The Roving Eye snaps; and, having snapped, moves on... (Page 1)

"A familiar face" says Terrence Nowicki <>
A tidy desk... and a can of Blam Cola?
Concerning this shot Harry Al-Shakarchi <> writes:

"The camera is now pointing at what seems to be a very old arcade machine. This reminds me of the Bungievision newsletter (Fall 1996) I got with Marathon Infinity. where they were showing the 5th birthday celebration of Bungie, and they were playign on a Pac Man arcade machine. Now, the two machines are different, but it's cool to know that they like classic arcade fun."

"Before they hung the plastic fish up" by Harry Al-Shakarchi <>
"Suspended fish" by Harry Al-Shakarchi <> and Bradley Attfield <>.

Hanging fish revealed. Aaron Davies <> writes:

Check out What up wit dat? Looks like the text is supposed to be a typical Japanese-written manual.

Michael Watson <> writes:

Some sort of meeting, perhaps? Wonder what the topic of discussion is? ;-)

Little people?
Robocam girl... spotted by Miguel Chavez <>

But who is the guy in the photograph?

Robocam girl (take 2)... spotted by James Gurnee <>
Poor Yorick... spotted by Chris Camacho <> and Aaron Gaponoff <>. Aaron writes:

"Looks like bungie is showing the last remains of the guy who leaked the marathon beta. :) "

Bagged Again! by Harry Al-Shakarchi <>, Aaron Gaponoff <>, Timothy Collett <> and Robin Welsh" <>.
The Full Monty? by Harry Al-Shakarchi <>.
Yorick's best side? by Harry Al-Shakarchi <>.
Are we having fun yet?
Ow indeed!
Chris Camacho <> writes:

This new RoboCam pic has a Hamburglar/troll looking guy on it, plus that banana is looking a little aged, but keeping pretty well considering we first saw it weeks ago.

Clem Freeman <> writes:

A sword stuck in something. Perhaps the sword is Durandal, or Cortana. Hehe.

Different perspective?... from James Gurnee <>
Halo action figure?
The last remains of another guy who leaked the marathon beta?... from James Gurnee <>

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