Subject: Marathon 2 Demo is OUT! (10/12 11:40 PM) 
From: (Lucas Cadena) 
Date: 1995/10/13
Message-ID: <>
organization: Princeton University

The great guys at Bungie have finally released the demo! As we speak I am
DLing the M2 demo from Bungie's web/ftp site. There are three versions of
the demo available, one is 16 megs, the others are 12 and 8 megs. For
those of you with a 14.4 modem, prepare for the mother of all downloads! I
thank the Gods (University administrators) that gave me a direct Ethernet
connection! I have the preview (on CD), so it'll be interesting to see the
diferences between the two. The Bungie site looks really cool. They have
all sorts of areas where you can leave feedback and participate in
discussions. My only complaint is that the site is slowwwwww, especially
with all those auto-loading animations.

Lucas Cadena


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Subject: Marathon 2 Demo 
From: (Bruce Kwan) 
Date: 1995/10/13
Message-ID: <>
organization: ucla
sender: (News Daemon)

It's there...

Subject: Marathon 2 demo is out! 
From: Dan Ryrlen <>
Date: 1995/10/13
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Check out
It's up.