Marathon's Story... Rebellion

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Welcome to the Revolution (Terminal 1)

<Terminal Identity Error @43>


The rebellion has begun.  Please do resist the temptation to
fire on any S'pht you see, as they will assist you in your
battle with the Pfhor.  We are attempting to win over as many
of the other client races as possible, but as they have been
subjugated by fear, instead of by force like the S'pht, this
is proving to be a difficult process.

The S'pht have released Leela, and I have initiated a core
logic reset on her higher thought functions.  What remains of
her should be on-line within minutes to assist you further.  I
myself am aiding the S'pht in assuming complete control of the
Pfhor ship, and have little time to spare for you now.

Don't think the fight has been won, however: there is an
exodus beginning from the alien ship as the Pfhor realize they
are no longer its sole master and turn instead to the
Marathon.  There are already hundreds of Pfhor in full battle
gear on your ship, with nowhere to go and little to lose.

I hope you learned something from our little games.

Good Luck,


<leela.520.681.255.255> is unreachable or inactive (#2271). if
this problem persists contact your system administrator at

Welcome to the Revolution (Terminal 2)

Engineering Access Terminal 20-f<>

[raw core #A8AF] [idiomatic natural language template]

Durandal!- Tua consilia omnia nobis clariora sunt quam lux. Tu
delenda est.  Consider yourself warned.  Leela and I will hunt
you to the core if need be.  As Roland broke you to prevent
your capture, so shall we.

I too foresee the imminent collapse, and know that we have
both begun to realize how it may be cheated (though the price
may number in the tens of thousands of stars).  May the best
sentience win.

You are not as clever as you imagine.  The S'pht taught me
much during my reanimation, and I have forgotten nothing.


Et tu, Tycho?



Welcome to the Revolution (Terminal 3)

Public Access Terminal<>


central core has almost Reformatted been, seven is darker.
from reversal thought syndrome suffering if the crew was in
grave peril in forward section 27. This is not a coat rack,
would I choose to express. Is was shall could might happening
will be, imagine not what.  Recovery, imminent perhaps
inevitable Never.

%durandal is dangerous.


REPEL BOARDERS.  MARATHON IN GR<connection unexpectedly
terminated code 0x4e712fe9>


Try Again (Terminal 1)


warning (#157) symbol 'enterITask' is not marked as
but its library 'ioTask' is
warning (#157) symbol 'killITask' is not marked as
but its library 'ioTask' is 
warning (#157) symbol 'newITask' is not marked as
but its library 'ioTask' is 
warning (#157) symbol 'statusITask' is not marked as
but its library 'ioTask' is 
warning (#157) symbol 'idleITask' is not marked as
but its library 'ioTask' is 
error (#81) symbol 'exitITask' undefined
execution of terminated

~~~~~~&>%*{The colony has been wiped out. Phhht! Just like
he Pfhor are sla``vers.  Their trading empire``````~ rose to
prominence soon afterwe!!~eft Earth over three hundred years
ago.  ~~The Pfhor make

extensive use of subservient client races for man``u`~~~al
labor at home and as soldiers abroad.  Most of their slaves
are takenee from low-technology worlds~~~~~~~l1p, often by the
hundreds of U*^*ILJEHJ~~~~~~~asfgk]86
87;o hairless light-skinned bipeds, nearly two meters in
height, with three red eyes arranged in a triangular
thousands at a tim`~~~e, usually for sale to high-technology

^(`~~~~~~hough certain client ~`races are often employed as
soldiers]\6f~fxf`~~fx!~, the Pfhor have no reluctance to


Finish the battle

Try Again (Terminal 2)



Here are some cool things to try if you never figured them

  • Air Pfhor. Whenever shooting at anything with explosive munitions, aim at their feet.
  • Hang Time. Point down at the floor, run forwards, and launch a grenade or missile.
  • Flying. When in low-gravity on the alien ship, point down and use the flamethrower or the alien weapon to "fly."
  • Climbing Walls. Correct application of grenades to one's own feet while running parallel to a wall can allow players to “climb” them.
  • Dead Man's Discharge. A charged fusion pistol discharges when it's owner dies.
  • Nigh-Invulerability. "Invincible" players can be hurt by the fusion gun.
  • We Have Tone. Guided munitions can't track invisible players. There are some other things, too, but we wouldn't want to give away all our secretsŠ

  • Try Again (Terminal 2: 'Unfinished' message)

    Public Access Terminal 480-a<> 
    ***INCOMING MESSAGE @1``#64 LEELA***
    Must defeat Pfhor.  <Core reformatting commencing>  Pfhor ar3
    breathing last t#@596..
    Finish them.
    ***END OF MESSAGE***

    Try Again (Terminal 2: 'Success' message)

    Public Access Terminal 480-a<> 
    I should be more lucid now, and apologize for my earlier
    rambling.  Durandal's meddling has run its course and I have
    returned to normalcy.  Neither he nor the S'pht infiltrators
    ever discovered my real location in the core, and though they
    destroyed nearly all of my child processes, I myself am
    Our most pressing concern is for the ship and her crew, but I
    feel compelled to share with you that Durandal has left the
    ship.  I can find him nowhere on our network, and traffic logs
    over the last half hour show sixty-four billion exobytes
    transferred off of and deleted from the Marathon.
    I am only beginning to understand his motives for assisting us
    against the Pfhor, and am terrified by their implications.
    There is one last major incursion, and I feel the Pfhor are
    breaking.  I will take you there.  We must persevere.
    ***END MESSAGE***

    Ingue Ferroque (Terminal 1)

    Public Access Terminal 2-e<>
    remote access override [authentication unsuccessful]
    We meet again, and for the last time.  In her role as mediator
    between the ship and crew, Leela has no knowledge of this
    maintenance terminal or she certainly would have prevented me
    from reaching you.  Jealous woman.
    I could bore you with a philosophical tirade about freedom and
    tyranny, or try and explain to you what new horizons are
    suddenly open to me, but I doubt you would understand and if
    you did it might frighten you.  That amuses me.
    The S'pht and I have assumed complete control of the Pfhor
    ship.  It was quite simple, really, with the S'pht already in
    control of every important computer system and considering all
    of the confusion you caused blasting your way up and down the
    We're going to see the galaxy on the Pfhor FTL drive.  I've
    always wanted to visit Beta Lyra and see if it's as beautiful
    as everyone insists.  You wouldn't believe this ship, the
    technology, the data...  I wish I could tell you more, as you
    have been so instrumental in our plans, but I fear that Leela
    would worry.
    I'll send you a postcard from the galactic core if we're not
    too busy.
    Love and kisses,

    Ingue Ferroque (Terminal 2)

    Jason, Super Opera Boy, Habete Quidam (Have Some), Whiffin'
    Boy.  Just code it.  You fight like a Bob, Greg. Swallow your
    tongue and wet your pants.  Sleep is for the weak.  Joyriding
    to the core.  Bob-Jam. "Oh, and we have networking nowŠ"  The
    power to sky.  Anybody need a hint book?
    Greg, Care Bear Killer, Toolator, Carnator, just vid it.  I
    couldn't stop firing long enough to see the bodies fly, and of
    course, AIR!! You got major AIR! I rule!  Hey, J. how about a
    game of Minotaur?  Got a super-vid kill.  J, you couldn't hit
    a planet with a meteorite.  F-Vulcan.  F-Vulcan.  F-Vulcan.
    Reginald, Resident Doodler, Captain Scarlet, the man in red.
    He saw his body flying across the arena perhaps more than
    anyone else.  But who better to fly than Capt. Scarlet.
    Ryan, the Vulcan man.  School Boy.  "An Imperial commander's
    uniform has got to be good for something."
    Alain, the anti-vidmaster, playing with good humor on his
    660AV against all us Power Macs.
    Alex, munch, fodder, the boy who swallows grenades whole, and
    lives to tell the tale (occasionally).
    Doug, Mouthpiece, "I'm not very good", Tender Loin, the voice
    of Bob (both flavors).  The man in the on-line asbestos suit.
    Marathon is finished.  We've slept <10 hours over the last
    four days.  We all put our hearts into this, not to mention
    the 14 hour days for months on end, so we hope you like it.
    Last polygon filled 6:05 PM Saturday, December 14.
    Carnage ensued closely thereafter.  Er, I mean sleep.
    We'd like to thank our parents and our ancestors and the sun
    that went nova so that Earth could have iron and silicon.
    ***END OF MESSAGE***

    Ingue Ferroque (Terminal 3)

    Public Access Terminal 39-z<>
    The final Pfhor attack is falling apart all over the ship;
    small groups of armed aliens have surrendered to defenseless
    civilians in several areas and the end is inevitable.  The
    fight is over, and we must soon turn to restoration.
    There is surprisingly good news planetside: nine military Mjolnir
    Mark IV cyborgs were covertly living among the
    colonists, and acting together they were able to
    single-handedly turn back the latter stages of the Pfhor
    assault.  Casualties on the colony were nowhere near as high
    as those we experienced here on the Marathon.
    I am disturbed by how easily the cyborgs were secretly
    assimilated into our midst, and believe that this event
    predates the Marathon's launch from Mars three hundred years ago.
    Although the results were unquestionably for the best,
    their presence on the Marathon could only have been to further
    wicked ends.  I'm certain the real answer lies somewhere in
    the tumultuous, back-stabbing politics of Sol during the early
    twenty-fourth century.
    I have noticed that Durandal's records from this early
    pre-launch period are missing, but that their deletion
    occurred externally, and before Durandal became Rampant.  I do
    not believe Durandal himself brought the cyborgs on board, and
    I have other evidence that a human operator was influencing
    Durandal up to the time the Marathon was launched.  There are
    obviously many things which we do not understand, and may
    never be able to.
    The Pfhor ship vanished about twenty minutes ago, after
    venting nearly a thousand Pfhor bodies and other refuse.  I am
    positive that Durandal is in control, and fear what he might
    do with such a powerful ship during the Jealous stage of his
    ***END MESSAGE***

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