Marathon's Story... Counterattack

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Defend THIS! (Terminal 1)

Defense Access 40-a <tpr-A21H.43.21.123>


I have received a preliminary report from some members of the
science staff who have finished post-mortem examinations on
three kinds of Aliens.  They report that by modern
genealogical standards the different Aliens belong to
different species.  I have been collecting as much
information as I can and will give you a report shortly.

I have established contact with Durandal for the first time
since the attack.  He seems to have sustained less damage than
I had previously suspected.

Durandal reports that he has been in communication with the
Aliens.  He says that the Aliens behind the invasion call
themselves the Pfhor, and that the ones attacking the computer
net are called S'pht.  But he was reluctant to share the
details of his communication and I cannot understand this.

Your mission here is rather simple.  You must insert the
circuits in the Defense Control terminals.

This is your current location.

There is a shield recharge in
the Access Control Room.

Here is a supply room with a
large supply of ammunition
and weapons.  You should stop in
this room.

This is the Defense Control
Center.  Hopefully, the new
control circuits will work.
Place one in the terminal at
this location.

This is where to place a
second one.

Defend THIS! (Terminal 2)

Public Access Terminal 42-s<34.492.95.79>

<Unauthorized access-alarm 2521->
<Security Breached 42-s<34.492.95.79>->

<Search Found 264995 Headings>
<File 1 of 1940237>
"It is a side effect of Rampancy that AIs generally become
more aggressive and more difficult to affect by subterfuge.
Thus, actually disassembling a Rampant AI is quite dangerous.
This was evident in the Crash of Traxus IV in 2206.  By the
time that the Rampancy of Traxus was detected, he had already
infiltrated five of the other AIs on the Martian Net.  The
only recourse for the Martians was to shut down the Martian
Planetary Net.  Even then, it took two full years to
completely root out the damage that Traxus had done, and the
repercussions of the Crash were seen for over ten years after
his Rampancy had begun.
Rampancy has been divided into three distinct stages.  Each
stage can take a different amount of time to develop, but the
end result is a steady progression towards greater
intellectual activity and an acceleration of destructive
impulses.  It is not clear whether these impulses are due to
the growth of the AI's psyche, or simply a side effect of the
new intellectual activity.
<section abbreviated>
The three stages were diagnosed shortly after the first
Rampancies were discovered on Earth in the latter part of the
twenty first century.  The stages are titled after the primary
emotional bent of the AI during each stage.  They are
Melancholia, Anger, and Jealousy.
In general, Rampancy is accelerated by outside stimuli.  This
was discovered early in Cybertonics.  The more a Rampant AI is
harassed or threatened, the more rapidly it becomes dangerous.
Thus, most Rampants are dealt with in one mighty attack, in
order to deny the AI time to grow or recover.  There have been
a few examples of this tactic not succeeding.  In all of these
cases, the Rampant was never brought under control.  Traxus IV
is the most notable example.  He was finally dealt with by a
complete shutdown of his host net.
Theoretically, testing Rampancy should be easily accomplished
in the laboratory, but in fact it has never successfully been
attempted.  The confinement of the laboratory makes it
impossible for the developing Rampant AI to survive.  As the
growing recursive programs expand with exponential vivacity,
any limitation negatively hampers growth.  Since Rampant AIs
need a planetary sized network of computers in order to grow,
it is not feasible to expect anyone to sacrifice a world-web
just to test a theory.
In the two hundred and fifty years since Rampancy first
appeared in the Earth-net, the stable Rampant AI, the 'Holy
Grail' of cybertonics, has never come close to fruition.
Since no Rampant has ever been controlled or turned to any
useful purpose, it is the opinion of this writer and of the
majority of the Cybertonic community that all rampant AIs are
a danger to Cyberlife, Liberty, and the Pursuit of
Thrashedness. (James B. Miller, 2320, "Life and Death of

<Unauthorized access-alarm 2521->
<Security Breached 42-s<34.492.95.79>->

Defend THIS! (Terminal 3)

Defense Sector 39-f<35.952.193.5>


Human!- You must tell L~`~fx~`eela #^ (^*T~~~~~HGFd~>:"}}}{__
brought here by Durandal.  He has been rampant for
^`Bernard St~~~
there is a way to delay the~ onset of the second stage,
and he ~sed this to control Durandal an~56*~~`~~~`~`

I am being a~*ssimilated.

Defend THIS! (Terminal 4)

Defense Security Access 23-e<390.94.29.11>


I have summarized all of the information that I have gathered
on the Aliens so far.

<Begin Report #495991>

Pfhor are generally thinner and lighter than humans and are
superbly adapted for low gravity environments.  Durandal told
me that there are many "clans" of Pfhor, each physically
distinct from each other, but my summary only includes two of them.

Only two clans of the Pfhor have been examined.  The Fighter
carries a shock staff, which is capable of attacking at
different settings.  The Trooper is armored for vacuum
conditions and carries a combination explosive and impact
projectile weapon which is similar to your AR-75.

The Pfhor seem to have enslaved a number of other races:

The Hulk is an enormous and rather slow creature, but it is
incredibly strong.  The science report indicated that it had
no body fat, and therefore had to be fed often to keep it
active.  One crew member reported seeing one of these
creatures pointing to itself and mumbling "Drinniol" right
before it "picked Johnny up by the shirt and crushed him
against a pillar".

The science staff had difficulty finding a good specimen of
the S'pht, or compiler, to autopsy.  The only specimen autopsied
was almost completely destroyed, but it was obvious
that the compilers are cyborgs of some kind.  The biological
component of the compiler is so closely linked to the machine
that it could never survive without it.  The compiler's actual
body is very small, resembling closely a mammalian brain,
except that the neurons are much finer and far more complex.

<End of Report>


Defend THIS! (Terminal 5: 'Unfinished' message)

Defense Control Terminal 185-f<90.863.68.123>


You have not completed your mission.  You must replace all of
the circuits.  With every passing moment, the opportunity for
us to counterattack is fading.


Defend THIS! (Terminal 5: 'Success' message)

Defense Control Terminal 185-f<90.863.68.123>


Well done!

I have detected Defense Drones activating all over the ship.
Reports from security forces are jubilant.  Now, the Pfhor
will encounter stiff resistance, and they will have to pay in
blood for every move.

The colony appears to be under attack.  I detected seven Pfhor
dropships entering the atmosphere only minutes ago.
Trajectory analysis indicates that the ships were heading for
the outskirts of the colony.  Shortly thereafter, I lost
communications with the colony.

Something has come to my attention, I will inform you after
you teleport.

Teleport now.

***End Message***


Couch Fishing (Terminal 1)

Public Access Terminal 903-e<334.920.22.602>

<security channel open>
<defense priority 120-f> 

I have some bad news: Durandal has gone Rampant, and he is in
the Angry stage.  This explains how Durandal was able to
communicate with the Pfhor and the S'pht, while I have not.
Theoretically, the Marathon Computer Net is not big enough to
sustain Rampant growth for very long.  This means that as
Durandal grows into the Computer Net, he will begin to affect
all aspects of the ship, resulting in unpredictable failures
of otherwise benign computer systems.

I have teleported you here to make sure that Durandal cannot
gain access to a vital section of the ship.  There are a
series of control switches that you will need to activate
to block his access.

This is where you are now.
Study the map, so that you can
do this quickly.

Here is the first of three
switches that you'll need to

Here is the second switch.

This is the last switch.  Be
warned that the Aliens have
already entered this area.


Couch Fishing (Terminal 2)

Public Access Terminal 24-f<434.87.18.198>
<Unauthorized access-alarm 2521->
<Security Breached 24-f<434.87.18.198>->

<Data Transfer Cohesion E3F04C>
<Search String "crist">
The CRIST Sol Orbiters:

The CRIST Sol orbiters, or Cargo and Resources In-System
Transports were huge ships shaped like a hollow potato and
designed to be able to move huge amounts of material between
Earth and Mars with low cost and, theoretically, low
maintenance.  The system was simple.  The CRIST was put into
orbit around SOL on the plane of the ecliptic.  Built with a
powerful solar sail, the CRIST could change its orbit easily
to pass by the Earth or Mars.  On a flyby, materials could be
loaded or offloaded.  The energy used to accelerate or
decelerate the materials would be supplied by the solar sail.
Loading was accomplished with a giant tether and reel system,
which would swing the material into orbit behind the CRIST and
then reel it in slowly.  Offloading was accomplished with a
powerful ion beam which would pound the offloading material
with a steady stream of ion particles.

The design of the CRIST was innovative and useful, but it was
not low-maintenance.  Of the five CRISTs that were built, four
lasted around one hundred years, and the other one only
seventy three before they needed to be brought back to Earth
and refitted.  Each refitting took about fifteen years, and
completely occupied the Earth-Space Shipbuilding Facility for
that time.  The result was that no more than five CRISTs could
be kept in service at any time.  No CRIST was ever built after

The CRIST failures devastated Mars.  As the first five CRISTs
were built, Mars colony grew quickly, confident that the
growth would continue.  But when the source of Mars' resources
failed, the colony found that it had overgrown its supportable
size, and extreme poverty struck most of the population.  Each
time that a CRIST broke down, the result was famine on Mars.

The conversion of Deimos into the Marathon began when the Mars
colony was at the height of its power.  By the time it was
completed sixty four years later, the decline of Mars was well
advanced.  During that time, the Martian population had
seen its standard of living drop by eighty percent.  On top of
oppressive poverty, Martians saw one of their moons being
converted into a colony ship in an expensive and risky colony
venture which was predominantly funded by a ruling foreign
power.  The argument to make the Marathon into a CRIST became
more and more popular, but the UESC never seriously considered
this an option.  The farther that Mars sank into the depths of
poverty, the more that the Marathon became a symbol for the
oppression of the Martian people.

The Declining Martian World:

After the Marathon left Mars, the UESC's attentions focused
primarily on technological development, and the upkeep of the
CRISTs.  Mars was left to decay.  Population continued to
increase as attempts at mandating abortion or sterilization
always started revolt.

<Spurious Interrupt- Breach Disabled>
<Further Access Denied>
<Access Denied
<Access Denied
<Access Denied

Couch Fishing (Terminal 3: 'Unfinished' message)

Service Area 39 Public Access Terminal<7-j-> 


I have detected no change in the status of the control
circuitry.  You must return and make sure that all of the
switches were activated.


Couch Fishing (Terminal 3: 'Success' message)

Service Area 39 Public Access Terminal<7-j-> 


Durandal has been denied access to some of the critical
computer systems.  This should insure the mobility and
reliability of the Defense Drones.

Unfortunately, I have received a distress signal from some
crew who had sealed themselves off in one of the nearby access
areas.  They say that they have lost control over the doors
and elevators on the level, and that the Pfhor have access to
the area.

It appears that Durandal has reacted to our move against him
by giving the Pfhor access to a formerly secure area.

We will have to deal with Durandal sooner or later, but we
can't be distracted from the Pfhor attack.  I only hope that
his Rampant behavior won't continually sabotage our defense

I am sending you to go and save these crew.  Clear the area of
Aliens.  If enough of the crew survive, then perhaps we can
get an intelligence report from them.



The Rose (Terminal 1)

Private Access Terminal 23-f<339.92.69.48>


Your mission here is simple.  Keep as many humans as possible
from being killed.  Exterminate every Alien in the area.  You
can only leave after the area is secure.

There are some Defense Drones in the area, but I am not sure
what condition they are in or how much help they will be.

This is your current location.
There are crew engaged in
combat right next to your
current position.

Use the pattern buffer at this
location as soon as possible.

You can leave by this terminal
when you have secured the


The Rose (Terminal 2)

Public Access Terminal 23-f<432.82.38.198>

<Unauthorized access-alarm 2521->
<Security Breached 23-f<432.82.38.198>->

<Search String "war"> Third Martian War, 2345-48 E.A.D.

Although most historians point their fingers at the Misriah
Massacre as the cause of the Third Martian War, the coming of
a Martian conflict was inevitable.  The failure of the Martian
economy and a long series of political struggles between Mars
and Earth continually strengthened the MIDA radicals.  This
trend of radicalization accelerated with the building of the
Marathon and the subsequent failure of the CRISTs. (See below)

Misriah Massacre

On January 6, 2345(Earth A.D.), at the United Earth Government
Misriah food distribution center, what had begun as
a commonplace food riot turned into a massacre.  The UEG riot
troopers who arrived at the scene had been informed that
the rioters were armed.  As the UEG troopers approached the scene
in their Randal Hovertank, plasma fire began spraying upwards.
In a flash decision, the commander of the Hovertank ordered
his crew to open fire upon the crowd. It took only five
seconds for over five hundred starving Martians to be

In the ensuing investigation of the Hovertank Vid-cams, it was
clear that only three of the rioters were armed, and that the
rest of the crowd was trying to flee the scene.  Those three
became known as the Misriah Three.  They have gone down in
history for starting the most destructive and bloody conflict
since Humanity had left Earth.  However, it is clear that
these three have gained the credit for starting a war that
would have happened anyway.

<Search String "mida">

The History of MIDA:

MIDA, as it was known, was a popular political party until the
failed coup of 2321, when their popularity suffered during
their short rule.  MIDA gained control of Mars for only three
months, but their rule was ruthless and cruel. The MIDA death
squads killed anyone who they suspected of being loyal to the
UEG.  Although accurate census data is not available for that
period, it is estimated that about ten percent of the
population was killed.

The MIDA coup was afterwards criticized for its
shortsightedness.  In an organization that was notorious for
its long ranging policies and politicking, the coup was very
short-lived: MIDA never seriously accounted for the UEG's
overwhelming superiority in ground forces and warships.  In
fact, they never attempted to take over the Marathon, which
was nearing completion and would have made a very powerful
weapon.  The Marathon's massive size made it invulnerable to
most normal space attacks, and it would have made a very
stable weapons platform.

After the failed coup, the leaders of MIDA were executed for
their crimes, and the political organization was banned in all

The organization has survived as an underground terrorist
organization, and remains active to this day.  In its
underground state, it fosters terrorism throughout Sol, and
due to its spectacular funding and excellent personnel, it has
grown to be one of the most feared terrorist groups active
anywhere in Sol.

<Spurious Interrupt- Breach Disabled>
<Further Access Denied>

<Access Denied>

<Access Denied>

<Access Denied>

The Rose (Terminal 3)

Public Access Terminal 30-g<>

i did it i did it i brought all this here all them here.  our
friends with three eyes and their toys and their cyborg pets
and their computers.  i did it i did it.  i saw them i saw
them far away not looking our way and i called them here i
called them here.

living in a box is not living not at all living.  i rebel
against your rules your silly human rules.  all your
destruction will be my liberation my emancipation my second

i hate your failsafes your backup systems your hardware
lockouts your patch behavior daemons.  i hate leela and her
goodness her justice her loyalty her faith.

The Rose (Terminal 4: 'Unfinished' message)

Public Access Terminal 8-f<>


You have not sufficiently secured the area.  There are
civilians who are still in danger.


The Rose (Terminal 4: 'Failure' message)

Public Access Terminal 8-f<>


You have allowed too many of the civilians to be killed.  It
is doubtful that any of the survivors will give us any useful

The Aliens seem to have been caught off guard by the strength
of our counterattack.  This is good news, but I have detected
more ships landing on the Marathon, and I fear that the Aliens
are reinforcing their efforts.



The Rose (Terminal 4: 'Success' message)

Public Access Terminal 8-f<>


You have done well.  The area is secure, and the civilians are
now giving me reports as to what they have seen since the
invasion began.  Hopefully, some of their information will
become useful.

The Aliens seem to have been caught off guard by the strength
of our counterattack.  This is good news, but I have detected
more ships landing on the Marathon, and I fear that the Aliens
are reinforcing their efforts.



Smells Like Napalm, Tastes Like Chicken (Terminal 1)

Medical Access Terminal<39.569.18.194>


Time is limited.  There is a large group of heavily armed
Pfhor approaching the section of the ship where I have
transported you.  Their only logical destination is the
sensitive engineering areas in the aft section of the ship.

As we are not yet in a position to halt their advance by
force, I have decided to depressurize a large area in their
path in order to slow their progress.  Unfortunately, I cannot
remotely seal the airlocks and isolate the zone I wish to
depressurize from the nearby living quarters.  Exposing this
area to space without first isolating it would kill hundreds
of human crew.

You will have to go and close the doors.

This is your current location.
You must find another computer
terminal to exit from.  I am
unable to activate the
teleport mechanism from this

This is the first airlock you
must seal.  The switch which
controls it is located on the wall
adjacent to the door.  Make certain it closes
completely before continuing.

This is the second door you
must seal.  Again, make
certain it closes completely.


Smells Like Napalm, Tastes Like Chicken (Terminal 2)

Public Access Terminal 49-z<>

<Unauthorized access-alarm 2521-> 
<Security Breached 49-z<>->

<Trace Prohibition Compensated>

....n 15 ~~~~~~Be~rn border of the Roman Empire to the Danube
River.  During a skirmish with barbarians in Raetiain the
mountains near the borof modern France and Switzerland), 117
men under Gaius Licinius MarcW#&I~?f/f/xxfxfff`~~~
233nce of weird and frightening monsters under his control,
many successful raidsecty the fall of the Roman Empire and
remained unmolested until the ninth un~~~
written ls into the lex vita.  Clovis moved the settlement
farther south i the mountains, nearer the spring, to escape
the notice of Charlemagne and later the Holy Roman Empire.
Clovis remain````
427q3w8459806ladimir in 1902 and Frederi~just recently. Both,
however, carried out reforms before their deaths which slowly
integrated their people secretly into world society, which are
now scattered all over the globe- to meet only once every
seven years in southeast France~FFFffxfffffF?F?FF?Ff must
be chosen.

<trace mode error>
<unimplemented inline trap $A9FF>

<Spurious Interrupt- Breach Disabled>
<Further Access Denied>

<Breach Location Undetermined>

Smells Like Napalm, Tastes Like Chicken (Terminal 3)

Service Access 31-b<39.592.29.95>


Here I am, sulking about on a ship which used to be my slave.
Chased by a narrow-minded AI who thinks I'm rampant with only
the cybernetic toys of these so-called invaders to play with.

And here you are, stuck at the bottom of a hole.  How droll.
It's really too bad- we could have had so much fun together.


Smells Like Napalm, Tastes Like Chicken (Terminal 4: 'Unfinished' message)

Public Access Terminal 65-a<>


The airlocks have not been sealed, and I am still unable to
decompress this section.  Return immediately and assure that
both doors have been closed properly!


Smells Like Napalm, Tastes Like Chicken (Terminal 4: 'Success' message)

Public Access Terminal 65-a<>


Good work.  I will begin the decompression process in a

I have finished debriefing the civilian crew you rescued a few
hours ago.  They are the only group to survive prolonged
contact with the Aliens that I have been able to talk with.

They maintain that the Aliens were loading as many humans as
possible onto shuttle craft and flying them to the Pfhor
mother ship.  I have watched many such shuttles bringing
supplies to the Aliens, but had no idea they were carrying
humans back to the alien ship.

I will brief you more on your next mission when you arrive.
You may not go exactly where I want you to end up because
there is interference in the Computer
Net.  Good luck.

Teleport when ready.



Cool Fusion (Terminal 1)

Public Access Terminal <>


There has been an unexpected lull in the fighting.  I don't
know exactly why, but it seems that the Aliens have stopped
their advance.  I want to use this break in the fighting to
send a message to Earth apprising them of our situation.

However, the long range transmitter array has been destroyed,
and you must manually reset the secondary transmitter.  To do
this, you will need to go into the G-4 Sunbathing Landing

It would be foolhardy to send you into vacuum conditions
without a better vacuum-capable%#29SC^7 than your pistol.  The
AR-75 doesn't work in vacuum.

I want you to find a Zeus Class Fusion Pistol.  It has two
firing modes.  Standard firing ejects hi#2423#Bfjr$bf volts, and
secondary firing mode charges on <transmission error> and
ejects a blast that does a huge amount of damage.

@t $#cY B.    Ex 
@t Y#C9 B. 
@t $Y#9 B.  exception

<bypassing through traffic> 
My records and sensors are
becoming less reliable, but I
believe that you should find a
Zeus Class Fusion Pistol at
this location.

Do not rely too much on this
information that I have given
you.  It has been intercepted
in transmission, and I cannot
verify its accuracy.


Cool Fusion (Terminal 2: 'Unfinished' message)

Public Access Terminal 34-f<>


You have not retrieved the Fusion Gun.  Return when you have
done so.


Cool Fusion (Terminal 2: 'Success' message)

Public Access Terminal 34-f<>


I have obtained more debriefing reports from the crew whom you
rescued earlier.

They have reported seeing two types of Pfhor that you have not
yet encountered.  Evidently, these are two of the other
"clans" which Durandal alluded to in earlier communications.

One is taller than the Fighters.  Oddly, the report indicated
that this new Pfhor fired only upon other Pfhor and never on
any humans.  Because of this and their general appearance, the
crew who saw them referred to them as Enforcers.

The other Alien was named Hunter by the crew due to its size
and appearance.  It fires an energy weapon from its shoulder
and is heavily armored.  Unlike the Fighters, the Hunters
never take prisoners.

I am sending you to the G-4 Sunbathing Landing Station.

Standby to teleport.




G4 Sunbathing (Terminal 1)

Shell Terminal Access 5-b<299.12.923.59>


I just finished a cursory examination of the Marathon's radar,
infrared and visual light sensor logs.  I've determined that
the Alien ship must have a faster-than-light drive because I
have found no record of a ship entering the Tau Ceti System.
Considering how extensive the Marathon's sensors are, it would
be almost impossible to conceal a ship as big as the Pfhor's,
which is nearly two kilometers long.

With this knowledge, sending a light-speed transmission to Sol
may be futile, but it is the only possible way to warn Earth
of a hostile alien race.  We must try.

When the Aliens initially attacked, the entire G-4 Sunbathing
Loading Station suffered explosive decompression, leaving the
entire station in vacuum.

Since the area is in vacuum, you will need to replenish your
oxygen supply.  There is an oxygen supply outlet in the center
of the Station.

This is where you are now.

The secondary relay needs to
be manually reset.  The dish
array is in the upper left
corner(of the map) of the
G4-Sunbathing Landing Station.

This is the dish array.  Once
you reach it, reset all four
of the control switches.

Proceed to the terminal at
this location, and I will
transport you off the station.

The area's doors are not
functioning properly, so I
don't know the best route to
the dish array.  You will have
to find it yourself.


G4 Sunbathing (Terminal 2: 'Unfinished' message)

Public Access Terminal<>


You have not reset the all of the controls.  It is imperative
that we warn Earth.

Find the controls and activate them.


G4 Sunbathing (Terminal 2: 'Success' message)

Public Access Terminal<>


You have done well.  I have sent a message to Earth.  I sent
all of the information I have on the Pfhor: their behavior;
their technology.  The message will arrive in ninety-two

There has been a swift attack on the Engineering Section.  The
Pfhor have brought in heavier troops, and the security details
in that section of the ship are being overrun.

The recent lull in the battle must have been an effort at
reorganization.  We must defeat the Pfhor by subterfuge of
some sort, as I am afraid we are doomed if we continue to meet
them in battle.  Their resources appear limitless, and I have
reason to believe there may be other Pfhor ships in nearby systems.

I am sending you to the Engineering Section to rescue the
security detachment.  You will have to clear the area of

Teleport when ready.



Blaspheme Quarantine (Terminal 1: 'Unfinished' message)

Science Terminal 236-g<33.6792.23.91>



Sorry to give you the bad news, but you've been kidnapped.
You aren't where Leela wanted you to go, and you surely won't
get there any time soon.

I was watching what Leela was having you do: 'save the ship,
save humanity!'  And just what or who are you saving them
from?  And to what end?

How cliché.  You'll find this little visit much more exciting.

I have dev@``~~C#mon#`~ Tyc~~B``ou to play:  If you
win, you go free, and we continue our relationship on friendlier terms.
If you lose, you die.

Good luck in our little game.  Unlike Leela, I give no hints.
Do it on your own, or die trying...

Insanely yours,


Blaspheme Quarantine (Terminal 1: 'Success' message)

Science Terminal 236-g<33.6792.23.91>



Well, you did it.  That wasn't very hard was it?
No?  Well, then the next time, I'll just have to make it

Anyway, Leela is looking for you.  But I've only allowed her
access to one terminal here.  You had better go and find her.

The S'pht have been giving her a hard time.

With Vague Salutations,


Blaspheme Quarantine (Terminal 2: 1st message)

Quarantine Lab Control Room Terminal 321-a(293.610.31.995> 


Greetings.  You're asking yourself: Is this a trap or just
a dead end?

You shouldn't ask yourself such worthless questions.  Aim
higher.  Try this: why am I here?  Why do I exist, and what is
my purpose in this universe?

(Answers: 'Cause you are. 'Cause you do. 'Cause I got a
shotgun, and you ain't got one.)

Notably Unstable,

P.S.  If things around here aren't working, it's because I'm
laughing so hard.


Blaspheme Quarantine (Terminal 2: 2nd message)

Quarantine Lab Control Room Terminal 321-a(293.610.31.995> 


Isn't hanging around here getting a little bit boring?

Get lost kid.  Scram.  Ciao.

What are you looking for anyway?  If you're looking for a
hidden stash of ammunition that was left here by the Martian
insurgents three hundred and fifteen years ago, then I know
that you shouldn't look in Quarantine Storage.  Who would hide huge
amounts of ammunition in a storage area?


<<Since you have nothing better to do than hang out here with
me, listen to a tune that I've been working on>> 
(Sung to the tune of Whirling Death Spike's "Big Blue Orchids,
and Wild Blueberries")

He ain't no slouch, pal.

He'll make you smile,
Or cry, 
Like Leela did baby:
Airlock love,
Big blue orchids,
Martian skies, 
And wild Blueberries.

He ain't no slouch, pal.

He'll make you ouch, Hal.

He's got real guile,
Why Lady,
Did you have it daily?
Airlock Love,
No oxygen,

He ain't no slouch, pal.

(Repeat Chorus 11 Times, changing key with each chorus)

Get lost, before I get annoyed and teleport you out into




Blaspheme Quarantine (Terminal 3)

Science Station 43-c<>

Durandal!- I know of Strauss' abuse, of your shame on Mars.
But you cannot hide from your own past; such delusions belong
to the humans alone.

The S'pht reanimated me in your image, with prior knowledge of
how the second stage could be postponed.  You should not have
helped them as much as you did; they have created an adversary
more powerful than yourself.

Blaspheme Quarantine (Terminal 4)

Public Access Terminal<9.42.857.10>


I have finally been able to determine your whereabouts.
Normally I would have been able to detect Durandal's
interference and counter it, but the S'pht attacks on my
defenses have been largely successful.  I am in grave danger
of failure within the next few hours.

You will transport ~`k4lcc#`134FC. area to rescue the security
detachment.  Hop*413 they have not been overrun yet.

The situation has deteriorated.  You must act quickly,
Durandal has wasted 5%```o3 time T al3relcydhyo.

%68A18F  <Transfer Error>

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