Gheritt White

"He escaped into the waves."

The Gheritt White terminal (as I have come to call it) is the most bizarre in the whole story. It is also the longest and the biggest pain to get too. What relevance Gheritt White has to the Marathon story is unknown. The text would suggest that Gheritt White lived in the 20th century. One thing that is interesting about this terminal is that it is designated as <L052. SAVEBOB.Gherrit.Term2> in the game's resource fork indicating that he was originally destined to appear as the third terminal message on level 5 (The Rose) rather than on level 2 (Never Burn Money). Yet the the fourth terminal message on Never Burn Money contains similar and equally bizarre references to "eyes on fire" and hands which suggests that the two are in some way related. Go figure!

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Hamish Sinclair Last updated Sept 19, 1995