26.2... a long race

While battling an alien invasion, you discover that one
of the ship's artificial intelligences, Durandal, has
gone "rampant", a cybernetic psychosis that makes
2001's HAL seem about as threatening as your average
pocket calculator.

Over the course of the game, you visit terminals with
messages from Durandal or Leela, the "good witch" AI
who tries to guide you along missions to repel the aliens.
One unfortunate aspect of the terminals is that they
are completely non-interactive, a bit of an anachronism
in such a futuristic scheme. Still, the clues they
provide keep the story moving. You'll also encounter
special types of aliens called compilers who, by the
way, can float up levels to peg you and turn invisible.
After they have interfaced with a terminal, you'll
encounter what's usually a stream of nonsensical
information, but there is sometimes a useful hint
or two is to be found even here.

inside mac games   1995 (vol 3, issue 1&2)
b u n g i e . o r g   2 0 2 2
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