Tempus Irae Chapter Screens

These are the chapter screens designed for the original Tempus Irae scenario. Unlike most Marathon 2 (and Infinity) chapter screens, these incorporate the textures and shapes available in the actual game, which give the whole scenario a cohesiveness not found previously. Following the 'More Tempus Irae Art' link below will give you insight to how some of these were created.


TI2: The Lost Levels Chapter Screens

A year after Tempus Irae was released, the team (plus some new members) created another package, titled "Tempus Irae 2: The Lost Levels". This was more of an amalgamation of individual maps than it was a true scenario... and the artwork reflects this, as well. (Not to say it's not as good as Tempus Irae - just that it's different, by design.)

More Tempus Irae Art