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When once S'pht fought in brutal combat,
when hatred burned the tissues of one's
enemy, one clan, the S'pht'Kr, reclusive and
solitary, abandoned Lh'owon.

The clan went forth and up, stopping on
K'lia the third sister of Lh'owon, to build
a new home, free from their warring

For a thousand and one orbits, the clan was
forgotten, lost upon the battlefield smoke,
until the all powerful Y'rr sent K'lia out
to the stars.

Fires burned, and the marshes of the western
hamlets turned to ash, scorching the black

The attacks were ruthless and cruel, not a
S'pht was left alive.

Thus began the first war between the
S'pht'Mnr and the S'pht'Lhar.

After the marsh wars between S'pht'Lhar and
S'pht'Mnr left the battlefields choked with
dead, the marsh graves full.

High above-
K'lia refused to see the carnage upon
She fled-
To the farthest reaches of nothing,
the sacred marsh dry from the falling tides.

As the water receded,
the red sand of the dead,
spread across Ll'owon.

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