform licensed by Bandai. I s it good. It supposed to Mac compati
Oreo head  : AFL ROD: Have any idea?
Hashish2   : compatible
LithiumA   : How much?
JoshuaDR   : I personally think that this whole arcade nostalgia thing is pretty misguided.
LithiumA   : Enough people disagree with you to keep them in business. I agree though
RodneyJ3   : I don't know.  There's always alot of people asking for some programmer to remake some old game.
BryMen     : I agree that I dont care and ill play what I like. :)
Oreo head  : Anyone have Dark Castle? 
AFL Rod    : Oreo, was reading mail
BryMen     : I made some better music for Aperion too.
AFL Rod    : whatis the name of the newsletter
Hashish2   : AFC Tuncer, do you think that more games will become availible on mac because of its expanding market?
JoshuaDR   : I think Centipede would be just as fun in black and white with beeps for sounds and a 30 second d/l.
AFL Rod    : yes to Dark Castle
LithiumA   : Upload it
JoshuaDR   : Tuncer's already left, Hashish?
BryMen     : Ok.
LithiumA   : brymen
JoshuaDR   : ? = .
SteveG3728 : Is the Loony Labyrinth patch here yet?
Hashish2   : oops
BryMen     : Its music from Sensory Overload. Has a lot of bass, Added an echo too it.
Hashish2   : AFl Rod how do you feel
BryMen     : Its sounds great.
LithiumA   : probably blow my computer apart
AFL Rod    : steve, it is here. should be released tonite
BryMen     : I have external speakers. :)
Silvercow  : Has anyone downloaded SpaceJoust v.2.0 and not being able to run it?
Hashish2   : Do you think more mac games
SteveG3728 : Thanks!
John715    : Does anybody know a money cheat code in simtower
TEECH      : ...Just finished MYST...sad to see it end.
AFL Rod    : think more games because of market and the prevelance of color machines now
AFC ydnar  : i gave up on myst. :(
TEECH      : ...
BryMen     : Just started myst. Im in channelwood. (I think)
Silvercow  : Has anyone downloaded SpaceJoust v.2.0 and not       being able to run it?
John715    : Does anybody know a money cheat code in simtowe
BryMen     : No.
Silvercow  : people?
BryMen     : And no.
JoshuaDR   : Night all.
AFC ydnar  : not enough time. between school, 3 games & other projects, aol work & marathon (not to mention my
RodneyJ3   : <- No Spacejoust
AFC ydnar  : life), i haven't much time to spare
Hashish2   : Do you think that the new mac clones will influence more companies to make mac games?
AFC ydnar  : nite josh
Silvercow  : possibly
Cdeth      : I was unable to make a full transcript of the entire session with BUNGIE1.  Anyone got the chatting...
AFL Rod    : what kind of error Silver?
Cdeth      : ...before Jdieu began?
AFL Rod    : yes, will upload tomorrow Cdeth
BryMen     : Yah.
Cdeth      : Nifty.
BryMen     : I hope to get the chat log REAL soon. :)
LithiumA   : Where is Spacejoust
AFC ydnar  : peace everyone
LithiumA   : I searched and didn't find it
BryMen     : I print out most important chat logs....
Cdeth      : This was my first chat with a celeb.  It was really cool, AFL Rod.  Good job.
Silvercow  : Either a bad F-line instriucton making me have to retart or an errer of type 1. I have no idea what.. 
AFC ydnar  : <--- has to get up at 5:00 tomorrow. (or is that today?) ;)
Silvercow  : ...these mean
BryMen     : Later ydnar  :)
RodneyJ3   : See you Randy
LithiumA   : Silvercow did you get it of america online
AFC ydnar  : peace
Silvercow  : %:00? That's painful Yah, it was from aol
LithiumA   : What library
BryMen     : I think ill make like a lace and shoo. Bye all!
Silvercow  : New games. I can't get it through filesearching
Cdeth      : Later.
LithiumA   : thanks bue bye bey bie bei
Sweetym16  : can anyone help me, I'm desperate! I need some information
Silvercow  : Wha you wan, Sweetym PHESUS!There's no one here!
Sweetym16  : Does anyne know anything about Hyper Card?
Silvercow  : More or less. My version is bootlegged, but I have the script manual
AFL Rod    : not I sweet.  the HC forum would be better
HALLIWELLB : There is a conference right now on it.
Sweetym16  : no one there
HALLIWELLB : Most computers just come with the Player and not the full program.
Sweetym16  : i just downloaded clipart files and saved them on my HD but how do i access them?
Silvercow  : That's Hypercard  You need Hypercard. Well actually it depends on the clipart
Sweetym16  : i have hyper card all the files have an extension .sit
Silvercow  : By, the way. I'm going to need ALPHA testers for my game. Anyone want to volounteer?
Sweetym16  : they are listed as documents in the file manager, but they cannot be accessed directly, how do I access them through Hyper card
Silvercow  : .sit means that it's stuffed with stuffit, but Aol automatically unstuffs them for you.
TerryMHart : Can we talk about other stuff except games here?
Silvercow  : file manager? that's windows
Sweetym16  : yes, but they are listed as documents not (i know that's windows) applications in hypercard
AFL Rod    : Terry any topic is allowable but the title at the top is a hint for most
RodneyJ3   : Gotta run.  Night Rod.
AFL Rod    : nite
Sweetym16  : I'm used to windows, i just borrowed a Mac laptop form my school to use hyper card for a project
Silvercow  : that's correct. clip art is not an application
JAMonkman  : Hi! All.
PCC Wade   : Hiya Rod. :)
Silvercow  : AHHHHH! Windows!
TerryMHart : Well I recently upgraded to 7.5 and that's been some nasty game for me? Anyone else got 7.5 probs?
AFL Rod    : lo Wade
PCC Wade   : Methinks Bungie learned its lesson about keeping quiet about future projects. :)
Sweetym16  : how do i look at the clip art on the files i down loaded/
AFL Rod    : 7.5 has been nice too me. of course I went to a 7100 at the same time too OPEN it to unstuff it.
AC4UF      : hey everybody.
Silvercow  : Chances are that you need a paint program, a drawing program, or simpletext.
Sweetym16  : aol unstuffed it already what can i use
AC4UF      : still no ARA etc. patch (not like this is surprising or anything)?
PCC Wade   : Graphic Converter
AFL Rod    : what does the NEEDS line in the file description says
TerryMHart : I have a year old performa 550 and its been a mess for me.  Biggest problem is my printer is now slooo
Sweetym16  : hyper card 2.0 , stuffit
Silvercow  : By, the way. I'm going to need ALPHA testers for     my game. Anyone want to volounteer?
Sweetym16  : what is graphic converter
AC4UF      : hey Wade, how is the level editor coming?  What exactly will your editorbe able to edit at this point?
Sweetym16  : i have printshop will that help
JAMonkman  : Silvercow,  What kind of game is it?
PCC Wade   : It's a program that opens a bunch of graphic formats
Sweetym16  : what is .sit
Silvercow  : You mean GIFConverter? Very cool
AFA Alice  : .sit means it is a StuffIt archive. In other words, the file is compressed.
Silvercow  : .sit means that it's stuffed with stuffit, but Aol automatically unstuffs them for you.
AC4UF      : graphic converter is almost identical to gifconverter.  more useful toolbox (slightly) though
PCC Wade   : AC..with any luck, by the end of the weekend it'll be able to do the rudimentary editing of levels..
Sweetym16  : so are mine stuffed still, i thought aol unstuffs
PCC Wade   : That is, you'll be able to drag points around, create new polygons or lines, and change the..
AC4UF      : great!   are you shooting for DOOM CAD level editing or whole plot, terminal editing?  oh
Silvercow  : They do, but hey leve the unstuffed version along with the stuffed version
AC4UF      : HEY - that means new GRAPHICS and new ENEMIES!!!  cool.  thanks so much for all your work, Wade! Silvercow - what kind of game is it?
Sweetym16  : where's the unstuffed version then
PCC Wade   : attributes of any item.  However, for this alpha, it will probably just refer to textures by numbers Sweety..AOL doesn't unstuff until you log off
Silvercow  : It's a hypercard game. It's kind of primitive, but it's like SpaceEscape. The game is fun, but I'm ...
Sweetym16  : I know that's exactly what it did
PCC Wade   : The full version will hopefully have a preview of the textures when you're selecting them
AFA Alice  : The unstuffed version should be in the same folder.
Silvercow  : ...still not finished. I'm trying to find people to test it for me
Sweetym16  : what file extension
JAMonkman  : Sweetym16, you  know you can shut off the automatic uncompression?
AFA Alice  : It probably won't have one. it may be a folder.
AC4UF      : how big a game is it?  I am stuck on 2400 and hypercard files tend to be rather large :/
Sweetym16  : they all look like pages(documents)
PCC Wade   : Terminal editing will not be in this version (you'll have to do it with ResEdit for now)..however.. it should be in the release version
Silvercow  : I'm on 2400 too, but since I'm notdone, I don't want to tell you that. I'm not even sure though....
Sweetym16  : when i try to open them it says "cannot find application program used" 
MKelly Mac : Hello
Sweetym16  : or something to that effet
Silvercow  : ....about a lot of things, that can add some largeness.
AFA Alice  : That is because you do not have StuffIt, but you can open them with AOL from your FIle menu. Use Open.
PCC Wade   : Sweet..try graphic converter...if you've got Hypercard on the laptop, they're not HyperCard stacks
AC4UF      : great on the editor.  for everyone who owns marathon, thank you.
PCC Wade   : Alice..they're already unstuffed. :)
AC4UF      : hi Mkelly
PCC Wade   : AC..we'll's a ton of work and I've got a long way to go..but with any luck, it will become..
MKelly Mac : Does any one know about video compression on a Power Pc 8100/80AV
PCC Wade   : much more usable tonight..(I'm doing an all-nighter on it tonight)
AFA Alice  : Sweety, what files are these?
PCC Wade   : Thanks for the encouragement though.
Sweetym16  : they contain clipart
PCC Wade   : What are their names Sweety?
AFA Alice  : Ah. You might want to try Imagery.
AC4UF      : video compression - get VVStudio if you can - it has JPEG compression and is SWEET.  $3000 bucks tho
Sweetym16  : i tried to open them from aol but it said error code=4
PCC Wade   : Sorry Silver..I've got another project going
AFA Alice  : I bet they are paint format files if they are not HC stacks.
AC4UF      : for full screen JPEG get SprgotPowerAV - $700 for your AV Pmac.
Sweetym16  : how would i access them then
AC4UF      : SPIGOT - I'm glad I know how to type.  geez
PCC Wade   : Sweet..what are the file names..I'll tell you how if you tell me what they are
MKelly Mac : Is ther any way to get true 30 fps on my apple Board
Sweetym16  : they all have extension .sit 
PCC Wade   : Right...but what are the names?
AFA Alice  : Still stuffed, then.
Sweetym16  : clipart 2 etc etc
AC4UF      : not really - SpigotPowerAV should do that for you though.
PCC Wade   : What file did you download?
Sweetym16  : They are clipart files for hyper card
AFA Alice  : Sweety, are you sure there is not a version of the same file without the .sit extension in that folder
Sweetym16  : you want an exact name? i'll check
PCC Wade   : Well, time for me to get back to work..night AC!
AC4UF      : see you later Wade! + good luck
MKelly Mac : Sorry about the caps
Sweetym16  : nope. they all have .sit
AFA Alice  : Do you have HyperCard Sweety?
Silvercow  : okay, bye peoples
Sweetym16  : They were all unstuffed after I signed off yes
AC4UF      : by cow
Silvercow  : do you know where you unstuffed them, swet? that's sweet
Sweetym16  : after i signed off of aol i put then in a folder called clipart they are all in there
AFA Alice  : Sweety, try this, just to see. Open one of those .sit files using Open under your AOL File menu. If it wants to decompress the file, choose Continue.
Sweetym16  : then it says error code4 wait a second!
AC4UF      : see you later.....
AFA Alice  : Aha. OK, what version of AOL are you using?
Sweetym16  : 2.1 do i need 2.5.2 2.5.1 i mean
AFA Alice  : Error code 4 is a problem some people had with 2.1.
Sweetym16  : what should I do , get the newer versison
DBushfam   : Anybody here have any tips for Sim cCity 2000?
AFA Alice  : I will IM you some instructions. Error code 4 means AOL's unstuffing is not working.
Sweetym16  : but they were unstuffed after i signed of
TEECH      : DBush......Bulldoze and dynamite everything!! ..just kidding.
DBushfam   : Good one! Somebody pick a topic to talk about..... 
MKelly Mac : Does anyone know about video compression on a PowerMac 8100/80 AV? All my video comes out jerky. 
AFA Alice  : You are using the AV card? What size video?
Glenn42    : evening all!!
Snowdog7   : Where can I find Sound Manager 3.0
AFA Alice  : Snowdog, I think it is online, but I am not positive. Check at keyword: FILE SEARCH.
MKelly Mac : the AV card that came with my Mac. Apple sys it will do 30 fps, But it still seems Jerky
Glenn42    : anything interesting going on 2-nite?
AFA Alice  : Full-frame?
DBushfam   : Is anyone intrested in Sim city 2000 for the MAC
MKelly Mac : yes
AFA Alice  : To be honest, I am not sure you are going to get broadcast quality out of your standard AV card, if that is what you were hoping for.
Snowdog7   : I can't find Sound Manager 3.0!!!!!!!
MKelly Mac : All the TEKS I've talked to said to get a disk array, or faster Hard Drive
AFA Alice  : Snowdog, it is there.
DBushfam   : MKelley are you interested In Sim city 200
MKelly Mac : no
AFA Alice  : Go to keyword, FILE SEARCH, search on Sound manager. It is in New from Apple.
FCL Wolf   : Evening, all :) 
AFA Alice  : An AV drive will help, but it isn't a total solution. Hi, FCL Wolf.
MKelly Mac : The problem is that I've already spent about 12 grand and still I'm finding I need more!!!!
AFC ydnar  : this is a bunch of staffs in he'a, tonite. :)
Snowdog7   : It states there is not file.
FCL Wolf   : Hiya, Alice :)
AFA Alice  : Snowdog, where are you searching? I just did it.
Snowdog7   : Under sound& something else
AFA Alice  : File:  Sound Manager 3.0.sea (151259 bytes) Download count: 10251 Don't search under Sound. It is not there. Go to keyword: FILE SEARCH. Don't check any boxes. Search on the words, "Sound Manager" without the quotes.
Snowdog7   : Alice!!!  I found it!!! Thanx alot.  I owe you one!!!
AFA Alice  : Enjoy it. :)
AFC ydnar  : yay!!!! nite everyone :)
Snowdog7   : I'm going to download it now...  Bye!  And thanks again Alice!!!